Why is the Japanese housewife love “woolen + small feet pants”? After reading this article, I understand it.


The Japanese wear is more popular with the public, not only simple and very comfortable, which satisfies most women’s clothes. Many people who have inspiration will also learn from the Japanese housewives. It is mentioned that the most popular matching plan is welcome, and it is necessary to have several coats + small feet pants.

This seems simple fact that the partner seems to be simple, this time we will take a look at why Japanese housewives love “woolen coat + small feet pants”, look good!


First, why use the coat combination of small feet pants?

The coat is the highest-old single product, no matter the fat and thin, it will use the woolen coat when wearing clothes, most people are relatively familiar with such items.

1, simple and generous


For new hands, choose some classic solutions when they match, the same classic program is the most error-free, and the kind of coat and pants are the classics in the classic, and it is difficult to drop generous.


Especially ordinary people, wearing clothes don’t want to be too cumbersome, and they are not willing to be too monotonous. So from pants to unpaid it will not be wrong, and it is more fashionable when they look.

2, do not pick the age

Although the coat is a classic single product, many of them have a certain limit on wearing the wearer, age or body has certain limitations, especially with coat combination, or design.

Such as a wide leg pants, leopard pants, and small leggings based on small black trousers or pipes of trousers, combined with coats are both generous and unpantable, from young people to the elderly without pressure.

3, coats and small feet pants complement

On the match, select some items that can be complementary on some properties to combine, can wear “1 + 1> 2” effect, even if the single product itself is simple, it can also show simple and precise.


Not only that, the coat and the pants are tight, but also adjust the body effect, a small child, micro fat or other body can be controlled.


Second, the provisional articles

Although this is a lot of benefits, it is necessary to pay attention to the purchase of the Japanese housewife.

1, coat

When choosing a woolen coat, the ordinary public is best to choose a slightly loose style, avoid too much tuning coat, and the coat is best to select the length of the length near the knee, which helps to block the shortcomings of the leg.

In addition, the color should not be too bright, dark, or oat color, beige is more likely to show an elegant feeling, like the blue coat of the hidden blue coat here.

2, pants

Proud pants are tight, so it is possible to highlight the calf curve. It is best to choose the material tough denim troupe pants or suit on the short-term, help to optimize the leg-type advantage, and the contrast between coats is even more distinct.

In addition, the color of the pants should not choose to expand, like a color or leopard pants, must be avoided as much as possible, black, and blue is easier to match.

If it is a narrow tanity trouser trousers, then you can choose more, in addition to darkness, khaki, beige, light gray can also be used.


Finally, everyone must pay attention to the foot of the troupe pants, try not to choose the style of trousers, nine pants, open pants can create a light feeling with the skin.

Third, matching skills

Japanese housewife likes to use the coat combination of pants, except because of simple and practical, demonstrates that they can make this aid to make this on the partner, show the bottom.

1, raise waist lines

The more simply mixed, the more helps the waist line, the more helpful to improve the fashion, this is also a common method of the Japanese housewife, like they will bring the waist with the waist, create a three seven ratio, or make the inner place to become a Overall, through high waist design to shape the long legs.

These two ways are worth learning, including the latter relatively atmospheric.


2, show an ankle

Decode ankle in winter, helps to highlight the light feeling, especially when tone in a dark, such as with a black coat with black tight leather pants.

Worried enough to keep enough, just use white socks to connect troupers and flat shoes.


In a lot of people, the coat + small feet pants seem to be very monotonous, but in fact, as long as the Japanese housewives are equivalent to win elegant fashion, they don’t need to be too strong to make your clothes more on the staple floor. Warm and beautiful!

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