“Person Princess” Sun Zaini, suspended cake white dress, I don’t want to have a graphics school with fairy filter


Sun Zei is a member of the Chinese mainland female singer, an actor, a woman’s singer Snh48 Team HII, a member of Color Girls. Her value with 1/4 German descent took a sense of hypothesis, and the five senses were very stereo. When I got the dream of Lin Junjie in 2019, I played a beautiful mermaid when I was called her fish, so everyone called her fish. This year, she participated in the “Creation 2020” news is also attractive to continue to pay attention, I hope my sister has a Good grades.

As a fashion blogger, you will come to everyone now! Just mentioned her fairy full, so Xiaobian has to say from the most immortal white sling cake skirt, this is a bit similar to ballet performance service, Sun Zhenni is really like a Only white swan, with a white one with high heel with sandals, it is also very sultry.

Next, look at her other wear, as a graduation Idol Snh48, Sun Zaini, who is born, is easy to wear, it is easy to raise, with the knight boots, it is quite like the cool sister inside the college.

White bubble sleeve collar collar dress with truffle jeans, simple fashion.

White print shirt with denim wide leg pants, sucking with the knit chocker on her neck.


White court wind shirt with double-breasted apricot semi-skirt, Sun Zhenni is really a princess?

The white square condensed dress is particularly pure and pure, she is really suitable for white.


Wave point lantern sleeves with denim shorts, minimalist summer dress, red bow on the head is also retro and girl.


It is also the uniform of the college wind. It is really suitable for her, just don’t have to say more.


The last set is to see a set of exaggerated and design, the wear shirt of the velvet light material, the design is very eye-catching, the bicycle pants have fashionable to Xiaobian.


Everyone finishes this article, do you think Sun Zei’s wear is the type you like? Let’s discuss discussions together ~


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