How do men start with their coats?


Warm winter, bloated down jacket is more and more people “disappeared”, on the street, the people wearing a coat, it is true, you can take off the air conditioner, you can take it off, you can improve your gas field outdoor. How can a single product do not make up?

However, everything always has but.


Many people have no choice on the style, material and length of the coat, and the result will be very embarrassed.

Holding the head, there is no “discrimination”, the dwarf person and Guo Jingming’s meaning, NIA himself is not high, but there is a coat of a cabinet, given the relative “Asian nation in the long evolutionary process”

Waist long legs short “

This natural result.


We want to achieve the effect of Europe and Americans, “the head, the legs, the size of the body” is a bit difficult, but you can learn the following suggestions, you can choose a coat suitable for you.

I: History of coat

Like many contemporary men’s main products, it is difficult to accurately point out when the coat appeared, and there is a data show that it is 1772, and some people say that it is the first time they really appear in the early 19th century.

In any case, the birth of the word Overcoat can be traced back to the UK in the late 18th century, which is also a symbol of class and social status. The nobles will be worn.




In the 1950s, through


Teddy Boys (like hippies, is the first large-scale expression of British youth culture, combining the subcultural phenomenon of clothing, music, hairstyle, language and attitude)


Carry forward, spread rapidly in London and the UK.


The inspiration in the clothing comes from the classic dress of Edward: long outer sleeves, high waist pleated trousers, Western silk bow tie, is designed to invest in its own rebellion through elegant style suit.

Second: Recognize the type of coat

Those long clothes you see are called “big clothes”, but they are all “learning”, the following mainstream 4 coats are


Chesterfield Coat, double-row, buckle coat, cattle buckle coat (POLO coat).

There are also military uniforms in the war, such as M65, M51, etc., is a niece’s style, suitable for the old iron that likes military wind, next time you can listen separately.

1: Chesterfield Coat

As the earliest, the most orthodox coat, existing coats are basically evolved from it.

Including a lot of styles, Chesterfield coat


The design is from the 1930s, as a British who must be added to the gentle dress is too cold because of the outdoor.

With cashmere material, warm, its biggest features


Slim tailoring, fish mouth leader design, and the length of the knee.

Thin, the strong people should choose to fit the style, and the body-skinned people should choose the double-row buckle that can bring the expansion effect. Of course, more and more people choose the length of the knee.


2: Double Row Buck Rough Coat (PEA Coat)

Double-breasted coarse coats are extremely high in winter.

This style is suitable for everyone, and it is like a virus as a virus in the 19th century.


Suitable length (covering the ass) and loose tailoring is a relaxing style in the wool coat, suitable for a short man, can draw the proportion of the upper and lower body, but

It is not recommended to wear more fat, because the double-row button will brighten the people visual width.


Its use is very wide

The most classic wild blue is dark blue, and the cards and boots are very good.

With the cashmere scarf, you can also match the jeans and high tie, you can even use it directly to match jigu.

3: Cape Coat (duffle coat)

Japanese and Korean style and student coats must be worn, although there is a feeling of students, it is actually suitable for sitting outside the suit. In addition to the beef, weaven buttons are recommended.


Remember, don’t choose to do it.


The straight loose style is king.

4: Polo coat (polo coat)

Polo polo coat can be an improvement (travel version) of Chesterfield coat,


The difference is that the clothes itself are large, it

A coat from the polo hairs waiting for the game.


The biggest feature is the double-breasted, there is a large pocket on both sides, and the length is longer than other styles, both heat preservation and momentum.

The POLO COAT version is large, suitable for a strong person, but don’t wear too casual, the overlapping of the down vest is correct.


The last step is the wearing method of the coat, such as “

Weakened & lifting waistlines, narrowing the proportion of the upper body and improves visual height.

as well as

The inner tape and trousers selected are the same color, and naturally, the overall coordination is high, and the old iron can check the previous article “


How much is the height of boys?

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