I have the most beautiful 3 orchids in my mind, I only open a full room.


Orchids can be divided into several large classes such as Mo Lan, orchid, Chunlan, Jialan, etc., each of which has its own odor characteristics. Colds are generally taste like a osmanthus tree; the Mo Lanxia is with the sweetness of the fruit or the tranquil of sandalwood; Jia Lan is like a rich magnolia; the fragrance of many varieties in Chunlan is similar to Milan. In these large categories, there are countless varieties, each has its own unique taste.

The orchid variety is like a smoke sea, and the fat is not every variety. This article is just inventory of the most fragrant 3 varieties in my own mind. If there is an error, everyone can leave a message to correct.


Mount Fishan

Mount Fishan Qi Die was cultivated in Taiwan, the early 1970s, is one of Jialan. The flowers of the rich butterfly, the flowers are beautiful, and there are flowers in the flowers. If the butterflies are dancing, it is one of the classic chic springs. Medium plants, leaf bending, strong growth, easy to plant, newcomers who have just learned to beland can also be easily raised.


The fragrance of the rich butterfly is rich, only one, and the whole house is aroma. The flower period is also very long, and it can flow from June to November. Summer flower color will be at a low petute, winter is deeper in winter, more petals, but the aroma will not change significantly.

It is also a reason for the recommended Mountain Qi Die, which is very cheap. Don’t think that the orchid must be very expensive, and Mount Fishan is the kind of cheap, good and strong variety. Every fellow friend can support it.

Yu Butterfly

Yu Butterfly is a very famous variety in Chunlan. According to legend, the early 1950s was collected by Lanxi Mountain, Zhejiang Province. At that time, the positive Anti-Japanese War period, this variety was taken away by the Japanese and flowed overseas. I will return to China after the 1980s.


The flower of the butterfly is very particularly like a bit like a chrysanthemum, known as the head of Chrysanthemum in Chunlan. We all know that it is not easy to raise the orchid to flowers, but the butterfly is turned back, and it loves flowers. The old strand can do more than 100 orchids, and its flowers are not small, the diameter can reach 8 cm or so, it is already comparable to the big flower orchid!


Yu Butterfly is recognized as one of the most strong varieties in Chunlan, I just smell only spend the fragrant attack, and I can experience it long. The petals will be distributed after the fistle. I will take it for a long time. .


Mayor red

“Mayor Red” This name is very surprised, in fact, therefore cultivated a market for Taiwan, so there is this title.

Seeing its picture, it is estimated that many fellow friends think it is not red, more like pink back to lavender. If we know in depth, you will know that Chinese orchid is no red gene, it is impossible to be red in the country, usually only red. The color of the mayor is very bright in the orchid.

The Mayor of Jiaulan can open 2 ~ 3 times a year, and the flowering period is mainly concentrated in January to October, and the single flower can last for about 20 days. As the red petals open, the aroma of the snorkens will be fully released. However, it should be noted that this variety of aroma has a great relationship with the maintenance environment. If it is blooming under the condition of light, fertilizer, etc., and its aroma is not so strong. So I want it to be rich in aroma, usually take care of it.


This is the 3 orchid variety of my heart in my heart, and the fades did not agree? If you have any other rich orchid varieties in your heart, you are welcome to leave a message below.