In the summer shirt “wearing long, it is short”, the colorful meat is comfortable, and it is very elegant.


Shirts are very popular in four seasons, especially in summer, basic people, but many people will always choose short shirts when they are in blouse, in fact, as long as they have skills Long shirts can also easily wear temperament, even more thin and fashionable than short shirts.

This time, I will share a set of Japanese-Japanese windshirts with a set of demonstrations. The summer shirt “is long and not worn”, and the colorful meat is comfortable, and it is still very elegant. Let’s take a look!


First, the advantages of long shirts

As an indispensable single product in an elegant woman’s closet, long shirts are numerous.

1, do not pick people

Women who will dress know that unparalleled items are also very practical, and the long shirt is so useful. In addition to being limited to the age of the wearer, long shirts can also create a variety of clothes and clothes, which can meet the needs of women in different occasions.

For example, when the middle-aged woman is used in the workplace, it is recommended to use long shirts to smoking pipe pants. If you are used in your casual, you may want to try jeans, wide legs.

2, hidden meat is thin

Summer is getting thinner, and the middle-aged woman who has more fat is not friendly, and the version is loose long shirt, it is a gospel of the slight fat woman.

In addition to obstructing the disadvantages of various types, long shirts can also bring comfort and elegant feelings, and are refreshing.

Second, the details that need to be careful when wearing a long shirt

Although the long shirt has a lot of advantages, we need to pay attention to its own texture. We also need to pay attention to some details.


1, material and length

Whether it is material or length, it is a key factor affecting long shirts. First, on the material, due to the long shirt, the simple and old, it is recommended to adopt a light single fabric, such as cotton and linen, which is full of breath and elegance.

The length is best in the vicinity of the calf or the ankle, it is not recommended to be too short or too long.

2, long shirt color

Whether it is in the age of a long shirt, women need to grasp color use. For a light cooked woman, it is recommended to use white, beige or low saturation color long shirt.

When a woman has been in the middle age, it is more suitable to interpret your own temperament with black, blue, brown or khaki.


Third, a variety of mass shirts

Many people think that the long shirt monotacting board, is not as good as short shirts in practicality, in fact, long shirts are also vast change, single wear, stacking.

1, single wear

In all wearing, single wear is definitely the simplest and convenient choice, in addition to how deep the bottom of the work, this kind of meat effect is also best, and can improve light feeling and comfort.


However, when it is all in it, long shirts need to be as simple as possible, so that the shape is dragged.

In addition, in addition to using the underlying long shirt, middle-aged women can also pick up the superimposing machine design shirt, such as bubble sleeves, seven-point sleeves, or streamers design, waist design.

Thus, on the basis of enriching the item, it creates an elegant and aging.


2, long shirt + pants


Painting in pants with long shirts is a high-grade mirror rate, in addition to improving the clothes level, this kind of mission can also take over a variety of occasions.

If commute can be equipped with suit pants, pipe tube pants, leisure applications can be combined with pleated wide leg pants, and lapse jeans.

Of course, if you take the elegant and sweet route, you can use a half-length skirt to replace the trousers, but the half skirt needs more than a long shirt, otherwise it is easy to create a bloated sense.


In addition, in a long shirt, pants or skirts, the shirts need to be distinguished, thereby improving the feelings of the clothes.


3, long shirt + T-shirt / bottoming shirt

In addition to single-dressing, long shirts can also be used to overlay T-shirts or semi-high collar bottoming shirts. Usually, this kind of mission is more suitable for dark-colored long shirts, or the tooling long shirt, with white, beige T-shirts can easily break the darkness of darkness.

The above is this summer long shirt to be shared, if you like a long shirt, then you may wish to refer to it, easily wear an elegant feel!

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