Men’s high-top cotton shoes, also called “driving shoes”, the foot is relatively comfortable, handsome and type


Men’s lazy casual shoes trend wild cotton shoes, high-top materials are special, warm and comfortable, anti-wind resistance , Wearing comfortable and breathable.

You must know that a man wants to go around the world, there is a pair of shoes on the foot, and a pair of comfortable shoes in the usual work life will make you more, this cortical men’s shoes will be very good, not tired. Feet, charm men’s choice, and keep warm.


The shoes used in the shoes are high-density thick velvet design, and the foot is comfortable, the weather is cold, and I am not afraid of freezing feet. This shoe belongs to a wild product, the main function is to be leisure, and it is very good to drive.

Fashion trend first layer leather old Beijing cotton shoes

Warm is comfortable, not stinking, wearing on your feet, special foreign air. This pair of shoes is really good, version of three-dimensional, fashion atmosphere, usually wear, the upper texture is very good.


Fine workmanship also highlights the brand texture, and it is very handsome. The perfect match of the cortex and cotton, the texture of the whole double shoe is high. Soft and comfortable, waterproof and windproof. It is a warm and comfortable old Beijing cotton shoes.

The upper is soft material, clear texture, comfortable. Brown trend. The thickened fluff in the end of the year, it is easy to resist the cold. Easily create high-ranking male gods.


The round head is designed, there is a sufficient space stretching activity in the end of the year, and wear itself. High-top-specific version of the Nei Luxi velvet design, bringing powerful lock temperature, care for the skin, against the cold invasion.


The warm sunset is more warm and comfortable, high-quality rex rabbit hair, enhances the overall texture of the shoes in the details. Panquet of light, thin, soft. Keep the temperature of your feet, the price is extremely high.