A men’s yoga pants, actually supporting 25 billion values


When more and more young people fall in love with sports and fitness, they have gave birth to a unicorn that you can’t imagine.

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Sun Zhengyi shot again.

The investment community learned that the US function sportswear brand Vuori has just announced a $ 400 million investment in the second phase of Soft Silver Vision Fund, which triggered a sensation. At this point, Vuori’s total valuation will reach an unprecedented $ 4 billion (about RMB 25 billion), compared to $ 200 million in 2019, it has skyrocketed 20 times.

Many people may be very strange to Vuori, but its men’s yoga pants are popular in the United States. The company founder Joe Kudra is a yoga enthusiast, since the men who found yoga class could not find the right clothing, so in 2015, the brand Vuori was founded specifically to provide yoga equipment for men. He has admitted in an interview: “I always feel that LuLulemon is a brand belonging to my wife. And Vuori is created by men, and special sports brands specializing in male services.”

Vuori stands up to 25 billion valuation by men’s yoga pants, can’t help others:

Young sports equipment business, far beyond our imagination.

As LuLulemon, relying on a female yoga pants to support 300 billion high-priced market value; there is also a hot Fiture in China, with a fitness mirror to achieve 10 billion values ​​in less than two years, VC / PE compete for fierce … This is more and more universal, and quietly creates a unicorn company.

He sells men’s yoga pants

Sun Zhengyi has just voted, and the valuation has risen by 20 times.

What is this fairy company?

According to the data, Vuori was established in 2015, is a men’s sports fashion brand, including sports underwear, swimming, sports shorts, yoga pants, etc. This brand of stories, from the founder

Joe Kudera

(Joe Kudla).

Kudra is born in San Diego, South California, which is a surfing place. In the hometown environment, he loves sports, trying to surf, football, hockey, etc. About ten years ago, Kudera, who had a hooded, came into contact with yoga, and fell in love with this movement.

On weekdays, Kudera noted that most people, especially men, usually wearing old clothing. He has started to germinate one thought:

Why don’t you create a brand, specifically launching yoga equipment for men?

To do it, you will do it, 2015 Kudra rambles 300,000 US dollars from a friend and family, created Vuori, providing yoga clothing for men. In the same year, the company launched the first men’s series, the design is both suitable for sports and perspiration, but also meets daily wearing demand.

In the second year, Vuori opened its first flagship store and held a free yoga and sports fitness courses and monthly art exhibitions and local fundraising activities. For this way of operation, Kudera has explained: “We hope to come into contact with them in the place where customers shop, this is a advantage of our brand relative to pure DTC (direct consumer).”

In addition, Vuori has very much focusing on cooperation with an influential person. During the epidemic, Vuori carried out a series of interviews, invited NBA Brooklyn Netcom’s head coach Steven Nash and American creative singer Jason Mraz, etc. It is understood that the singer Jason MRAZ is also one of the Vuori investors.

But Vuori really comes from the online operation of the epidemic. After the United States outbreak, Vuori sold underline will transfer the center of focus to e-commerce and social media channels in the epidemic. At this time, the brand will hold a real-time fitness course in social media, offering 30 to 60 minutes of courses from different fitness instructors or yoga teachers every morning. Unexpectedly, this move made Vuori’s fans skyrocket, sales performance was arrogant. At the end of 2020, the company’s income has grown to 3 times close to 2019.

Take the men’s yoga clothing, Vuori is gradually expanding to training, running, surfing and other categories. Kudra and the team have also launched a women’s series, including sports bras, tights and hoodie. At the beginning of this year, Kudra said in an interview with US media, this year, Vuori’s slow running pants increased more than 1,000%, and the sales volume of Men’s Ponto performance also had similar growth.

At present, Vuori is still just

Native sales in the United States

. However, after the new round of financing, it is preparing to carry out global expansion – from the British, Vuori also wants to grab the opportunity in the Japanese market with Softbank’s power, and will set up an innovation center in Taiwan in China. Perhaps soon, everyone will see this Men’s yoga trousers with hormones in major platforms.

Sports business you think

A female yoga pants, supporting 300 billion markets

Vuori’s high-priced valuation is because investors will target yoga fashion nasal ancestors –


Lululemon created a myth of a female yoga pants. Behind the company is a male entrepreneur (Chip Wilson) from Canada – because parents are athletes, he started practicing swimming since the child, exercises 7-8 times a week, from uninterrupted. Later, he broke the swimming record of Canada, and therefore went to the university’s swimming scholarship.

During the study of the University of Canada Calgary, Wilson founded its first retail clothing company WestBeach Company, monopoly surf, skateboarding, ski apparel and equipment. In 1997, Wilson sold the company and returned to his hometown.

At that time, yoga has begun to play in Europe and America, and the area living in Wilson gathers a group of yoga sports enthusiasts. Under the professional habits, Wilson will pay special attention to the teachers and students’ costumes. He sees that most students in Yoga Ban are wearing cotton or polyester sportswear, neither close, not breathable, sometimes there will be a perspective Phenomenon,

So the idea of ​​creating a female yoga suit.

In 1998, he founded LuLulemon, specialized in selling yoga costumes. Not long, LuLulemon opened the first store in the yoga studio, providing yoga pants to the coach of the yoga studio, quickly got the first batch of target users. Since its establishment, LuLulemon has established a medium-sized positioning, and the early yoga pants sells each price.

100 dollars

And the Canadian people in the year were $ 1644.

Even if the price is high, this yoga pants still won a batch of fans’ love. LULULEMON selections to cooperate with yoga coaches or fitness coaches around the world, inviting them to serve as a brand ambassador by providing a year of free clothing. With this innovative promotion mode, as well as sponsoring community yoga courses, Lululemon quickly accumulated large fans.

In 2004, LuLulemon was opened in North America in a direct store model; in 2007, Wilson was a bell stage with Lululemon on Nasdaq.

LULULEMON first bursting fire is around 2010. Because Lululemon attaches great importance to fashionability and design, its yoga clothing can be worn during exercise, and can also go on the street and become part of the tide. Soon, this brand became the tide of the star out of the street, Avril, Jennifer Ghana, Kate Wen Renite and other stars became the brand “hardcore fan”. Because of this, Lululemon realized red.

Become a preference of the costumes of European and American women’s yoga sports


In the next few years, Lululemon experienced a period of downturn. In 2013, LULULEMON has complained that consumers complained that yoga trousers were too transparent, and thousands of yoga trousers were recalled, and the stock price was also married. In this wind wave, first, the brand, CEO Christine Day, and then founder Wilson was forced to resign to the chairman of the board of directors because of the speech of discrimilateurous women’s body.

Until 2020, Lululemon once again fierce,

This scene makes a circular memory

. Affected by the epidemic, this year includes Nike, Under Armour, etc., is greatly impacted, but Lululemon expands. Here is a set of data: LululeMon2020 annual yard increased by 11% to $ 4.4 billion.

As of 15 October 2021, LuLulemon’s market value reached 52.38 billion US dollars (about 337 billion yuan), with a yoga pants to support 300 billion market values, it is astounding. The founder Wilson successfully ranked among the world’s rich ranks, according to the 20021 Welfare list, his family reached $ 4.9 billion (about 30 billion yuan).

This young person, more and more attention

Born a magical unicorn

The seemingly magical scene is happening – the young people’s sports business, which has spawned a unicorn that you can’t imagine.

Let’s pull the line back to the country, the most hot, it is more popular on one fitness mirror.


. In March 2019, the two entrepreneurial veterans Tang Tianguang and Zhang Yuan founded the family technology fitness brand Fiture, the core product is a name

Fiture fitness mirror

In less than two years, Fiture became the fastest unicorn company in the field of fitness, and gathered a luxurious investment legion: Spruce China, Tencent Investment, C Capital, Kaihui Fund, Black Ant Capital, CPE Source Peak, BAI capital and other more than ten domestic and foreign first-line investment institutions. After completing B round financing, the Fiture valuation reached 1.5 billion US dollars (nearly 10 billion yuan).

Fiture also has a fire in the field of domestic fitness. In just a few months, more than 10 fitness glasses have been emerging in China. Huawei, Suning, Haier and other giant enterprises have issued this market with similar features. There are more indications that OPPO, Xiaomi, glory and other brands are also possible to test the water to launch intelligent fitness hardware products, and it is still a wind in the circle.

At the same time, a pen financing in sports and fitness fields is born, and the scene is very lively.

The latest financing is – October 11, family fitness technology brand “

Yesoul Wild Beast

“Complete over 100 million yuan A round financing, by Xiaomi Group, will be incubated with Capital and Qingkai Ventures. According to the 2013, the wild beast is established in 2015, the earliest layout family intelligent fitness track One of the companies, the star fitness products have dynamic bicycles, treadmills, rowing machines, elliptles, etc. After financing, this company enters the ranks of the quasi-unicorn.

Almost at the same time, another unicorn Classpass in the fitness field announced the acquisition of peers. On October 15, the company was acquired by MINDBODY. According to the valuation of the latest round of financing in Classpass, MindyBody acquisition classpass is expected to become

One of the biggest acquisitions in the global fitness industry this year.

According to the data, Classpass was established in 2012 and is the world’s largest fitness subscription platform. With the completion of $ 285 million in E-race finance last year, the ClassPass valued more than 1 billion US dollars. In addition to our familiar Temasek, there is also the only investor Huangpu River Capital in China.

Why is the sports track is hot? Zhu Xiaula has said,

The technology fitness industry is definitely a golden track that is seriously underestimated.

According to the State Sports General Administration Statistics: 2016 to 2025, China’s sports fitness will increase at a rate of 39%, and the 2030nd planned growth to 530 million; 2015 China’s fitness leisure industry has reached 800 billion, 2025 will increase to 3 trillion.

One interesting phenomenon is,

This young man moves, more and more attention.


As the person in charge of a well-known Warvest Project in China shared a survey conclusion: “With the enhancement of public health, the demand for fitness scenes is significantly increased, and the intelligent hardware configuration will be the basic threshold, and the experience is constantly improving In the future, intelligent sports hardware is available at home and abroad, market size and growth can be considerable. “

I didn’t expect to have this day: When you are in the combustion calories, you can accidentally pick up a trillions of wind. When more and more young people fall in love with sports and fitness, when they begin to pay attention to equipment, I don’t know how many new species in this track.

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