Blackboard (original)


Blackboard, brushing blackboard with a pot bottom black.

Remember the second grade of the elementary school, the blackboard in the classroom broke a few seams, very wide, the teacher put the abnormal basal paper strip, plugged into it and used. Our hardworking pig is sold, changed the wooden board. Please carpenter in the campus with wooden boards to grow square, flat, polished, fix it with a long nail on the wall of the classroom. The children bring pots from their respective people, just the black powder scraped by the big black pot bottom of the cooking, the teacher concentrated in the pot in a piece of bin, giving water into ink, brushing, etc. It can be used as a blackboard. At that time, there was no plastic bag. The pot in the blackboard was used in small bowls. I entered the classroom door. I accidentally smashed the threshold. The small enamel bowl was hit on the ground, and the pot pink came out of my face. Climbing up, the brunette is wiped black, and the children laugh at me, the teacher also laughed, said: “It is a flower cat!” Teacher took my hand to her office to wash your face, so far, I can feel the gentleness of the teacher’s breathing. I still remember the white morning glory of the teacher on the new blackboard; like a hill reflection; there is my excellent composition and name.

I love the teacher, such as the song saying, “Growing up into you, led a group of birds flying.” In 87 years, I graduated from the county teaching elementary school, visiting Yuan Hai Cheng, he gave me a lot of teachings and guidance. ” .


“A blackboard is not big, the three-foot lecture is not long. We must write it with your heart, and you will take the body.” When he left, the teacher gave me the small blackboard he used. Also tell me the importance of board design.

“One lesson, the topic is not less, what is the learning is what is. Focus, it is difficult to use color chalk. The rules, formulas, methods must be accurate, accurate, be beautiful, there is artistic. One lesson, Book It is best not to polish, you have to be fully presented. Listening children remember the board, almost learned the course. People who have no class push the door to watch the board, and I can know the three-four in this section. “I got the highest realm of the board.” , Very quickly growing into a student favorite mathematics teacher. It also often accepts the task of demonstration classes, and the brilliance of board design is a highlight of my teaching. Forgot to tell you, I use cement blackboard, no seam, no irregularity. For a period of time, use a dedicated blackboard powder to brush. Refresh the era of wooden blackboard.

Mr. Yuan sent my small blackboard to play a huge role. To “to 40 minutes to quality”, I will introduce the topic imported in advance, such as learning “prime numbers and compliments”, raise the form in advance, classify, observe, and summarize. Consolidating the topic of practice is on small blackboard, fill in the blank, judgment, connect, calculate, and apply the problem. It doesn’t have the student to sit on. I have written. I only need one hang. The students can do it, and the classroom time has increased the classroom. capacity. The husband’s chalk is particularly good, just like a print body, so the husband will take the initiative to ask “Tonight on the small blackboard?” And the standards of the art are completed. Satisfied, just wipe with dry wear, do not leave any modifications.


I have been grateful for his long-lasting help. I don’t have to have a small blackboard. He said helplessly: “There is no reason to don’t have a bowl of dishes.” Bad people!

Husband was unemployed, because our blackboard became an electronic whiteboard, and the use of PPT was thoroughly replaced by handmade teaching. The blackboard is no longer a whole, divided into two halves. The left half is removable, the following is an electronic whiteboard. Pull to the right, you can demonstrate the PPT, so that students enjoy modern teaching fun. Intuitive, rich, colorful, animation, music, only you can’t design, no presented. Small blackboards have only two sides, and PPT can have countless faces. My small blackboard and several boxes of teaching are completely retired. Of course, no matter how development, the main function of the blackboard is still not shake.


The era of electronic whiteboard, PPT brings spring flowers to children. It’s just a small problem, written on half a blackboard, looks not enough stretching, written on two and a half blackboard, there is a vertical in the middle, not beautiful enough. Half half is covered with PPT. It can’t be fully presented.


The small regret of the electronic whiteboard just resolved, did not think, the opening of the wisdom blackboard, the board design became a bigger challenge.


On October 4, 2021, we had a smart electronic blackboard in 36 classrooms in our style. The blackboard is a high-grade glass surface, an intermediate is an electronic screen, which is equivalent to installing a large computer in the middle of the blackboard, accounting for five-fifth of the blackboard. Intermediate seamlessly, no border, smooth, wear-resistant, black, dark green. Really beautiful!


After the wisdom blackboard uses training, we started using it. The U disk courseware is directly inserted into the tip of the blackboard, click on the display on the blackboard, and the circle is free. Display the problem of student mathematics operations, put it on the booth, clearly clear, everyone is clear, no need to correct it in one. You can also directly click on the needs of the network link. I gave students “2035 to Taiwan” yesterday, huh, huh, no need to download, save the money to eat big bowls of Biangbiang. Written words are not good, you can choose to automatically identify transformation you like. It is possible to make beautiful appearance. Really very easy!

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Such a good blackboard, I have to protect it, but also use it. The board can only write about 50 cm wide in both sides of the electronic screen. How to design a board on the wisdom blackboard is the problem that I need to solve in my moment.

Of course, the whiteboard and wisdom blackboard play a little temper, and it is not responding, or when there is no electricity. I miss my cement chalkboard and small blackboard. Although I prepare very much in the class, I just serve in the class.

Blackboard, broadcast the fertile soil of hope, quiet and quiet.