2018 Men’s Cleaning Mask Trinity, Blackhead Menu Guild!


First place

Snow Poetry Cleaning Mask

This is a German cleaning mask. It is best for men’s mask. It is almost ten minutes. The face feels tight, then washing clean, blackhead acne is reduced. Many men’s blackheads are used very well.


Second place

Xinlan frozen film

Many sensitive muscles also have a lot of blackheads and acne, then this time the cemented interview is not suitable for these men. Xinlan This mask is a cleaning interview that is gentle and black. Compress 30 minutes. Then, clean the mask with a scraping, you can see the blackheads and white heads. When this time it is cleaned up with the acne needle.

Third place


Siwsse Bee Vegetable Mask

Cleaning mask with anti-inflammatory effects, many acne skin men’s best must-bearer. Apply around three times a week, you can significantly feel that the skin has become a lot of blackheads.


Warm improvement: The cleaning mask is finished, remember to add water in time, otherwise the pores become big!