Get rid of hot days, refreshing antiperspirant to help you!


The weather is getting hotter, it is easy to embrade the problem, and there is an important moment of dating, shopping, fitness, etc. How can an annoying sweat? ! Choose a delicious hot body, let you clean and refresh!

Common antiperspirant products generally have types such as spray, beads, paste, can be used in accordance with the part of the use of parts, for example, the armpits use spray or beaded products to be convenient and fast, neck or joints are more suitable for paste products. , Gentle irritation. The antiperspirant can shrink the pores, and then inhibit the secretion of sweat gland. It is recommended to control the amount when used, and should not affect normal perspiration.


Next, there are several antiperspirants, and there are also men’s special!

Deonatulle antiperspirant

We have won the first place in Japan’s COSME. The texture is a solid rotary ointment, adding a natural deodorite ingredient, refreshing and not sticky, not causes melanin precipitation, not to stain the clothing; the selling point is not to block the pores, reduce the pores to reduce local sweating At the same time, it contains mint aroma and double natural refreshing ingredients, which can keep the armpits for a long time. Its itself is a faint, not a strange reaction with sweat, and after being applied, it will not be able to smell, it will not affect the taste of subsequent spray incense. Men use it all without any burden!

Kai gardenia antiperspirant fragrant paste

Kai, only the products of the gardenia, this fragrance is mainly used in the underarm, semi-transmissive paste, contains vitamin E, chamomile and natural skin to regulate sugar, relieve sweating secretion, provide fresh and comfortable antiperspirant Nursing; pure natural gardenia, brings the pure natural feeling, fresh and elegant, and more lasting.


Acqua di Parma fragrant antiperspirant

The brand has the reputation of “representing a refined lifestyle”, and its antiperspirant cream is naturally recommended! This product helps conditioning the amount of dishink, providing effective confrontation and sweating protection, so that the skin is refreshing and clean, suitable for all kinds of skin.


Erbaviva organic horizontal


This is a natural organic baby care brand, product ingredients natural, organic certification, safe and reliable; effectively inhibit the bleeding of the armpits, reduce sweat secretion, and exudes pleasant aroma, effectively soothing emotions, pregnant women and sensitive skin people be usable.

Rexona talcum antiperspirant spray


It has 48 hours of super long antiperspirate effect, and it feels very cold, and it can maintain a dry state when exercising! It is difficult to leave white marks or yellow stains on the clothes, not sticky, so that the skin is free to breathe.

Baxter of California Men’s Fragrance

It is a special maintenance brand in the United States. This antiperspirant cream does not contain alcohol and aluminum. The sensitive skin is also applicable; adding a variety of natural herbs such as loose root extract, tea tree essential oil, chamomile, Brazilian raspberry extract, let Easy to sweat, while maintaining dry, distributing natural plant aroma.

Mont Blanc Wanbaosan Men’s Anti-Pipe

With a light and fast-drying formula, it brings a new and comfortable feeling, effectively reduces the smell of the smell and sweat, and the skin is smooth and refreshing, and there is a fresh fragrance, let people get rid of the sweat, boost the spirit, keep a whole The happy mood.