After the white appearance, the morning and evening is slightly cold, the men go out to remember the “thin jacket” windshield also appears


After all the white dew, he predicted that autumn arrived, it was still a little cool, and the jacket was very handsome. It can be said that it is an essential of the wardrobe, but the handsome jacket is not enough. It is also necessary to understand the style of the jacket to wear the style of the jacket.

sport jacket


Sports jackets will be more casual, but this does not mean that they are only suitable for weekends. In order to create a more formal look, you can add a dark tie, white shirt and fine pants. Put on dark brown Brock shoes, ingeniously embellish the country origin of sports jacket. The wonderful exercise jacket is that you can put the most lazy clothes, it can improve them, make them look smarter than them. Try through jeans, sneakers and t-shirts. Imagine it into a growing hoodie.

leather jacket

Jackets and later learns, can highlight men’s randomness and men, which is very suitable for daily leisure. The unique fashion atmosphere that is highlighted by leather clothes is that the jacket is alternative. The smooth fabric not only makes the people who are wearing comfort, but also let the people feel that you have taste.


Denim jacket


No matter how simple style is designed, the jacket is always the favorite of the streets and men. The freedom of the denim jacket itself has the freedom of sexy, and then combined with the clean and skin of jeans, it will not give people a relocation, but more decent. As for the inner, a classic wild bottom T-shirt is still in place, but there is no excessive embellishment, but it is more likely.

Baseball jacket

For big boys who have always maintained your youthful vitality, the campus-style dress is always relaxed. The large V-neckweed sweater that is filled with a strong college style is used as the foundation, and the active rushing sense is piled with the baseball jacket. Sports and trousers, baseball caps, sneakers match, further put the charm of sunlight four shots.

Every man should have a jacket that is suitable for you, because the wild jacket is not only the wind and autumn fashion, but also a benchmark of male temperament. In fact, there are many kinds of jackets, almost every kind of dressing style, like business jackets and dress shirts, very highlighting business gentleman’s style, and denim jackets and jeans match, it is simply cool street Best dress, as long as you choose your own style, a normal jacket can make you a male god.


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