Top the most suitable for newborns? This 16-piece ultra-practical gift list takes backup


As a mother and baby blogger who loves to study, it is natural to give this kind of thing.

Because the friends around me, I also sent a lot of newborn gifts, often received praise from friends, and even many people will come to consult me ​​to buy something.

Regarding the practicality of the gift, I don’t have to buy diapers, clothes and the like.

(If you buy it, you must buy big don’t buy a small, and your baby can use something, usually people have already prepared).

Some everyone wants to but feel that they buy themselves. If someone sent it, it will definitely be more happy ~


Regarding the forces, the gift box class is of course better than the simple packaging of the single product, and everyone will enjoy the pleasure when they dismantled the gift. But the gift can’t be too big!

For example, many people recommend strollers, safety seats, etc., such a large thing is sent to the door, unless it is very close, the other party needs these things very much.

Let’s share some of my own use, bought, and collect gifts ~

Total 5 categories, 16 products, collect this article, from this gift, no longer!

1, Hegen bottle gift box

Reference price: 500


My friend sent me a set of Hegen bottle. It was really happy, because I want to buy and feel a bit expensive. The result is sent, don’t take a spent money, haha!

Hegen is the Singapore National Brand,


“Meridi in the bottle”

It is really a little high-end feeling that it may be because it makes itself a relatively special square?

But then come back, this bottle is really practical, it

The material is very light, anti-falling wear, convenient to carry, high temperature and not hot, easy to clean

If you don’t need to use a bottle brush to wash it ~ and each bottle also has a cover, wait for the baby to change the bag to the cover after drinking milk, you can transform into a sealed storage tank.

Now my two bottles are specifically used to install a small snacks and pastures. You can also buy a cup cover, you can turn into a drinking cup.


In short, this is a practical bottle that will not idle ~ and the gift box packaging is also super good!

2, COOTOMO bottle gift box


Reference price: 550

Comotomo is also a bottle I once wanted to buy, and later did not start because of the bottle of the home.

Its home bottle is known as

“Weaning artifact”

Because the nipple mimics my mother’s RU room shape, plus soft feel, very

Feeling when it is fed

. Compare mixed feeding, do not accept feeding, and how to wear fine milk.

This bottle is a food-grade silicone material, ultra-light anti-fall, and a double hole anti-flatulence. Its shape is very cute, the color is high and practical, the set in the picture is a gift box packaging, you can buy it directly.

3, Shixi bottle gift box

Reference price: 330

The design of the Shixi bottle is very similar to the COMOTOMO. The only difference is that COOTOMO is transparent, and it is brown, the brand is called “the color of the sense of security.”


The reason why I recommend the world, because I bought it home bottle, the nipple is the most soft, closest breast milk in the bottle I have ever seen, so it is also called “weaning artifact”.

I also like its brand Slogan: The world is happy because of you.

This bottle gift box contains a bottle and four replacement nipples, and the baby can be used in the month. It is also better than the COMOTOMO. You can choose according to your own gift budget.

4, Evoceler appease toys gift box

Reference price: 390

I have bought a person, but I forgot to take pictures, the real thing is really a box, the packaging is very nice!

This product also

Won the CBME Phenoto

It is a very influential award in the global maternal and child field, enough to be compared.

There is a starry night light, a biting rocking, can put a musical silicone toy, and some active things, etc., can be used from neonatal phases.

There is also a greeting card in the gift box, you can write some blessings, send it out more,

It is still many other good gift boxes, such as hand bells tooth rubber gift boxes, plush toys gift boxes, toy instruments gift boxes, bean-bean blanket gift boxes, etc., are suitable for people.

5, Infantino sensory cognitive toy gift box

Reference price: 200

Infantino is a baby toy supplies in California, which was born in 1978, specializing in infant products aged 0-3 years old.


This instance cognitive toy gift box can be considered


2-1 year old baby must toys

Including digital embossed soft wood, multiped sensation balls, and some other small toys, there are different combination sets to choose.

These different colors, different shapes, different sizes, and different textured soft silicone toys, you can stimulate your baby’s tactile, exercise and grip, and use enlightenment.

6, Plantoys wooden toy gift box


Reference price: 450

Plantoys is a toy brand I like very much! It was founded in 1981 and has historical history.

It is a wooden toy manufacturer in the world to use sustainable rubber wood.

I have received dozens of international awards.

Almost all toys under this brand are rubber wood materials,

The aqueous paint pigment formula on the toy extracts natural plants from the nature

, Wood material is finely grinding, no sharp edges and toxic chemicals are a safe and environmentally friendly product.

This gift box is some wooden toys designed for newborns, including small rock, triangular start, toy car, non-tumbler, etc., Macaron’s color tone makes the toy look very advanced, a bit of Nordic InS style ~

7, Baby Gund hides cat toys

Reference price: 300

This is a product I once wanted to buy but I feel that I have bought it. This kind of toy belongs to yourself not to buy, but someone is very happy.

It is a

Sensory interactive toys suitable for low babies


There are a variety of animal shapes, such as elephants, rabbits, penguins, puppies, etc. Interactive games, small babies, but I like to hide cats ~ it will sing, but the disadvantage is that there is only one song, this is why I think I am buying it. But this kind of cute and interactive toys can attract your baby’s attention and help your baby practiced.

The reason is slightly expensive, probably because of the brand, Gund is the US 122 baby special plush toy brand, with EU CE certification, skin-friendly can’t fall, you can give your baby.


8, match monkey tooth rubber gift box

Reference price: 240

Can be happy to teeth, I want to buy a match, but I have been admitted to the price, a tooth rubber is more than a hundred, I don’t think I will be lost when I take the door, I have not given it to buy haha.

Its family gift box is very suitable for buying people, after all, tooth gelatin is just needed. The gift box contains a matchboyship, a monkey, a small doll and a quiet, is a very practical little thing.

9, Nest Designs newborn hand gift

Reference price: 880

Nest Designs is a long brand in the International Maternal Infant Exhibition this year. It comes from Canada, founded in 2014.

Focus on design and production of quality sleep clothing and bedding products

This year, I chose its home for the sleeping bag to Coke to Coke, very soft and skin.

This companion is designed for newborns, with a diaper, double gauze generic towel, auntie, four seasons, triangle and a Tott package.


This product does not have gift box packaging, all products are installed in the Tott package of the gift, both environmentally friendly.

10, Domiamia Bean Carpet Gift Box


Beanarpets are a new baby’s new product, which uses a fabric innovation technology, and has made a lot of raised little peas on the suede of the cover blanket. This design can bring more babies. The touch, plus soft Xinjiang long velvet cotton, touching very comfortable, can bring comfort.

There is a lot of brands doing a bean-bean blanket, but Domiamia’s word of mouth and quality are better, and it is also a brand specializing in home class, sleep items.

Its home also has a newborn gift box, except for the beanarpet, there is a diaper, 襁 褓,, bath towel, auntie and other items, the price is slightly expensive, about 900-1000, everyone can choose according to the budget.

11, Babycare brings gift box


Reference price: 90


Although the book is not expensive, it is not a choice ~


Babycare’s set of books is the first book for pleasure, very practical! Later, I also bought it to send people ~

This set of books have six cognitive themes, Chinese and English bilinguals, books in the book, and BIBI, which can attract the attention of small babies, and each book also has There is a biting tooth glue that can meet the little baby’s bite.

This set of books can be seen since 2 months and have always seen more than one year.


Its packaging is a simple gift box style, you can give people with other gifts.

12, Jollybaby brings gift box

Reference price: 100

Jollybaby is the tail book of its home, there are different series, I have bought a book, and the tails of various animals can attract your baby’s attention while exercising your baby’s grip. The tailbub book has five gift boxes, but I recommend its four-piece gift box. There is a tail book in this gift box. A fun hide, a red visual stimuli, and a interactive hand Every one is very practical, one or two months can be used, and its packaging is also very good, quite a box, I have to buy a colleague ~

13, My First Book Early Wear Book

Reference price: 400

This book is called

“土 豪”

, Because the price is really a bit expensive, but content, material, workmanship is very delicate, used to give people a great great.

It is a relatively large brush, probably A4 paper size, thick, inside the content contains a variety of daily live scenes, each page sets a baby to play the small institution.

Each book will give a matching small school bag, the value is very high, it can be used as a small backpack for the baby everyday, and there is another box package.

This book has a lot of series, such as a cognitive enlightenment of 0-3 years old, suitable for 2-6 years old undermarine, clothing, farm, suitable for space series over 3 years old, etc., give big a little baby gift can also Select it!


14, Marcusmarcus Tableware Set

Reference price: 210


Marcusmarcus is a Canadian brand, mainly to do baby tableware, mostly food-grade silicone material, safe and secure. Its home products are mostly yellow, and the value is quite high, and the baby’s baby is applicable. Cola’s bib bought this home, in addition to a bit of a good, suitable for a little bigger. There is also its home training fork spoon is also very good, suitable for baby beginners.

This set contains a suction cup bowl, a set of fork spoon and a bib, although it will not be used immediately in the month, but the baby will add complementary food soon, it will be very practical ~

15, Babybjorn Tableware Set

Reference price: 350

Babybjorn is a maternal and child supplies brand from Sweden, has been 60 years of history. Everyone is well known should be its baby strap and tableware. Have to say, the value of this brand is really high, but the price is also a little expensive.

Although it has a variety of colors, I think it is more suitable for the baby, especially the bib, the neck part has made a small beaded design, too delicate!

This cutlery set gift box contains complementary bowls, fork, cups and bibs, and the tools for dinner are all equipped, and they are very good ~

16, QLITTLE tableware set

In the first half of the year, I saw this QLITTLE brand from the UK in the International Maternal Infant Exhibition. At that time, there was no in China. Recently, there were finally flagship stores!


Its suction cup dining is very characteristic, it is designed

Free eye cover separator

It can be used alone or in a dining plate to become a three-grid separator.

There are a lot of color choices, and you can freely match different colors, it is very creative ~

Givers can buy four sets directly, including detachable dinner, complementary bowls, and fork, can also match themselves, the brand will provide special gift bags and cards, practical and beautiful.

Reference price: 500

Reference price: 300