Double sofa size is generally how to buy how double sofa purchase


Double sofa is a common sofa type. When purchasing furniture, many friends pay more attention to double sofas, especially on size. Due to the limitations of modern home space, this has also become a problem that people must consider during decoration. So how much is the size of the double sofa? How should we choose the size of the double sofa? What is the point of purchase of the double sofa? Here is a brief introduction to you.

How much is the double sofa size?

双人沙发尺寸一般是多少 双人沙发如何选购

The general double sofa size is 1300mm; the depth is 850; the back is 750 mm. This size is also the size of the purchase of the purchase of two sofas, in addition to the double sofa size is generally in length: 1260-1500mm; depth: 800-900mm; back height is 680-880mm.

Double sofa size is not a constant, depending on the style of the sofa, the design of the sofa design is slightly different, the main basis for the design of the furniture design is the human size, such as the bodies in the human body, the scope of activities, sitting The length of the calf and the length of the thigh and the range of activity of the upper body, the body width, length, and the range of length and the range of the inner body have a close relationship with the furniture size.

Double Sofa Size Suggestions

(1) The general small apartment can choose a double sofa bed or a three-sofa bed. This is mainly to see the size of the room, which is generally fixed at a house of about 10 square meters, is more suitable for three sofas or three sofa beds. This size is typically at 2350 * 900 * 1390mm.

(2) If you prefer a combination sofa, you can also choose a relatively small combination sofa. General is a single bit, a double bit and a three-person bit. However, this living room is required to be a little more. Generally at about 25 square meters. The general size is at 1100 * 1100 * 1100mm, 1850 * 1080 * 830mm, 2360 * 1080 * 830mm.

(3) The general living room is slightly larger, you can choose the corner sofa, and the corner sofa is better. Generally, it is best to choose a fabric corner sofa and warm. The selected size is generally 2040 * 880 * 780mm (three) 1800 * 960 * 780mm (noi) 3000 * 1800 * 780mm (total length).

How to buy double sofa

1, see comfort

If you buy any sofa, you have to try it. When you sit, you have to grasp the softness, too soft, you must be vigilant. It’s too soft sofa that is not necessarily a problem, but “the feeling” makes people become “sofa potatoes”.

2, see design performance

A good design also reflects whether the design of the sofa structure is integrated into considerable scientific content. For example, a very home sofa uses a blue steel spring, not only good elasticity and very strong.

3, see the sofa skeleton

A simple way is to raise a sofa, when the part is 10 cm, see if the leg of the other head is close to the ground. If the other side is also left, it means that the sofa skeleton is solid, and the quality is passing. No, it means that the material used in the skeleton is not hard enough or the skeleton is not strong enough.

4, pay attention to the sofa detail

Detail of the sofa, except for you to see, if there is a flaw, whether the pin is fine, whether the proportion of the cushion is in the case of your body needs, whether it is harmonious with the sofa. In addition, some details are easier to neglect, pay attention to it when purchasing.

5, watch the fill quality

Part of the sofa is also the number and quality of the internal filler to ensure the use of the user, and the service life of the sofa. If the armrest and back of the sofa are used, if it can clearly feel the existence of the wooden frame, it proves that the fill density of the sofa is not high, and the elasticity is not good.