Flat rantier, which Nike running shoes should I choose?


Running friends asked: You are flat foot, want to buy a pair of Nike running shoes, what kind of Nike running shoes are it suitable for flat foot?

Let’s talk about the conclusion: Flat foot needs to select a stable support type running shoes, so flat foot is suitable for Nike’s support running shoes.

The flat football is collapsed, and the foot cannot obtain a good support. The arch is unable to form a bow-shaped architecture like normal feet. The foot lacks elasticity, and does not play a good buffer effect.

In the running process,

Flat-footed runners are prone to excessive internal rotation (valgus), and over-internal rotation will cause power to be unfair, thereby increasing the foot ligament and the burning load, when walking or usually walking, the foot is more prone to fatigue ,

Even painful phenomena, while also leading to a bigger knee force.


Stable support type running shoes usually have a hard stable film design at the foot of the foot, which can bring stability and support to the flat foot and low-income runners to prevent over-internal rotation of the running, reducing the football The impact force, so flat enough to wear support running shoes.

So, is Nike support running shoes? Of course, there is only one supporting running shoes, which is the series of Nike Air Zoom Structure.

If your flat foot is not serious, just a slight flat foot, then some slow sport running shoes can also choose,


Because many of the slow sporting shoes now have certain stable support performance, only support performance is worse than supporting sports shoes. But it is enough for a slight flat randor.

Let’s introduce you to Nike’s support running shoes, and the Nike Shot Shoes with better support performance.

1. Nike Nike Air Zoom Structure 23 (support running shoes)

Reference price: 494

Suitable for foot type: normal foot / low-income / outer valve

Suitable for people: 100kg body runner, long distance run

Features: Air Zoom Structure Series is Nike currently unique support running shoes, the medium-end palm uses ZOOM AIR air cushion cushioning configuration, bringing downstream and rebounded for the runner, while equipping the Dynamic Support dynamic support system, using double density Medium foam materials provide good stable support properties for runners.

2. Nike Nike React Infinty Run FK 2 (slow-spotted running shoes)

Reference price: 650

Suitable for foot type: normal foot / high frequency bow / invert

Suitable for crowds: small and medium-sized runners below 80kg, long distance run

Features: The React Infinty RUN series is also the top-level burst running shoes, the foot-induced softball is comfortable, and the unparalleled react is built by the full-length reac, which has excellent cushioning performance and rebound effect. There is a TPU stabilizing film in the middle of the bows, enhances the stable support of running shoes, slight lower and flat footers can also choose. Flyknit integrated knitted upper, with good wrapped and breathable.

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