Several guitar strings? Zero base novice entry guitar brand sincerely recommended


Most novices will ignore the choice of guitar chords in picking guitars, but in fact, the solid strings is different from the guitar’s subsequent maintenance. So what are the guitar strings? What should the novice choose? In this article, Xiaobian not only analyzes the difference between the different guitars on the market, but also recommended a super cost-effective entry guitar brand!

In general, your holiday on the market has an open strings, a closed strings, and a lock strings.

The characteristic of the open strings is that the gear is exposed to the outside, and the oil needs to be improved to ensure smooth rotation. Although the open strings look more troubles, there are still many international plants to launch open sine, because it has a traditional mechanical retro feel, which is quite suitable on certain guitar configurations.

The closed strings are characterized by the part of the gear, which is not easy to run, and it is more convenient to use, which is more convenient, and is a common chord.

The characteristics of the strap strings can prevent the guitar string from running, which is to add a locking device on the chord, which can prevent the strings from slipping, and the user does not need to be wrapped around a lot of circles in order to make the strings.


Before such a chord, it often occurs on the electric guitar that often uses a string or a rocker. In the near future, some wood guitars use such a chord, but also guarantee the accuracy of the adjustment, but more Make sure that such a chord button is higher.

The three strings that say above have their own characteristics, mainly to choose according to their own preferences. Some newcomers prefer the retro exquisiteness of the open strings, and some people have some electric guitar enthusiasts non-locking strings. Everyone chooses to choose in their budget.


After introducing the guitar strings style, Xiaobian will recommend some guitar sign that is suitable for beginners.

Istriman Eastman PCH2-D

Eastman has a factory in Beijing, Hebei and other plants, and it is good to be good in the newbie. The online piano and Yamaha FG830 are generally considered to be like, whether it is tone or the feel is not too big. , After all, Yamaha’s piano is known as “abnormal”, and the Istriman piano does not have Yamaha’s strong, if you consider durability, if you don’t plan to upgrade the guitar in the short term, it is also recommended to recommend Yamaha.

Yamaha FG830


Yamaha This piano is a very popular one in their FG series, which is very popular among beginners and advanced scholars. The material is made of spruce wood, the rose on the back side of the rose, the strings are the original 012-053, the sound and feel are good. It is necessary to remind everyone that because Yamaha’s popularity is high, and their crafts themselves are difficult, plus most of the domestic factories and approaches, the fake is relatively easy, so I suggest a newbie to find 100% trust store. Piano.

Gorilla Songs P20


The guitar P20 series of songs is launched at the end of 20 years, which is made for newcomers and advanced players. The brand of songs in the world is in the early years to make a high-end private order, and in the domestic market, it is quite good in the domestic market. This launched guitar is matched on the back side of the Inglan spruce side and the African peach-core back. It is worth mentioning that their family compilation is the original custom coating strings after optimization. And durability is very good, very suitable for fingers delicate and pursue guitar cost-effective novices.

In terms of choice of guitar chord buttons, there is no special trick, mainly in accordance with the style of the newcomer’s own favorite style. In terms of entry guitar brand selection, Xiaobian also introduced some super cost-effective entry guitar brand, and novice can choose according to his preference.