Men don’t always put mobile phone tantges, this summer is popular with these quality men’s bags, and there is a grade.


In fact, the bag is not only a woman’s patent, and the bag is also a very important jewelry in men’s clothing. The mature man will definitely not put their own items in their own pockets, it is with the lighter, belt and called “man trumpet”, Whether you are a stylish little warm man, a uncle of a vicissitudes, the bag can be a pen in men’s dress.

With the trend of fashion, the men’s bag has long been developed from a single leather to make it made up of various texture, and the color style is also increasingly embarrassing. Men’s bag can reflect the quality, identity, personality, etc. of the backpack. How to choose a men’s bag? How can a men’s bag match?


First, vitality shoulder bag

A men’s bag with costumes is not only the foundation of fashion, but also highlights the people with extraordinary man. Summer is going to take a lot of things, whether it is your own, or a girlfriend, this time it is more worthy of the value of the backpack.


Backpack is a backpack that we often use in our lives. He shoulder bags can not only make back, capacity can be installed, and men’s shoulder bag shoulder bags bring a young age-aged temperament, and very Hundreds of sports, sports, leisure, suitable for a variety of shapes and scenes.

There are more than enough notebooks, charging treasures, chargers, and skin care products, but shoulders have a variety of styles, but no matter how short-distance travel or daily leisure, men’s canvas shoulder bag with simple long coats and casual pants can create Vibrant sun tide male image.

Second, business shoulder bag

The business shoulder bag is a bag that is designed for business men. It comes with a business shoulder bag with a workplace elite temperament, giving a steady professional impression. It is very convenient to use the business shoulder bag and is one of the must-have items. The leather brown shoulder bag tends to give people a more formal feeling, more suitable for workplace people, giving people a business elite man feel.

The business shoulder bag is a good point, the body is a short man, the business shoulder bag is best to choose vertical, and the costumes are selected more than the style of the cold, which can perfectly cover the shortcomings of their own body. The styles that are thin and high can be selected, and the colorful solid color of the clothing will be more temperament, and the business shoulder bag remembers not to wear a lotus.

Third, fashion pocket


People who love fashion should be noted. This year’s fashion circle has a super fire, all the stars models have special love, that is, the pocket! The self-weight of the pocket is actually very light. It doesn’t feel very heavy on the waist, and its way is taken in addition to the waist bag, and it can be back, which seems to be very casual.

Choose a man who is oblique to the bag, must have a different attitude, personality, trend, dare to challenge. Men who can control chest bags, they are confident, lively, young. If you feel that it is inconvenient to act in the chest, you can hang the waist bag on the shoulder.


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