This autumn is popular “thin sweater”, so wearing too fashionable.



How is your weather in you recently? LIYA is basically more than 20 degrees, every day is a good weather for going out.

A few days ago, I’m going out is relatively casual, especially like wearing.

Thin sweater

, Just take a bunch of trousers is a handsome girl’s Feel!

Today, I will share my new sports girl style, secretly tell you, I have a single product today.

Within 20 yuan

, You guess which one is it?

Let’s talk about this sweater, sweater is a bliss design, but it will not feel very fancy, use orange + yellow, dotted pink


The fusion is great, it is not too exaggerated if it is the first attempt.

It is neck, cuffs, and clothing


Edge design

The upper body does not feel very loose, Liya’s personal feeling is that there are some obvious, if it is a big chest, the same version is not suggested.

The length of the sweater is just a shorteness of the upper body, and I chose the lower body is a black dress. Just make up

Last short

Long leg ratio.

A multi-layered pocket


Inclined pocket


Make a match, just a big pocket design with the workfall, echo, tidal MAX!

Previously, a pair of Nike small white shoes, especially


The side of the shoes is asymmetric graffiti, and it is not very fancy. It is my favorite type. I just recommend it to you this time!

The key is

It is very good for feet.

I have to sigh, theory is comfortable, no such shoes, dares and sports shoes, hahaha!


The overall matching effect is the case, there is no more complex tips, there is no difficulty in harness, the fairy has Get?

Hereinafter, the answer will be announced, and there is no more than 20 yuan in the above items.

This sweater is a studio small partner, and it was low at the time.


The price of dust is attracted

After the hand, I found that it was not so good. I thought that more than a dozen pieces were too lazy. The result is idle. Do you have this?

Recently, she watched this sweater of the sweater, I want to be a manual, transformed into a bag, and the result was I found to be mixed first, hahaha!

But there is a saying, this thin sweater

Style design is indeed


The touch is really not enough, look at it.

Cheap feelings are exposed

. Family like rolling design, you can choose the quality of the same type of thin sweater.


Here, I also remind the fairy, the good thing, the good thing is worth it, but too cheap, don’t expect it to be particularly good, buy buy buy and need to be cautious.

If you want to don’t step on the pit, come to LIYA!