Ou Hao is really “leather boots control”, summer love is love, with jeans trend and man taste


Each season has its “limited single product”, just like leather boots seem to be in winter, but for “leather boots control”, this single product can be applied to the four seasons, becoming its own exclusive match. Obviously Ou Hao is a full “leather boots control”, even in the hot summer, I love to choose a pair of leather boots to match, but I have to admit that the matching effect is quite good!


Men’s leather boots often don’t design too light, mostly with a few points of weight, so that temperament looks more condensed. But because of this, most people will choose to apply this single product to the summer, but the European is anti-aener, with jeans to put the leather boots out the trend and man taste !

From the whole, the temperament of Ouham has not become an old gas because of the addition of the leather boots, and the white shirt and the old style jeans are more fashionable. The whole person seems to be very vibrant, it seems that the boots It is not a summer “contraband”, and it is no wonder that Ou Hao is also loved!

First, do old jeans + leather boots, interpretation of retro trends

I have to admit that ordinary people are difficult to link the boots with this season, but the European bias solves this embarrassment with an old style jeans, black gray cowgirls with tan leather boots, but also a few retro trends.


1 Select loose pants to reduce dullness

Everyone is generally believed that the leather boots are not suitable for the summer main reason. It will give people a strong sense of weight, and the European chooses to balance through the ultra-loose trousers, and there is no shackles and the random lines do so. A swept air, and added a few more retro trends. Under the lining of easier jeans, Europe’s body seems to be strong, and the whole person is also a man taste.

2 Pick the color freshly upload to achieve the aging effect


Jeans with old effects and leather boots have made great increases, but the overall temperament is not fresh enough, you can choose colorful tops to balance, thus achieving age-proof effect, European chooses pure white tops As a match, let the overall tones are more light.

Since the bottom is loaded with the match of leather jeans and the leather boots, it seems that there will be a bit of heavy feeling. If you use a solid color T-shirt to make simple superposition, it will make the overall effect look very uncoordinated, using a stacking method. It is better to achieve the overall texture, so that the upper clothes look more rich, and the version of the compact fit is also full!


3 black and white color – eternal classic


From the whole, Ou Hualic chooses the black and white color, even if it is stacked with thick materials, but the whole is still not bloated, but has to admit it to the tonal, a suitable color, will make the whole wear The effect seems to be more concise and fashion, almost how to wear it.

Second, the shirt of the tidal boy


In fact, Europe is not only a “leather boots control”, and it is very popular for the tidal wear, and even the shirt that will be more precise, it is true.

1 shirt with a wide leg pants to wear a man handsome


Many times the shirt is always in the rules, even if you choose some relaxed version look too much, it will not be too guilty, but the Ou Hao is a long-awaited man’s style, let the more ordinary shallow cowboy The shirt is jealous out of the avant-garde fashion.

Black wide-legging pants or loose trousers although the color is relatively deep, but there is no binding sense, it can wear fresh and vitality in summer, and cowboy color often has aging effect, forming cowboy + black color appearance Vitality, it is worthy of the majority of male compatriots.

2 wide shirt + hoard jeans, show handsome

The big one-size shirt is actually a quite useful fashion item, no excessive pattern design, only from the version, making changes to dressing more simple. European chooses to break cave jeans as a decoration, with a big one-piece shirt constitutes a mix and match, although the style is different, but in the style, it is quite harmonious, and the handsome value is full!


On the basis of the shirt and the hole in the hole, Ou Hao also joined the stack of wearing a more fashionable fashion, and the more slim pure white shirt seems to be much smaller than the large size shirt, but with black jacket and sunglasses. In addition, it adds a few spacing sensation, colorful and not monotonous, but also makes the overall gas field powerful, showing fashion.


In fact, the broken cave can also be said to Europe’s favorite single product, and the pursuit of personalized trend, even if you choose a simple white T-shirt, you have to make an article on jeans, and the wind and holes are large, and there is no buckle Big boy is both visual.

It can be seen from the look of Ou Hao, which is indeed a kind of artist who pursues trendy and personality, and dressing is often unconstrained by various “strips frames”. Many of them are self-contained. White T is equipped with super-wide sports pants, the size is completely buried, but therefore harvested a unique hip-hop, with the sweater shawl, more personal sex.

Although it is legal, it should not be binding, and Ou Hao can put on the boots in the hot summer boots, and the private service is more exciting, and the private service is more adding more, get rid of the binding to do itself, probably this is His fashion attitude!

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