Men’s autumn and winter clothing


—– High collar sweater


These two days are not feeling cool. The temperature of this time period is actually suitable, and it should be very suitable for a bottoming shirt. If your wardrobe must have a variety of bottom-up knit sweaters, it is a wise choice.

Today, share it with you, the male compatriots, the autumn and winter high-neck sweater!

First of all, the bottomed sweater is suitable for men, women are wearing, not only warm, but also display modeling. Whether it is, it is still very temperament. Of course, for female friends, the diversification of sweaters is very beautiful, but for men, simple and generous is the biggest advantage.


Men’s must have such a bottoming shirt, high-collar design is warm and fashionable, and it is very suitable for different styles. Don’t believe, let’s take a look!


When the weather is cold, the upper body wear a suitable high-necked bottoming shirt, can be matched with a coat, such as: windbreaker, leather. The lower body is very gentle, if the outer suit is in the outer suit, there is an elegant temperament.

For men with shorter neck, the bottom of the V-neck is more modified with neck lines. The V-shaped sweater is simple and detailed. It can be said that it is a very wild style, with a shirt or t-shirt, the lower body can be matched with jeans, and it looks for a whole look.


For men with long necks, it is now popular with this pile collar design. In the autumn and winter wearing coat, there is a fashionable feeling.

We generally choose the high-neck sweater of solid color, which will not be restricted on the match, wearing a jeans, straight pants, trousers.


Basic colors – black high-neck sweater can be matched with any other clothes, but also for a variety of different styles. If you look with a black high-neck sweater, you can try this men’s style, such as windbreaker, woolen coat, etc. There are other colors. Recommend, for example, coffee, white, dark brown, and blue high collar sweater are all possible. Men can choose according to their own preferences.

There is a man who will say, high-neck sweatshirts show temperament, but my neck is very short, the upper body is also very fat, can you wear a high-neck sweater? Here Xiaobian tells you, as long as the size of the clothes is suitable, there is no problem!

When you try on a high-neck sweater, the store will tell you that the elasticity of the sweater is ok. Here, Xiaobian can only be honest, wear, we can wear it, we don’t look good, it is another matter. The size is not suitable, it is small, it will be wrapped in the body, and it is obeyed, of course, it is more fat. At this time, men do you think about it, can you?


It seems that as long as the size is suitable, the high-neck sweater can wear different temperament for high-fat slimming. The key is to suit you.

After choosing a high-neck sweater, you must learn to take it, or the color match is or the colored series is or the color series. Most male compatriots will choose the latter, because the color series is mixed with a lot of styles, showing different men’s charm! I hope that the male compatriots will learn to wear, learn to match, learn to wear their own personal clothing!

Ok, share here today, I hope to help men. Like collection, you will give you attention! Thank you for browsing.