Is the skin of the skin?


Many people in the skin are the first time I heard that it is a skin care product, then

亮肤素是去角质的吗 效果怎么样

Is the skin of the skin?

How is the skin of the skin?

The skin can quickly remove the dead skin of the skin, help whitening, effectively promote the new metabolism of the epidermis.

The brightein is a essential solution, the essence of milk products, mainly consisting of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), vitamin E and some humectants, antioxidants. The acid is a skin conditioning agent in a skin care product, a certain moisturizing and whitening role. The amount of addition of acids in the skin care products is between 2% and 3%, which can effectively prevent the skin pigment deposition, to resist the black spot formed by ultraviolet irradiation.

Xiaobian feels that this problem is to see personal, after all, every person’s use effect is different.

The skin can be effectively removed from the old dead horny and pores on your face, add enough moisture and nutrients to the skin, helps the effective absorption of subsequent nutrient products, thus achieving the best results! At the same time, can make the skin to Huangmei , Clear, tender, gloss, pores are unimpeded, accelerate metabolism!

5 benefits of using the skin

Enhance skin gas permeability

Skin double absorbs nutrition

Dedish melanin precipitate


Prevent pores from blocking

Is the skin of the skin?

How is the skin of the skin?