“Toxicity” is not strong? The experimental data continues to be released, O’K “Precision Portrait” begins to emerge


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On December 9, Pfizer and Biontech jointly announced a preliminary laboratory research data. Preliminary laboratory data showed that inoculation of three-needle mRNA new crown vaccine (BNT162B2) can effectively neutralize OMICRON (Okeki) variability, compared to inoculation, only inoculation of the two doses vaccines, the titer is significantly lower.

According to Biontech, the company will continue to promote the vaccine development against O’Kki variability, which is expected to be developed in March next year to deal with the need to use improved vaccines to improve protection levels and Situation of protection time. This will not affect the company’s expectation that the company has 4 billion products in 2022.

The World Health Organization said on 8th, preliminary evidence that the new crown virus variant strain O’K戎 may spread more faster than infectious Delta variants, but the disease caused is relatively light.

As the experimental data continues to be released, whether the existing vaccine can really deal with Okoche also become a big focus. In this regard, Director of the Chinese Academy of Disease Control and Control, Gaofu, who has been accepted by the media, “this time O’K戎, it is Betta + Delta, with Beta’s immune escape ability, and its communication force It is also in Delta. From the current judgment, the vaccine is still tube, but the effectiveness is attenuating. “From a realistic point of view, this viral is very powerful, but also observed for a two weeks to see if it can replace Delta. In general, from the perspective of viral, viruses in order to survive, in order to be able to live, their pathogenic strength is weakened. This is also the result of viruses and human interactions.

Up to now, 57 countries and regions around the world have found new crown mutation toxic strains O’K戎, which is expected to continue to grow.

Okeki experiment data continues to be released

According to Pfizer and Biontech’s research data, the vaccination of the three-needle BNT162B2 vaccination is compared with only two needles only, the neutralizing antibody of the O’Keri variability is 25 times the latter, and the inoculation is reinforced. The antibody titer of the variable strain is equivalent to the mainstream virus type of antibody, which can provide efficient protection for the mainstream virus type. In addition, 80% of the epitopes in the probular protein identified by CD8 + T cells are not affected by the O’K tunnel, and the inoculation of the two doses vaccines can still provide effective protection against severe diseases.

Biontech CEO and Joint Founder Wu Sahin Medical Doctor said: “According to the initial data, the third needle can still be effectively protected for the critical illness of the Okeki variand. The vaccination and enhanced vaccination can better protect people and help them safely spend winter. We will continue to conduct improved vaccines. We believe that compared to the current vaccine, improved vaccines in the face of Oust When the disease caused by Khak variability, it will provide people with higher protection levels and longer protection time. “

Not long ago, the Alex Sigal from South Africa Africa Health Research Institute announced the first OMICRON (O’K戎) serological data, and the results showed that these serum pairs D614G (primitive strains) The neutralization activity FRNT50 is 1321, which is 32 to the OMICRON mutant, and a decrease of 41.4 folds. After this experimental results, the global concern is concerned about the effectiveness of existing new crown vaccines.

In addition, according to the recent UK, the third-needle random mixed clinical trial is also found that after vaccination of two-needle Pfiri vaccine, Puiri enhanced the needle for one month, the neutralization antibody titer of the primitive virus strain is around 1800. Whether it is Pfizer or moderna, the neutralization of antibody titers after the enhanced needle is in this range. Taking the primitive virus strain and antibody 2000 as an example, it is 40 times against O’Krand, and the neutralizing antibody titer will only be 50. And this still hits the neutralization of the neutralized antibody data. Pfizer, the peak antibody after the MODERNA enhancement needle is about 2-3 times the peak of the second needle.

According to Michael Ryan, Michael Ryan, the executive director of the WHO Surprise Event Plan, said that the data about O’K poison lapeting shows that it may be more contagious than Delta poison, and Delta strain is currently propagated. The most widely killed new crown virus variant strains.

At the same time, Maria Fankelkhof, the WHO’s new crown virus technology, pointed out that although some data from South Africa showed that the disease caused by the O’Kek’s poisonous strains is relatively light, but now gives O’K The pathogenic conclusion of the poisonous strain is still fashionable.

Okocia will reduce new crown vaccine effects

As the experimental data continues to be released, whether the existing vaccine can really deal with Okoche also become a big focus.

In this regard, Director of the Chinese Academy of Disease Control and Control, Gaofu, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Gaofu, receiving the media interview with the Austrian O’Kron, causing the vaccine protection effect to reduce the problem, what extent, it is difficult to judge. In terms of Beta poison, the protection effect will be reduced in accordance with the prototype strain or Alpha variand based on laboratory data and different vaccines. Since Beta virus is not popular in the real world, we cannot accurately assess its impact on vaccine. On the other hand, we do not rule out that we are worried about O’Kron, there will be a new variant strain, and a part of immune escape characteristics can be lost while the communication power is enhanced. However, from the perspective of disease prevention, this virus has changed, no matter how it changed, it is a new crown virus. Existing vaccines have certain protection, or it is recommended that everyone will play a vaccine. I have always called for the vaccine to share globally. If the world does not share vaccines, the virus will share the world.

“From the basic theory of immunology, the vaccination should be ‘a small amount, heterologous to vaccinate’. ‘Small number of multiplex’ basic principles of immunology, this is why the reasons for strengthening needles. And ‘qi inoculation’ In theory, in theory, the A vaccine is used as primary immunization, and then the B vaccine is reinforced, it is better than the inoculation scheme than ‘aa” BB ‘.

In other words, in the face of the continuous experimental data, the injection of the enhancement is still important, but, at the same time, the update of vaccine technology will also become the focus of major vaccine companies. The direction of strength. Prior to this, Pfizer and Biontech were also claimed to adjust and produce COVID-19 vaccines within 100 days to deal with “vaccination escape” variants.

“The vaccine for Delta did not develop, which is the global discovery of the original D614G vaccine is effective. But the efficiency of O’K戎 is not good. In fact, many companies are in tightening technology updates, taro The clinical trial of the Mock variant is also in the layout. “Zhang Yiguo, Chief Operation Officer, in the 21st century, also said that there is more and more variants, and the difficulty of technology updates is mainly the sequence design, and The drug-efficient verification after the package is good, but many companies have more difficulties in these technological updates, including Pfizer and Biontech claims to adjust and produce COVID-19 vaccines within 100 days to deal with “vaccine escape.” “Variety, this goal is also achievable.

The new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused great challenges to humans, but it also provides opportunities to vaccine and new coronal pneumonia treatment. According to relevant data, as of November 30, 2021, the global new crown candidate vaccine has reached 329 items, and 135 clinicals. On the R & D route, it is mainly based on inactivating vaccine, viral vectors, recombinant protein vaccines, nucleic acid vaccines, and attenuated vaccines. At the same time, there were 26 vaccines in my country to enter clinical studies.

Among them, a nucleic acid vaccine called “third-generation vaccine technology” is referred to as a rapid and efficient advantage, it has been highly valued in R & D. According to the latest progress, November 19, 2021, mRNA new crown vaccine BNT162B2 was approved by the US FDA to use an emergency use authorization as a reinforcing needle for an adult for 18 or over. Based on this emergency authorization, adults of all ages aged 18 and over the United States were immunization of new crown vaccine, for at least 6 months of mRNA new crown vaccine, and completed the new coronate adenovirus carrier vaccine foundation after at least 2 months) The mRNA new crown vaccine BNT162B2 can be selected for enhanced immunization, including homologous reinforced immunity and heterologous reinforcing immunization, which showed a key position in strengthening inoculation and heterologous in inoculation. The mRNA new crown vaccine BNT162B2 is the only new crown vaccine that is fully approved by the US FDA.

According to the disclosed data disclosed in Foshang Medicine, March 16, 2020, Fosun Pharmaceutical and Germany Biontech announced the strategic cooperation of mRNA vaccine development, Fosun Medicine was authorized to authorize Biontech, exclusive development and business in mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan The new crown vaccine developed based on its proprietary mRNA technology platform.

As of November 30, 2021, China Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions were vaccinated by 14.2 million “Replenishment” vaccines, including 6.12 million conservation in Hong Kong and Macao, with a total of 808 million vaccinated vaccination in Taiwan.

“BNT162B2 mRNA vaccine is good in children, and has high safety. At the same time, the real world research data also shows that BNT162B2 mRNA vaccine has strong protection and is safe tolerated in a diversified population. Not only that, BNT162B2 mRNA vaccine The protection force after vaccination is as high as 95%. “At the 2nd Dawan District (Shenzhen) vaccine summit held on the 4th, Fosun Pharmaceutical Executive Executive, the Global R & D President and Chief Medical Officer returned to Dr. Love.

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The World Health Organization said on 8th, preliminary evidence that the new crown virus variant strain O’K戎 may spread more faster than infectious Delta variants, but the disease caused is relatively light.