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Fun Culture Box As the Old Cultural Journal, in addition to the launch of many professional perspectives in the pen, the accumulation of ink, can also be said to be a professional paper medium in the world.

Fun Stationery Box specialize in purchasing a different color card for different colors of various colors of various colors of various colors of various colors of various colors of colors, which are attached to the magazine, which is constantly updated. It is very recommended to buy paper. Fun stationery box ~

In addition to the color card, the fun partition box has a new ink in the new ink, basically covers all the brands on the world market.

However, many domestic can’t buy, the latest fun stationery box combined with multiple stationery brand distribution stores, direct stores, counter statistics on January to July 2020, July to July 2020. Record, there are 12 most representative quantitative water in Japan, which are brought by ink, sales of the top 5, and the manufacturer or sales staff select 1 recommended color, comprehensive cost in the remaining colors. Figure.

Some professional ink products are not so familiar with me, but this content is basically my own boy, let’s share it in detail ~

Baile – color 雫 series

Baile Coloring is a series of colorful inks under the Baile brand in 2007, and the design of a series of products comes from Japan’s all kinds of traditional beauty, with them gives each color. At the beginning of the start of the sale, only [Month Night], [Dacout], [Dun], [绀 绀], [Ziyang Hua], now series of products have been developing, there are 24 colors, can be said It is the leader in the ink market in recent years, the bottle design is also quite luxurious, like perfume ~

At present, there are 50ml large screens and 15ml vials on the market to choose from Japanese counters, 15ml Xiaoping can be selected, with a special gift box, this colorful ink set is particularly popular.

January night

The start of the existence, I have been bursting into the color of the present, and it is quite deeply resistant to the color, which is very close to the traditional ancient book cover.

2 绀 绀

Compared to the bright blue, the uniformity of the ink is very good, the overall brightness is very strong, and it is equally suitable for daily writing.

3 deep sea

At that time, everyone gave Bailei demands, I want to have a blue-black-free dark ink, Baile makes this deep sea, and the writing is very similar to the deep sense of old-fashioned acid iron ink oxidation.

4 bamboo charcoal

Bamboo charcoal is a dye ink, but the initial design is to make a black ink that is more ink in the blackness, compared to Baile’s foundation, bamboo charcoal’s writing color is more dark, more profound

5 mountain grapes

The mountain grape is a color developed for red ink enthusiasts.

Baile Advertising Department

Ms. Miscellaneous Missence

Baile company’s main color is bright sky blue. This sky is also the ink designed to design inspiration. When writing, there is a freshness of the blue sky ~

Write a happy four seasons of the ink sixteen night dreams / month old water

The four-season color series of Wenle is the first year of well-known colorful ink. In 2017, the 50ml round bottle of the old four episodes were completely discontacted, and the number of square bottles of 20ml were changed, the price was constant, and the reduction was not reduced. Nowadays, there are 16 colors from the old four seasons inheritance, named 16 nights dreams, as well as the new color of 2017, named the water surface of the moonlight, total 20 colors.

In the 2020, the four-season colored series also issued the music cartoon, all colors have special packaging, including three ink vesicles, and the public cost is almost 20.

1 mountain bird

This mysterious blue blue is a four-sei-season weaving series of signatures, just like a beautiful mountain bird falls in the mountains of the mountains, whether it is male or women.

2 night cherry

With the color of the Spring Night Cherry, it is more designed than the conventional cherry.

3 golden

Jinmu is a very bright orange ink, writable ink characteristic print fragrance is extremely obvious in this ink, and the words written are bright and clear, and it can improve the user’s emotions.

4-taking tea

People can think of the deep green of the strong tea in the fourth place in the ink, it is a typical earth color, deep color with strong Sheen, can be like a black blue as a daily ink

5 night long

Whether it is a classic blue black color that is suitable for any writing environment, the color is very rich, and if the words written in the black bottom, it can present a bright blue, quite good.

Write a product development department Mushan Miss Mingzi

It is a beautiful and bright cherry-colored ink, which will not be particularly conspicuous, and it is very significant. It is a very effective solid ink in painting.

Montblanc high heels series ink

Montblanc continues classic footwear bottle ink, even if there is not much ink in the bottle, it can also be gathered at one place, and ink ink use without waste. The bottle cover is a giant Wanbaon snow label, very atmosphere, the bottle is really charm, the most popular is the mysterious black.

The following picture is the old ink bottle used by Wanbaon in the last century and the previous century. Although the current bottle is different from it, the auxiliary ink can be inherited. This old ink bottle is called a duck’s palm. bottle.

1 mystery Black

The mysterious black is the pure black ink of Wanbaon. It is essentially a deep green, and the general consumers will match the ink when they purchase Montblanc.


2 Midnight Blue

In Ginza, male office aged 30 ~ 50, specializes in midnight blue, approximation, is rich in black, suitable for use on work documents

3 Royal Blue

Bright and elegant classic royal blue, bright colors special fit with cream paper, very good writing effect


Some customers who hold 2 ~ 3 Mantaolong pen will hope that there is a pen to write red writing, they will take a special trip to buy this red Wanbaolong ink.

5 Cool Grey

Domestic translation called oyster as gray, more fader than black ink, more and more popular in the past two years.

Ms. Wanbao Long Ginza Shop Recommended Irish Green

It is impressive rich green, written by words, a strong soft feeling, and Ms. Zikan, said that this is a fascinating ink that coincides with vivid coexistence.

Bailin Yeai Color Series Ink

Carda custom packaging box package This ink is vertical in the accommodation, is tilted in the use, and it is very convenient to take the ink.

In addition to the amount of amount, since 2012, the Baili Jin Yai Color Series also launched a limited color, 2021 for Golden Beryl, is a sparkling golden ink.

1 Tanzanite Tanzanite

Compared to the 4001 series of blue black, bright Tanzani is more popular, generally purchased the emperor series of pen, many people choose Yi Cai Tanzhong

2 Onyx Agate Black

A suitable black, is the second choice for the popularity of the color series, it is very suitable in the Bailijin pen of the black pole cap.

3 Sapphire sapphire

The most popular traditional blue in the West is very good, and it is also suitable as solid color coating.

4 TOPAZ Topa

Toppa is a very fresh color in the gem, the ink effect is very bright, it is a blue summer.

5 jade jade


Jade named Jade is the fifth ink, with Nanyang sea breeze, the green coloring effect is very good, it can bring a good use mood.

Bailijin Japan Market Ministry of Nanjiahong recommended GARNET garnet


In 2014, the colored garnet, in 2018, Billyprint replaced the mass produced Ruby ruby ​​became its color, it was very pure red.

Piscai Jiajue series ink

The Earl is the high-end brand of Hui Bai, in 1993, the series of ink bottles are also very luxurious. In 2013, it has been the strongest ink bottle in 2013. The mass production color is 18 models, and the count line series also has a coast. Blue, coke orange uses the bricks of the same color of the ink, which is perfect.

The picture below shows the previous use of the current Hucyjia brand ink jar, similar to the Bailijin 4001, and the count of the count is very inferior, the count of the count is better, and it is better to use.

1 MidNight Blue

Blue-black ink with rich blue tunes, in Tokyo Zhongcheng store, no matter how men and women are deeply affected by 30 years old

2 Carbon Black


The carbon black ink of the count is very pure black, written in the paper, there is almost no gray tune, for pursuing pure black consumers, we recommend this ink

3 Deep Sea Green

The enthusiasts are generally based on “This is the advanced color of Hui Bijia can call” to evaluate this ranked third deep sea green ink, very dazzling cyan ink

4 Royal Blue

The Royal Blue of Florite is an extremely standard blue, which is higher than the brother’s cobalt blue brightness.

5 Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is the color of the ink vesicles in the Hui Bajia standard pen pack, the generalization is very high, very popular overseas

Wife Jiajia Tokyo Zhongcheng Shore Pill Mountain Spring Miss Recommend olive green

Very mild green ink, named olive green, writing like spring, fresh ink


Swiss Kada series ink


1 MagNetic Blue


A deep blue, the color blue, the color number is 149, which is mixed with standard color 140 and 009.


Kada Cold Moir with the standard blue, the same, strong and vivid blue, written in handbook is the choice of most people

3 Cosmic Black

Western habits give the steel pen matching standard color is blue, in Japan and Asian cultural circles, black is more popular, Dada’s black is not so high, but many people enjoy this color

4 Hypnotic Turquoise

The standard color number is 191 ink, adding 001 white in 190 blue green, so that the color is transparent, more distortion

5 Infinite Grey

Very soft gray ink, performing people and pictures for painting

Dada PR Bamboo Seven Mr. Divine Pink

Very rich and special deep pink, and the paper is very outstanding.

Monteverde Monteward series ink

Monteverde became 30 ml of mini bottles at the end of 2016. The previous 90ml has only three colors, but the number of colors has increased significantly. In addition to the amount of amount, standard ink is also divided into 10 “NOIR” series, interested in “black” in French, and the “Sweet Life” series of 9 colors of cake and candy.

The brand’s representative model “Mountain” and ink are mixed.

This series pays tribute to the strong power of nature and mountain nature.

This American brand is basically not entering the country, so it is very cold in China.

1 Iced cookie

Very popular in women’s users, you like to write to SNS, you like this ink.

2 Jade NOIR

The rich forest green, used to write, there is a very good mood.


3 azure noir

In the NOIR series, the soft black is slightly blue.

Even if black ink is used, it is also favored by users who want to show personality.

4 Keylinme Pie

Very fresh green, let people think of “KEY LIME” of “Mexican Lime”. Color is very good, very vivid


5 ocean noir

Medium height saturated blue black tone, the clarity is very high ~

Montevad SNS operation recommended Purple Mist

Falce and gentle purple ink is a colorful color, writing letters feel

Simple book ink

Jane Heping is the oldest ink brand. Founded in 1670, in 2018, five models were added in the current pen ink series, and the amount is 35, the picture is ink ink, before the cap There is a groove to put the pen, and the brand has 10ml mini bottles, very popular.

The picture below shows the 1670 series of brand high-end, among the grandmother’s green popularity.

1 bouquetdantan


Dark pink ink, a very high popularity in girls

2 bleunvit

Blue black let people think of a starry summer night sky. More brightness than the same series of “dark blue”

3 vertdegris

The dark light color is popular in recent years. This is like a shabby horse iron, the retro atmosphere is very rich.


Represents bright purple ink. From the Age of the Third Republic to 1966, it is used as a designated color of all primary schools in France.

5 Cafe Desiles

Light brown inspiration comes from now cooking coffee. It is light brown, and the hue looks beautiful. A soothing color, soothing heart.

简 赫本 PR Senya Ms. Poussieredelune


Very exquisite tender purple, the name is meaningful, very artistic

Dai Ami writing series ink

Dai Ami is the old-style ink plant founded in the British Empire in 1864.

At that time called T.W. Webster & Co., Ltd

It is more than 100 different colors of ink, which is compared to other brands, which is an overwhelming advantage. The ranking of the right side does not contain the iron acid ink wearing Ami. If you use a glass pen and a water pen, you can say it is the most suitable. One of the brands don’t. The mass production has 30ml and 80ml bottles, the price is low.

Carda custom packaging box package This ink is vertical in the accommodation, is tilted in the use, and it is very convenient to take the ink.

2020 tether launched a new ink bottle, four-pointed three-dimensional, known as cat foot ink, very popular

1 Twilight

Deep blue green, is the highest quality product color

2 Amazing Amethyst

Purple ink, easy to produce a different color, and obtain a lot of support for female users.

3 Eclipse

At first glance, there is a blue black ink, but there is no purple tone. High energy and easy to use everyday


The first product made of the British ink enthusiast group. Use red tea from naming, but it is also very interesting to betray gray.


“Teal” is a blue-green ink, meaning “duck”, many women like this ink

Mr. North Jin Downtown also recommended aurora borealis

A second product made by the requirements of the British ink enthusiast group. “It is more vivid than blue and green is the British marsh.

Luohagrar Book writes with ferrous ink

Founded in 1892 historic German ink brands. Ink is manufactured by traditional methods using natural materials. The standard series has 18 colors. Among them, “willow”, “” is iron ink. Simple in bottles like painting materials, even if it is placed on the table, it will give a cool impression.

In addition to classic, 10-color new dye ink supporting ink mixing

1 Salix

Salix “is a blue iron ink, the first place in the popular Rohaglin.

2 Scabiosa

A long-lasting purple iron ink ink. The calm color is impressive. Deeply favored by glass pen and water pen users.

3 Verdigris

When writing this article, it is dark green, but as it gradually becomes blue, it has interesting color changes, very polished in the ink characteristics of the ink

4 Old Golden Green

Early spring and early autumn epidemic ink. I want to give my beloved, I can represent my mood and feelings with soft yellow green.

5 Leipsician Black

Dark green colorful black ink, many of Tokyo’s Western Wenchuan Class use it as a standard ink

Mr. North and Downs, Jintun, also recommended MORINDA

Mr. Jin is very admired by this bright red, which is very suitable for marking and annotation.

DA series ink

Dr. Franz hobby in his own home of ink, 1982 created a DA brand, and he always adheres to the basic disk of the ink using traditional processes, and the ink production is not large. DA brands are launched by well-known writers and composers. The ink is the representative of the brand, and the portrait of these great characters will be printed.

In 2016, the DA brand also launched the pigment ink, and the traditional process is the ultimate color beauty.

1Jules Verne

Confucian Verner, can associate with the deep blue ink of its huge seabed, DA brand’s most popular models worldwide

2 hans christian Andersen

Turquoise colored ink, famous fairy tale Jia Andersen, inspired by his celebrity Fish, he is also the author of the little girl selling matches

3 Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Ink green ink, has a deep feeling close to gray, famous literati singer.

4 Leonardo Da Vinci

The tan makes people think of the self-portrait and work of Da Vinci. The hue is very beautiful, and the color gives a deep sense.

5 Frederic Chopin

Inspired by Poland Composer Frederick Chopin, he created a famous song, such as “Fantasy,”. Soft green is very attractive

Mountain (Japan Agent) Trade Department Sales Universiants recommend Dante Alighieri

2021 is also Ding Ding 700 years commemorative, gemstone is a color that creates user personality

Nagasawa Kobe INK

Nagasawa is the most famous old stationery store in Kansai. In 2007, the stationery store began to cooperate, producing the Kobe Ink story, is based on each place in the Kobe area, and the scene production corresponding color ink, forms a unique area ink culture, development By now, there are already 80 standard colors, in addition to the amount of production, there are many limited amounts of popular, and in Japan is quite highly sought after.

Blue ink below the new product launched for Kobe Ink in 2021

1 pick-up green

Cure yellow-green and beautiful tones. Since its sale, not only in Japan, also popular inks in Asia-centered overseas users.

2 Okama Powder

A rich and rich pink, some teachers will use it, there are many modern Japanese calligraphy to use Okama powder.

3 Kobe Pisuyang Flower

A expressible purple ink, which will become blue or flashing according to the paper used. Most female users buy.

4 north wild knight blue

Mix of Night Sky Colors in Night Sky, Many people are attracted by the name of this name of the knight ~

5 cloth emerald

Emerald color, many painting, many painting enthusiasts like this ink

Nagasawa Kobe Refining Warehouse Warehouse Women’s Ms. Liu Mengyao recommended new open gold brown


Although it is golden ink, but it is completely unfunhua, very elegant, very resistant color


The 12 brands of this interesting stationery box have been summarized. The first five-model pen ink in Japan is shared here. In combults, Japanese buy ink like blue black, pure black, pure blue three core daily color, different color ink There are other protrudes are also popular, this list and domestic ink people’s hobbies are still similar, I hope to know the steel pen ink, buy Pen ink to help

Thanks for reading, look forward to the next exchange ~