Cixi suffered a “godflying fashion” air strike when he was sleeping, is it a new weapon of revolutionary parties?


The crow in the Forbidden City has attracted Cixi

In the Forbidden City, you can often see the large group of crows, and even the big net Red Lei Army boss is coming to speaking, it has been interrupted several times, and it can be seen that its vocabulary.


However, the crow in the Forbidden City … 奇袭 Cixi? This is a quirky thing. Excuse me, how is the crow faces the old woman, how is it?

What kind of rating is still there? of course

Air strike


That way, it seems to be able to understand, for us, the birds in the crow, often in everyone’s head, there is a bird’s feces, is it?


Where is it so easy? Cixi is extremely heavy, and there is a lot of people who want to assassinate her. There is no one in the success, and people can’t do it. The crow wants to “bullet”. I have to ask the arrow and bird gun in the hands of the guards.

Da Qing is in the case of riding, if the crow is in the past, is it for what it would be, is it a hide?


So strictly guard against the death, don’t talk about the crow, it is the 邬 晔 纬 纬 纬 纬 北京 北京,,,.. 便 便., 北京,, 北京 晔 晔,,,,,,,, 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便,, 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便

The Forbidden City’s crow is the attack of Cixi, but it is not a weapon of bird. Although it is extremely insulting, it is not a lot of killing. The crow of the Cixi, is to perform this task with the firepower!

what happened? Is it a sincereity of Sun Wen’s revolutionary party, bought the crow of the Forbidden City, boying the West?


This is a hidden link, and the IQ of the bird is limited. Let the crow have the idea of ​​anti-Qing Dynasty or democratic Republic, although Mr. Sun Wen is a medical doctor, it probably does not have this kind of surgery.

That is, this kind of high IQ live, how can I find a bird? You should find us, so you are a mammal …

Besides, the firewriter used in the Qing dynasty, mostly lifting the guns of the mountain, and the crow can also play.

However, about the crow hits the fireworks, it is not the folk legend, but comes from the female officials of Cixi.

The “Two Years In the Forbidden City By The Princess Der Ling” has been recorded in detail before and after this event.



, The name of Yuede, the Han army is born in 1886. It is a daughter of Yugeng, a late diplomatic family. When you have lived in Japan and France in Japan, you will have a multi-language. In 1903, she came back to the father in the age of 17, because of the foreign language and the Western etiquette, and the sister Yurong Age was taken into the palace to become the eight girlfriend of the Forbidden City (someone in the palace recalled that she was being sealed as the Cixi Shugegraph, namely the county, but did not get a historical confirmation), and then the father’s illness is from the palace, married to the US deputy accruals in Shanghai.

It is worth mentioning that the German has patriotic thinking, and she has followed Song Qingling to hold anti-Japanese activities such as “defending China” and support the “Defense China Alliance”. In 1944, she died in a car accident in California, and she was 58 years old.

“The requirements and urges of relatives and friends”, written in English. She is hereby seen in the court within two years. It is published in the Chinese and English version, which is “the second year of the Qing Dynasty”. Since then, the German will publish “Qing Dynasty and the Water Republic of China”, “Yuyuan Lan Xinji”, and the documentary literature “Wei Taiwan’s Weeping”, “Yu Xiangji”, etc., is considered to be a woman with a tree writer. She has a certain degree of reference value for the recall of the inside the Qing Palace, because of their own experience and specific identity.

According to her description, the crow hit the Encyclopedia when I was resting in the palace.

Cixi’s reservoir is one of the west six palaces. It was opened by the Queen Palace, and became a first-class ceremony in the Forbidden City, and also complissed with her identity.


Perhaps because there are too many heart, Cixi is not good, so once you sleep, no one dares harass. Today, I had a very high probe pole in front of Yulangang Tang Tang, which was used in the evening hanging light. Once the red light hangs, it means that too late bed, the eunuch palace must keep quiet, otherwise, if you want to cut your head!

On this day, Cixi just fell asleep, and the air suddenly became a masterpiece, and the smoke was rolling. A fire is straight into the hospital, and it is too horrified. It is estimated that foreigners have called.

Some people noticed in chaos,

The source of “霹雳” is actually only half-dead, and it is a scared).

Late Qingzhi, the two emperors of Guangxu did not have a child, and the child’s prank in the Forbidden City, who is doing anything, of course, to be thorough. Finally, this is a boring move from an old lady.

There are many crows in the Forbidden City, and there are many magpies, very high. It is said that in the eyes of the Qing Dynasty, these two gods have been contributing to maintaining their air transport, belonging to the category of Godbird.

In front of the Forbidden City Kunning Palace (the palace of 溥 大 大D), there is a strange stone, like the flagpole is not a flagpole, many people don’t know the mystery behind them.


In fact, this is the trail of “Sellow Rod” in the palace.

When you have a big festive in the palace, you have a shaman’s gods, and there is a Shou in the top. When sacrifices, put the pigs and so on, and put the rice, put it in the Shou Tuo on the Solan rod, special for the premnial food.

It can be seen that in the intrauterine, the palace is considered auspicious, protected. The crow is very smart and gradually discovered that no one is looking for them, it is inevitable that the anti-customer is main, chasing the palace, and it is a common thing.

The old lady who didn’t know that the loss of the crow was trying to retaliate, or purely psychological and empty. This day he caught a big crow, killing is not dare, and decided to tease this guy.

Old lady hung a firecracker on the tail of the crow, igniting the trust, then release it.

What is surprising is that the drug is not a little bit of moisture, the burning is not fast, the crow is not suited to be “canname”, but to fly from the distance at very fast speed, from the control range of the old lady, eventually in the air In the case of a continuous explosion, fly to the Sai Tanjia!

What is the firecracker do? The earth must put it in the gasoline bar, you can pretend to be a machine gun, such a large crow with firecrackers hit the show …


This is simply




The godfurts belong to the Ming Dynasty firearm. The history book records its outer like a crow, compiled with fine bamboo or reed, internal filling gunpowder, each of the two original rockets on both sides, bottom of the cartridge, and the gunpowder linen . When combat, the thrust of the Rockets can shoot the flying to the outside, and the fireprocenes in the inside the fows are flying at the same time, and the power is ignited.

Ming Dynasty? Is this too supervised anti-Qing Dynasty?

After a survey, the Cixi found that things were not so complicated, and the old man is only bored too much. The Mother ordered the fifty plates to be taken in effect. As for the crow that only participates in the gratia, it is alive, and no one is concerned.

Many of the agents with exaggeration and imagination have not been reliable, but the details of the Dijun of Cixi are in line with the psychology of the parties.

She did not kill the ring this time, and I was hitter, and I was open.

I am afraid that it is called Cixi. I am very annoying in the palace. I have such a fun thing, and I will talk to the worries, and the old eunuch for the disaster is also estimated.


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