Help you test | Fire to the “Chinese Restaurant” cotton candy machine, actually can still play so many patterns


A little sister n times a message in the background, I hope we can help her to realize the wish:

Cotton candy freedom


Not enough, this is my wish!


Who doesn’t like fat dumo, a cotton candy like a cloud! However, which parents can I bought it for their children every time I agree? o (╥﹏╥) O

Since the parents don’t let it buy, we will eat enough after growing.


Cotton candy machine moves back


This sample is very red, I have seen it in many variety shows, I have to eat today.

Star with paragraph


Commercial cotton candy machines we usually see more, appearance is ordinary, and the volume is also large.

Under the contrast of large pieces, household cotton candy machine is small and beautiful, and the structure is relatively simple.

Body + sugar + tray + splash


Even if the electrical white white can quickly assemble the hand.



Size and weight is about equal to a small rice cooker


And splashing plates are also

Small face is almost big

Can you have a left at home?

Plus the boss’s pair of hands turned into a variety of fluffy marshmallows we have seen.

I don’t understand the truth, and it is not so easy to operate.

Boot, warm, add sugar, one gas

Wait, I don’t seem to listen to the call, and a spoonful of sugar has been used up, this is a loneliness.

Carefully observe these failed works, not flusing is their common problems, many positions have even formed “sugar blocks”, which is obviously a sugar melting is too fast.

Cotton sugar is easily melted under moist or high temperature conditions, and the air humidity we test is between 30% to 40%, it is not moist.


I think about the operation of the previous failure: It turns too close to the heating tube when roll sugar, the temperature is too high!


This is no longer! !

Summarize lessons, adjust their postures, and start.


First use bamboo sticks to stick a little sugar in the tray, and make it easy to get on the car.


Pull the sugar and guarantee that it is constantly open, and the cotton candy stick is constantly turned across the saccharians. At this time, the power and speed will be grasped by yourself.

If you feel that it is not big enough, continue

Add sugar

… Add to you feel satisfied.

Fluffy huge marshmallows are completed, the wishes of the child are realized! !

When you raise the cotton candy made by your hand, you will not only be immersed in childhood, your parents will suddenly think of.


(In order to eat cotton candy and split)

You, friends have seen envious eyes, and children will boast you, you have the skills of Doraem!

One sentence is summarized: marshmallows have a social attribute greater than its taste because it really doesn’t have a special taste.

Wait, in addition to white sugar,

Can put various flavor hard candies

Go in.

If you want to support your body, you will be a brown sugar taste. When you have a mood, you will do a five colorful fruit flavor. I want to make a coffee flavor when I want to see the new trick.


Sure enough, you still have to master in your own hands, the taste of marshmallows can finally be determined by me!

Although many candy makes a cotton sugar, the color is not so bright, but the taste is really very! Do not! wrong!

If you don’t do this evaluation, I may think that there is only one taste of marshmallows, I didn’t expect it to change so much and wild.

But here still have to remind:

If you do it when you use a large block of hard sugar, you will be easily put into the machine, which will melt faster and more uniform, otherwise it is like this to have a large number of sticky syrups inside, or there is a sugar block directly out .

In general, I, as an adult, gain a lot of happiness from this machine, even if I have just started to be very successful, but I also enjoy my fun.


As long as you follow the steps of the instructions, you will be very good, plus all kinds of candy to explore the newly tasteful marshmallows, and you will be excited and surprised to eat cotton candies bought by the roadside.

If you want to ask, are so much cotton candy to eat? Laughing, not enough at all.

However, if you want to sell marshmallows, you don’t think about it.

It only meets the simple demand of our DIY at home

We often see the commercial cotton sugar machine is much larger than its power, and it is more faster.

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Copywriting: Zheng Er eight pounds

Photo Editor: Popular Top Tat

Hand drawn illustration: Xu Yifeng






Add sugar