Kunling is getting more and more ground, attending the activities wearing lamb coat, cotton boots on your feet more stealing


No matter which season, it is not possible to lack a hundred and practical items. Among them, jacket costumes are one of them.

Jacket costumes, wearing frequency in daily life is still quite high, easy to wear, easy to match, easy to create casual fashion classes. For example, in the spring and autumn festival, everyone will often choose

Windbreaker single product, denim jacket, suit jacket


Wait; or you will always wear in winter

Lamb coat, leather coat, woolen coat


So, in many jackets, how do you choose jacket costumes to match the fashion? It’s better to see the following wear!

How to choose “coat” in the autumn and winter season? Move the following models, high-grade styles are still atmospheric

, Autumn and winter jackets don’t choose long, and the routine jackets are just a lot, and it is not bloated.

This period of fashion points: the fashion charm of winter jackets, winter jackets are fashionable!

Fashion charm of winter jacket

Winter wearing mainly still watching the warmth of clothing, relatively, choosing a fabric thick coat as a daily wear, is extremely suitable. More common single types, including lamb coat, wool coat, cotton jacket, etc.



As far as lamb hair coat is a very warm and trendy, it is also able to increase cookie and playful feelings.

Even if the cost of clothing is heavy, it is a bit bloated, but it does not hinder the generation of the image, soft and cute clothing characteristics, the fashion is still very strong.

Winter jacket fashion

Color color pattern lamb hair jacket

Lamb coat


More suggests that you choose the style of the earth

In the color, the soft tone effect can alleviate the fluffy effect of the light-colored tone, which has a certain optimization effect on the width of the tag, and adds color elements to increase fashion infection.

As a khaki as the background of lamb coats,

Combined with orange and brown to draw the pattern of the pattern to enhance the fashion


, From the hierarchy of the color, the absorbing effect will greatly improve, fully showing simple and stylish style.

Black locomotive jacket

The motorcycle skin jacket is a single product in the autumn and winter season, combined with the hard tall effect of the cortical fabric, as the main color of the classic black, wearing a high-level and atmospheric. At the same time, combined with white fur-style lapel design, with colorful brightness to increase the absorption of clothing, with cute and playful feelings, it is also very suitable for image pure young girls.

Among them, everyone can choose

Line black locomotive jacket to match

The silhouette of the shelf is very strong in conjunction with the skin fabric, which is very strong to improve the personal gas field for the body line.

In the golden skirt that selects the bright surface, it is very advanced.



Print set

Set of clothing, in combination, there are some troublesome ideas, so it is very suitable for lazy or wearing a small white.

In daily life, just choose a casual and comfortable sports suit to match, it is a good choice.

Or in a certain activity, for the fashionist people, choose a senior professional suitcase clothing to match, it is also very personal and charm, such as a suit suit or a suit dress is a good choice. . In addition, if you think that the set of clothing is single in the style, you can also choose


Printing set of clothing


Match, the fashion sensation will double.

For example, a black suit apparel is added

Golden printing element enhances fashion sensation

The confusion effect is combined with a variety of styles such as alphabetic elements, pattern elements, and pattern elements, which greatly improves the eye, and at the same time, it is sufficient to show the seniority of personal shape, and there is charm.

Lapel small leather

The leather clothing in the autumn and winter season, there are two forms in the style, one is

Pattern of cotton clothes inner


It can use the thickness of the garment to increase the role of warming, and the other is

Single skin extension

There is no blessing in the end, and the personal gas field will be stronger.

Only one layer of skin extension is one layer, and it can greatly enhance the gas field on the occasion of the match.

Compared to the skin random in the end of the year, the single layer of skin gel is more stronger, and the bloatedness of personal modeling will be greatly reduced. At the same time, add inlaid styles in the coat to modify, more costume texture and advanced.


Advanced leather jackets, you can also consider the way in which you have a knitted or bottoming shirt increase the level


The whole person’s gas field is still not reduced. You can wear, glamor.