It is clear that the password lock is locked, why will the bike will be stolen?


New People’s Evening News (correspondent Chen Yong reporter Yuan Wei) clearly using password locking bicycles, why will it be stolen? Recently, when the Xuhui police detected a case of stealing non-motor vehicle cases, the details were worth paying attention to each owner.


On the evening of July 6th, the public gave birth to the Hongmei sent the report say: On the morning, she came to work in a bicycle. When I got it, I found the car couldn’t fly, I would like to remember that I have already used the password lock chain to lock the bicycle, how Will it be steal?

The picture said: the suspects theft bike. Xuhui police for map

According to the report information of the woman’s report, the police station will conduct a field visit to the survey. After 2 days of loop tracking, the police arrested the suspect in a community, and seized the stolen bicycle on the spot.

A intact password lock, locking bicycle, why is it stolen? The suspect is Yu Mou’s crime. On the day of the case, Yu Mouqi electric bicycle passed by Wu Zhong Road, a bicycle exceeded himself, which made Yu Mou played a great heart, and increased the throttle chasing. When the car is almost almost, Yu Note that the other open password lock in the other car basket, just see the number of the password lock, so silently remember it, and then the end is ending. After the victim stops the vehicle, Yu will follow the number of remembers, smoothly open the password lock, ride the bicycle back home. At present, the suspects are suspected of being criminalized by the public security organs because of the suspected stealing sins, and the case is still in further investigation.