These 5 kinds of small plants are suitable for placing tables, mini and eye-catching


Soothing yourself at home, relax



However, some plants that are placed will be relatively large, and there is a requirement for space. Today, the flower will tell you, 5 small and beautiful green plants, you can put it on the desktop, work, you can play with your style, relax, and double!


1, mirror grass

The first flower is desirable, the mirror grass, the mirror grass leaves are fatty mever leaves, the shape is round, the mirror is like ancient cactus, so the called “mirror grass”. The mirror grass leaves are very green, and the plants can be placed on the desktop.

The mirror grass is more droughtable, and it is not necessary to take care of it frequently, and it is more expensive. And the mirror grass is beautiful, suitable for planting indoors. However, don’t put it over over-dark places, it is best to ensure that a few hours of scattering light is best.


2, June snow

June snow is a small shrub, not very high, suitable for planting in small potting planting. In June, the snow is usually blooming between 5 to July, and the flower is a small white flower, so it is called June Snow. Therefore, June snow is very ornaable, put on the table, usually see the leaves, etc., it is more pleasing.


In June, the snow is afraid, does not like the sun sunshine. Therefore, in indoor planting is relatively suitable, it likes to scatter light and cool, so it is not too dark in the indoor planting.


3, air pineapple

Air pineapple is a special plant, and its growth does not require the soil, and it can grow amazing against the air. Without the dirt, it means that the air pineapple does not need to account for too much place, and will not make the place too dirty. Especially on the desktop, there will be no troubles that are staining the desktop of the dirt.


Clean, beautiful, and space of air pineapple is very popular among home cultivation. When grinding air pineapple, a good ventilation and appropriate scattering light is required. Because air pineapple does not need soil, there is no need to water, but it is necessary to spray the blade, 3-4 weeks, spray a liquid fertilizer.

4, the war queen


After the war queen, he was also known as the silver, and it was a view of the guanzi plant in Guangdong. The leaves behind the Queen are beautiful. Decorative embellishment as a home, especially eye-catching. And the Queen is particularly desirable, even in a dark environment. So if the room is dark, the light is insufficient, especially the bedroom or the book, and it will become a lot of money after the tower is placed.

5, purple leaves


The shape of the puriosidi is extremely chic, the purple leaves plus the shape of the rifle, and the inlaid of the inlaid of some varieties is also inlaid. There is a butterfly-like purple black spot, which is very eye-catching. If you want to view the leaves, the purple ladle will definitely not let you down, let alone it will flow. Its flowers are pale pink, umbrella shape, with purple leaves, noble, a fresh.

Planting a puriosko is also relatively simple, directly buying seedlings or tubers to reproduce. The sorrel is not angry with light, so it is placed in place with appropriate scattering light. This is also suitable for indoor planting.

These kinds of flowers and plants are relatively small, suitable for pelvic plants on the table. As the datakies of the desktop, you can relax and enjoy the body and mind, and the friends who have ideas will try it. What is the experience of ramen, but also welcome to share!