Tiffany’s most popular 8 classic necklaces, smiley, bubble classics, love sweet





Since the founding, Tiffany has become the classic representative of the world’s top jewelry brand and the American jewelry design. Today, the engagement ring is known for the world, in fact, is the first of the United States, the most famous is six-claws, simple The 6-claws are securely protected by the lack of diamonds, which is extremely limited to diamonds, and it is still a wide admiration.

Tiffany is extremely precious and meaningful, except for jewelery, Tiffany’s original silverware, stationery and dining table appliances are even more heart.

classic design


It is the definition of Tiffany’s work that mean that every amazing perfect masterpiece can be passed down by generation. Tiffany’s design never does not meet the fashion fashion, so it will not be exhausted, but it is completely over the trend.

Tiffany’s jewelry minimalist line tells the calm super


And a heartbeat



. Designed to excel, you can get inspiration from nature everything, throwing cumbersome and orthotbiltering.

Clear and clear

. Harmony, proportional and provision, is integrated with the designer in every Tiffany work, is presented in the most perfect gorgeous gesture.


It is the sharing to everyone today.

Tiffany’s most popular 8 classic necklaces

There is a smiley face of the T series, there is also a classic bubble, of course, sweet love, key and other styles. Take a look.

1, Tiffany Tiffany T Series Smile Necklace



Line, exquisite to present the simple pureness of the Tiffany T series. The necklace curve is elegant and exudes a long-lasting exquisite charm. The T word has a minimalist precallion at the time, which can be monoted, or it can be superimposed. Smiley necklace has a styles of diamonds, there are light gold, with large medium and small three different lengths. It may be due to the price of the price, the audience is more simple, and the rose gold style is simple.


2, Tiffany Tiffany KEY series petal keys



Petal key

The film is full of diamond flower petals, which contains modern women to future expectations, and to create unlimited possibilities. The film is full of diamond flower petals, which contains modern women to future expectations, and to create unlimited possibilities.

3, Tiffany Return to Tiffany Series Double Heart Tag Necklace


The Return to Tiffany Series is inspired by a design of 1969, the classic logo interprets Tiffany’s Zall. Simple necklace design with exquisite double


Necklace, exudative and elegant atmosphere. Silver white and Tiffany blue modulation, fresh nature, is a lot of little girls like.

4, Tiffany ELSA Peretti Series Open Heart Necklace

Elsa Peretti Series Open Heart is designed to resonate, interpretation of the true meaning of love. This elegant work is one of the landmarks of Tiffany. This stereo heart-shaped pendant is the same as the previous paragraph of Tiffany, a wide range of styles. Heart shaped is sweet, but the style of style is now in some retro atmosphere.

5, Tiffany Elsa Peretti Series Diamonds by the Yard Necklace

Tiffany water bubble, also called Bean Tania. The classic clavicle chain style, a small one is extremely exquisite, and it is very suitable when the clavicle chain is mixed or stacked. The golden side of the diamond looks great, it is its characteristic design, like this style, Cartier’s UFO, Dior’s minirose has similar appearance, but Tiffany’s bubble has some retro taste more classic and dyed.

6, Tiffany ELSA Peretti Series Bean Necklace

BEAN symbolizes everything grows



Start. With bubbles and stereo love is the same time.

7, Tiffany Tiffany Infinity series necklace


Tiffany Infinity Family Meaning


Contact, vitality and vitality. Hand-inlaid diamond adds a charm to this modern design. 8-glyph design, more related to love, unlimited eternal.


8, Tiffany Tiffany heart-shaped necklace

Heart shaped diamond necklace, platinum necklace, inlaid round bright cut diamond. There is a size division, and now there is now a lot of popular heart-shaped models to improve with this. Expressing sweet love is a never time, straight men always want to save anything, directly love.

, T series’s smiley modern concise, classic bubble models, sweet love, gong, key, etc., simple and dyed, fashion. Big brand business models still require the public to be easy to accept.

Tiffany’s most popular 8 classic necklaces