The fashionable sterling bid farewell to the autumn trousers, this year popular “pantyhose”, choose the styles of warmth


It’s a season of autumn, such a city, many cities have begun to be cold, but also wear thick clothes, but skirts can still wear, want to continue to wear beautiful short skirts in autumn and winter, We only need a pantyhose, you can easily solve the embarrassing cold weather, you can continue the beauty, incarnate the little fairy.

There are many in the style of pantyhose, and it is also a variety of ways, but I want to wear a good temperament, so how should we choose pantyhose? Let’s take a look.

The fashionable scholar bid farewell to the autumn pants, this year popular “pantyhose”, choose the styles of warm, how to wear the pantyhose can get rid of “Old Earth”, look at these wear, wear new style .

Piece of pantyhose


Choose according to the material

1) Core wire material

The material of the core wire is a very

Soft and breathable

Material, in the early autumn, the pantyhose wearing the core silk is relatively appropriate. If it is colder, it is not suitable.

The material of the core wire is also


So we must be careful when we look at it. When you go out, you should pay attention to where you have to hook, this will be easy to hook.

2) Velvet

Velvet material is actually

Cot cotton and spandex together

The formed fabric, such a fabric is more than the core wire


Not too easy to be hooked, suitable for some newcomers.


The velvet’s pantyhose is really very

Soft and comfortable


Then, it is also very warm,


Matte texture


It is also very low-key, and the girl with the legs is also very friendly.

3) Wool material

The wool is actually a very warm fabric, the wool is very

Suitable for cold autumn and winter season


Don’t worry about the frozen legs.

Wool material is generally a little more expensive, but there is also expensive truth, and the little fairy can judge according to their own financial resources, but overall, the wool pantyhose is

Very cost-effective


4) cotton material


However, in contrast, to say that the cost-effective high is still a pure cotton material, and the cotton material’s pantyhose is also very very


If you can rest assured.


Pure cotton pantyhose is also more common in daily life, how can it be seen, if there is no cotton pantyhose, you can’t be called fashion.


Select according to colors

1) Black


Black can be said that it is best to wear the most pantyhose, black pantyhose is also the most common, with a variety of different styles and match.

For example this year

Rhombus plaid pantyhose

Classic and personality, not only

Modified leg type

Let the women’s leg lines are more fluent, and they can

Show senior sense



2) White

Although black pantyhose is more common, it is inevitable that it will give mature charm. It is not very suitable for young girls. At this time, white pantyhose is very good.

White pantyhose


Sweet and noble

Not only can women’s ladies play playful temperament, but also make the shape more bright, will not be so dull, or add some in the pantyhose.

Cute elements

3) Color

Of course, the pantyhose is also able to wear a fashionable taste. In the numerous panty socks, colored pantyhose is very fashionable, it is very suitable for some

Take the street wind route


Colored pantyhose has a lot of colors, and the temperament of different colors will be different, but colored pantyhose

More suitable for leg-type slender women

To wear, the legs of the crude girl wear is more disaster.

Fashion mix of pantyhose

Pantyhose + windbreaker

The matching method of the pantyhose is really a variety of ways, such as we can

With windbreaker to match pantyhose

, Choose a long windbreaker, so that even legs can wear.

For the choice of the inner, there is also, the match with the trench coat and the pantyhose can show an elegant temperament, so we can also choose the same very elegant and gentle


Come with it.

Pantyhose + suit


Want to make the shape more



Some words, use

Suits to match pantyhose

Of course, it is also suitable, such a matching of women’s gas fields.

For some

Body lines are superior

In the woman, you can join a suit.


To make the waist, such design can not only highlight the waist lines, but also more trendy.

Pantyhose + dress

Of course, the most suitable matching of the pantyhose is to match the dress, because the pantyhose should be combined with the skirt, such a match is also quite common in autumn and winter.

There are many kinds of selection for the dress, we can use some more

Eat infered dress

To match yourself, you can make yourself look more integrity.


Has all choices and matching methods of pantyhose? In fact, it is not difficult to match the matching socks. As long as you care, you will definitely learn.

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