These two popular markets in Guang’anmen have to be closed, and the last chance of buying bought.


Guang’anmen Inner Street is bound to Niu Street intersection, and the South Road is a vegetable department store. The West Side Road is the Temple Collection Market. It is nothing to turn to these two places. It is a lot of habits of nearby residents. Recently, the two old markets have successively issued news.

“Withdrawallocate the clearance, one does not stay”, “withdrawall the sale, not counting the cost”. The merchants of “Cuisine Biometrics” have cut prices, and the market is attacked and bargaining in the market. “Cuisine Appraisal” will be closed on December 31, which will plan to reload in April next year.

In 1997, the city was known as the cultural business card of Beijing Collection and Cultural Cultural Capital, will not continue to renew the rental merchants from January 1, 2020. This cultural market based on the business books, stamps, and coins will be Thoroughly bid.

In the afternoon, Jingmi came to the door of “vegetable batch department store”, the red banner was hanging on the threshold, writing “this market upgrade and clearance goods”. As next to the “Upgrade Reconstruction Announcement”, the market decoration time is from January 1, 2020 to March 31, 2020, which is temporarily reopened on April 1, 2020.


Enter the door, all the left and right sides are the booth of mobile phone maintenance film, and the stall is mainly based on jewelery, shoes and hats, textiles, and individual booths sell hardware, towels, etc., near the New Year, selling blessing couplets. . The second layer is mainly costumes, and there are merchants are stepping on the sewing machine, giving the guest’s clothes slim, repair lock. The small stalls are arranged compact, the goods should have, and it is dazzling. The goods style is not a new wave, but it is good to be good, and it is in line with the needs of the people.


How is the goods here? A men’s down jacket only sells 280 yuan, the price of mountaineering bag is six or seven, the top of a pair of leather shoes will be 200 yuan, the sock 3 yuan a pair … but “the price” is already the normal, a aunt finger The 9 yuan of a pack of plastic bags say: “7 pieces! 7 I bought”. There are also guests to buy 5 yuan a calendar, very satisfied with this price.

“Cuisine Biyuan” opened on January 1, 2002, has accompanying guests in 17 spring and summer autumn and winter, and it is the need for life. The nearby old neighborhoods are habits to add a few pieces of “small” Zero straw. The grandfather near the home is bought this year’s blessings and couples. He told Jingmi. It was originally bought again. This is not to close, just buy it in advance. Some people say that although small goods are not worthy of money, it is an item that is insequent.

In the lively “called Selling”, the merchants are also considering how to operate in the future. “6,000 yuan of booth rent is OK, it is certainly not this price after the decoration.” “Now the market will notify the goods, what to do next, what is going to do.” When the merchant discussions, there are several intermediary in the market. New layout in other markets.


Ms. Wang, Ms. Wang, is actively optimistic, and I introduce customers to the “sweater chain” of my home. On September 28, 2018, her booth has just been withdrawn from the “Garden Wholesale Market”, in the “vegetable department store”. “When you caught up with the off season, you don’t see it in a month. In these few days, the price has attracted a lot of guests. New shops are slowly looking for, not anxious.”

With “Tianyi”, “Wantong”, “moving batches”, “official park” and other small commodity wholesale markets continue to relocate or upgrade, “vegetable department stores” is already the last wholesale market in the Third Ring. The relevant person in charge of “Cuisine Biological Store” said that it is worried that the number of customers has caused safety hazards, and I hope to withdraw the period of smoothness.


“Don’t ask for it, you can sell a few down jackets to return to this.” At sunset, customers gradually dissipate, only the remaining business is packed in the sun to discuss the day of business. The old customers are reluctant to the market in the doorstep, and I hope that I have to meet and rehabilitate “vegetable department stores”.


The banquet of the vegetable department store, along the Western Guang’anmen inner street, five minutes, Kung Fu came to the Temple Collection Market.

Speaking of the Temple Collection Market, it is a “barometer” that is embarrassed as the collection industry, the old hipster meets the old Tibetan friends, the legendary story is not finished for three days and three nights. Red brick gray tile, the ancient tree, the turtle stone tablet, the brick stone platform, the Temple of the Temple is built in the Liao Dynasty, slightly destroyed, two degrees of heavy repairs, wind and rain, a few, in 1997, becoming collectors The trading venue has emerged in the form of “stall”. The ancient playing store owner Wu Xiaofang recalled that in 1997, “stalls” did not need rent. In 1999, the rent was 2 yuan, and he experienced from the stall to the shed, and then the market upgrade entered the “Pavilion”.

Nowadays, I will enter the Temple Collection Market, there is a Chinese coin hall, a foreign coin hall, a Chinese book newspapers, a Chinese ticket museum, China’s Lianhuan Painting and China Poker. There are several old shops in each “museum”, and the outside is looked for, and the guests who come to the door. Most of the guests are old, and they often say “brothers”, the owner also took out “tip” goods. “

Mr. Mr. Ma, the mainman of the company, was a born in 1949. He has come to the Temple Collection Market in 2002. It has been engaged in this line for 17 years. “Small Book” is a sense of meaningful, and there is no TV in the shortage of Materials. The “Small Book” is in the mind in his mind: Lei Feng, Wang Lin, Dong Cunrui, Huang Jiguang and so on. “When I was young, the child of this piece was in a primary school. After school, I threw the bag, a group of children got to play, play the triangle, fan painting, I won the classmate with the playball. People ‘s book’, there is no head, there is no end, in a pocket, repeatedly seeing many times. “


Mr. Wang is the frequent visitor here, and find a “small man” that is called “Chen Zhen Chuan”. He smiled and told Jingmi: “It has been 20 years old, and the fun of Taobao is There is a top three books, I have finished the book, but I have to find the middle and book. “After a while, Mr. Ma turned out the treasure of the town of the town in 1955 from the drawer,” Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai “, now the market The price is 60,000 yuan. What kind of “small people” is the most worthless? Mr. Ma said: “Publishing agencies, painters, issuance, year, parents, open books, how much money can be estimated to have a” small person “value.”

Mr. Li is the owner of the coin collection hall, which has been 16 years in the Temple Collection market. The cabinet is scattered with the Coins of Qing Emperor Qianlong, and he picks up the coin, and I am sighing here.

The ancient playing store owner Wu Xiaofang is Jiangsu Yixing people, married to Beijing, mentioning that “the market is about to close”, the sound is somewhat oh, and there is some tears in the eyes. “It’s really good, this market is too good, the money can be eaten in the cafeteria, there is a drink and ice rose in the summer. One said there is no market, everyone can be uncomfortable. Don’t ask where others don’t work, I said that it is different. “


In the display cabinet, put the dowry of Wu Xiaofang, a set of purple sueds in the Qing Dynasty. She said that Nancheng is a cultural gathering place in Beijing. There is “Wen” and “Wu”, Qin Chess Calligraphy, Quyi Drama, there should be. 10 years ago, Wu Xiaofang’s store has won the ten stores of the Temple Collection Market. The market specially found a photographer to give Wu Xiaofang took a photo. She took a purple sand pot and her eyes were happy.


At 5:30 in the afternoon, all collectors in the Temple Collection Market have been turned off, and the 6-year security of the 6 years here will come out to see a scene in the temple. “It was originally the food department, later is a factory, and finally the market.” Just a history before the Narration of the Temple, these fresh and vivid traders are sold, and the human life will be 1997-2019, once a collection market and a collection .

One South 1 North, one of the elegance, “Zhuzhang Temple Collection Market” and “Cuisine Baidu” bid farewell to Guang’anmen, the millennium ancient temple is attributed to the calm, and the prosperous city is quiet. We may wish to hurry up the last time, go to the dish to recall the fun of the old wholesale market, to the Temple of the Temple, find some old object collection.


[蜜 贴]


Beijing Guangan Cai City Dou Department Store Market Center (abbreviation: vegetable department store)

Business hours: Monday to Sunday 9: 00-18: 00 (December 31, 2019)


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Temple Collection Market

No. 1, Zhizhi Temple, Guang’anmen, Xicheng District, Beijing


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Route: B-mouth walking in Guang’anmen, Line 7

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