I don’t know how to wear the season? Look at the nine sweaters in Korea, the foreign is warm, so beautiful


The weather is getting colder, and many sisters who love beauty began to put on fashionable autumn clothes, faded in the dress, so the autumn must consider the costumes? It is definitely a sweater. There are a lot of sweaters, but many people feel bloated when we wear sweaters, in fact, no choice of suitable techniques and styles.

Compared to summer wear, the sweaters in autumn and winter are more tested for your body and match.

So below, we can follow the Korean to take a small sister to learn the LOOK of all kinds of sweaters, and the foreign air is still warm, can’t miss!

First, understand the tip of sweaters

[Wearing the thunder area]


Ray 1: Avoiding the five or five points of loose sweater

Many girls have a misunderstanding when wearing them, the more the clothes are easily thin.

But it is slim and composing a different dimension,

The loose sweater is really capable of covering your flesh, but it seems easier to see bloated.

If you want to look better, your body is slim

The selected sweater length is as short as possible, and can be fine in the waist, and modify your waist can also shape the long legs.

Raytime 2: Avoid material thick, color fancy old cash

The biggest advantage of sweater is to keep warm



But it is because it has warm knitted materials, so it is easy to look bloated.

. Unlike ordinary silk and chiffon costumes, wearable costumes are thicker, easy to visually pull out our figure,

If the style is not correct, you will instantly have 20 pounds.

When we look at the sweaters in the fall, we also want

First, avoid the material is too thick, but also refuse the style of the empty gas, otherwise it will step on the thunder, the picture below will give you an example, you must choose this style.

Second, the correct matching of sweaters TIPS

Key points 1: version to fit

The clothes are more important than anything, especially when choosing sweaters.

Too tight and too loose exposes the shortcomings of your body. The fit of the sweater is more prominent, while helping us cover the fat.

Length fit And version fit

It is very important, such as sweater

The length can be finest in the waist, the version can fit our waistline

This is almost all wrong. Below this type of slim sweater can modify our waistline,


The lower body is also linked to loose, and it is still possible to modify the waist button.

Key points 2: Multi-PICK material light sweater

The most taboo to wear sweating is the material thick, then the correct wear is in contrast, that is, select a lightweight style.

The season of the early autumn, the temperature is not low, and the single product that chooses the lightweight material is not cold.

The material that wears in these sweaters is quite thin, but also

Have a certain thickness,

This can

To ensure the droulation of sweaters, we will not be cheap because it looks lightly.

Third, the 9 sets of wearing a sweater in Korea


South Korea’s little sister has always been in our forefront. If you want to explore fashionable sweater styling, see the 9 sets of them to wear it ~


LOOK1, the verge of pure color sweater

Sweater is stacked:

The key to the stacking match is that the material is not heavy,

For example, when the sweater is laid, try to make a light shirt, the dress is better,

Few people will choose a sweater to match a suit or a sweater, so wearing is bloated.

Sweater single wear:

If we do it, we can learn more about some light sweaters.


, The deep-tuition existence of dark sweater is too weak, and even old. Light-colored sweaters will have a certain brightness, so it will look younger.

Look2, earth sweater

In the autumn match, the existence of big land color costumes is extremely

There are very few people in this season wearing bright and beautiful warm tones. So mature women can more PICk some big colored sweates, wear in the body and elegant.


Khaki, rice white, brown, camel color is extremely gentle color, these simple and low-key colors have no aggressive

No matter what kind of little sister can be controlled.

LOOK3, sweater + boots

In addition to sweaters, we also need to consider the match of shoes, since this season is more pursuit of warmth,

It is also a group of very classic styles in the shirt + boots.

If you choose a sweater with a skirt or trousers,

Boots can choose from being shorted; while long boots are more suitable and binding with dew

,for example

The lower body of the sweater is missing, you can change the boots to long boots.

Many people say that there is a sweater, but regardless of how the fashion world is developing, there is still a lot of tide people to love the sweaters, plus the practicality and beauty of sweaters, let us not find it. Reason.

In this article, I introduced you to the hairy wear wear wear of Han Tai, after seeing the above groups, everyone can refer to the new height in the fall of this fall!