The HD map is solved to collect it, you like the very simple luxury shawl, really beautiful


Just written in the article, the physical picture is also a high-definition illustration, and the text description has been written, ready to pass the text, I don’t know which button is, all the way is Wu, 呜 ~~~, I have to write, One is not cautious, wasting a flower of a flower, you said yes. [脸] These two days have been accompanying the old father in the hospital, which may be that the changing environment is not rest, and the hand operation is not flexible. Oh, find a reason to give yourself first. Snote]


The first eye of this work is in love with decisive collection. Consider having a lot of sisters who like this work like me, I will want to hook one, just now in the hospital, I can’t get it, I will play and draw a picture. With a new hand and a needed friend can guide the knitting HD graphic. In addition, the detailed video tutorial is also done.

After paying attention to me, click my avatar to enter my home, then you can see the beautiful video tutorial.


The minimalist style is extremely high-level feeling. Is this not your small dish dish for life? Is it!

The original picture This shawl looks like a material of cashmere, but this flower uses cashmere, silk colored, and young horse sear effect should be a good drop.


If you want to hook tablecloths, curtains, curtains and sofa towels and other jewelry, use lace effects may be more ideal, you think.

Well, I will not say more gossip, and I figure below:

Unit flower diagram


These diagrams are high-definition maps, and the picture data is large. The platform may compress too much picture. If you think that you are not enough to have a high definition, please leave a message.

Pattern connection diagram

The connection graphics between flowers and flowers, mainly expressing the position of the pattern connection, long press the picture to take a look at the local mobile phone, can you see multi-level three-dimensional effect?

Triangle shawl right

Triangle shawl left


The picture is too big system tips to overheast, divide it into two tablets, you are too wide? [笑], you must get rid of overlapping parts when weaving the triangle shawl. Otherwise it becomes another style [笑]


Diamond tablecloth

This is an extension of the idea, a beautiful flower shape, always can’t be limited to a work, 个 个 风 风 红 绿 绿 绿 绿 花 花 花 花 花 桌 桌 花 花 花 花 配 绿 绿 配 配 花 花 配 配 绿 花 绿 花 绿 绿 花 绿 形 绿 绿 绿 绿 绿 配 配 配 绿 绿 绿 绿 绿 绿 绿 绿 绿 绿 配 绿 花 绿 绿 花 花 花 绿 绿 绿 绿 绿 绿 绿 花 绿 绿 绿 绿 绿 绿 花 绿 绿