Winter is still wearing a skirt, the gas field is getting angry, but it is warm.


How do you wear it when you are in winter? Winter wearing skirt selection and summer are completely different, the thickness is different, and the temperament will be different. What’s more, winter and summer temperament is also


Suit-of-fit skirts are also different.

As long as you want to make your own way of dressing


So winter selection skirt or wear


More advanced, the gas field has changed, quite


The fabric of the pion skirt is very thick, and there is nothing wrinkles, so it will show you a sufficient advanced effect when wearing a skirt. Winter women should also wear skirts, all in wearing a skirt at home and abroad.

No more wear.

Long woolen dress

Atmospheric comfortable woolen dress

The length of the long woolen skirt can be exhibited more advanced, and it is more mature from the length. Compared with short skirts, the warmth of the long skirt is also a little more prominent, there are many

30+ women prefer to wear the style.

The skirt design chooses to relax loose style, but also makes you feel more in action.



Mild, it is a little neutrophic dress style. Loose long skirt with long coat,

Overall gas field

Will be more advanced.

Although the loose long woolen skirt is also advanced, but everyday wearing more advanced advanced, it is still suitable

Match the coat of the upper center.

Skirts more literary retro

Skirt is a skirt

The common style, although there is no relaxed dress so refreshing, but more advanced literature, casually matching one

Solid color clothing


You can show a vintage lady fan. For those who are slightly fat, choose the drum, you will make yourself

The body is slim.

The temperament of the drum skirt is actually tall. It is quite inconvenient when walking. However, wear more reliable, choose light gray, gray green, and make the gas field more high-level literary. It’s best not to choose this short woman.


Long woolen dress fork

Long-length woolen skirt temperament is quite advanced, but it

Style of the fork

, You can also show a certain cool gas field, let your clothing wear more young.


. The design of the fork is not too high, even in the meat colored bottoming stock.

I like to be young, try

Color better,

Like a red corksperet, a turmeric woolen dress, etc., with the colorful coat and color patterns, it will look nested. For sisters who like to wear senior royal sister, choose

Black and red brown

It is also good, just with the dark clothing,

It is very suitable for work.

Short woolen dress


The skirt is designed to be a short skirt.

Comparative advanced

of. The design of the package hip is equipped with a classic grillat, and the entire skirt is more suitable to wear when you go to work.

The literary art is still reliable.

But not recommended


Pure black woolen skirt

It still puts on the skin of the decent design, which can display high-level feelings and a certain age.

Skirt in the length of the knee

Obviously is more advanced than a shorter dress, grasp the style of your own skirt, can

Length analysis.

More feminine mature short skirt

In the short skirt, the color is low-key, even if it is designed.


Short section,

The effect that can be presented is also a very mature woman, making your match more charm.

Black red and white color

The plaid woolen dress, or a gray-based woolen skirt, is a more mature color.

The color of the garment can be bright, but the style must be


. Small fragrant coat, shoulder suit jacket, V-neck shirt, high collar sweater, etc., is the design of high-level sense of skirt.

Playful cute woolen skirt

Compared with darkness, low-key colors, when the color of the woolen skirt is very bright, the fabric texture of the son skirt will be


It seems that temperament is not so advanced, but it is a little cute. Ming yellow skirt pink dress or day

Blue skirt

It is all designed to be too advanced after it is matched with the woolen fabric.

Dimming effect is equally


In the middle of bright colors, plus a low-key

Grily pattern

I will show up high-level feelings more naturally, and I will lose my senior feel because it is too bright.

Very cool plaid short skirt

Short skirts are naturally available


In the summer and winter skirt, there is a design cool short skirt, but in the woolen skirt, even if it is a cool short skirt, it can present the effect, so many mature.

Middle-aged people like to wear it.

Color chooses red and black as the main color matching, easier to show cool feelings.

Will black and blue,

Green mat is also cool, or choose a loose A word skirt, for presentation


Cool temperament

Also good


The dresses also have a dresses, but it is also different in accordance with the length of the short, and you can show a variety of different temperament. Everyone pays more attention according to the skirt.



Color is different from temperament