Plus velvet warm jeans, look comfortable and thin


Too plane! This plus velvet jeans put it so thin.

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Baza Bazzar Moisturizing Bulls

¥ 169



After the winter solstice, this weather is like a mountain car. When you go out in the morning and evening, you will blow it straight to your body ~ You can’t help but wrap the coat, down jacket.


I believe that the girl who loves beauty is the same as Xiaobian: the upper body is wrapped into bear, the lower body is not willing to wear, even if it is a legs.


Why? Not because

Fear, legs, thick!

So I started to buy a variety of “warm artifacts”, what kind of hot and warm stickers, light legs pantyhose … I don’t know, I will start it [



】 Can solve the problem!


Newhere to wear “ball”, keep warm and beautiful, the key is comfortable.

Such a pants,

In the fashionable autumn and winter, many people love to wear

. You think they are “frozen”, wearing less, the actual people use this is “careful”!


Today, Xiaobian will recommend it to everyone.

Baza Bazzar moisturizing jeans


Winter commute nine pants, plus velvet. The upper body is comfortable, warm and thin, contracting your entire winter shape.

It seems an ordinary jeans in the surface, can be in the inner knowledge. Plus velvet has inside, wearing a piece in winter to light up ~


1 full pants plus velvet, a warm winter

The fabric is very thick and strong, and it is like wearing a plus velvet trousers.

The whole pants are like a copper wall, and the cold air and wind are isolated outside, and the legs are warm.

Wear it in the winter!


Soft soft is very comfortable ~


When I get a pants every morning, I will never reach the pants tube. I feel cold ice.


Not only winter plus velvet,

There are still two kinds of bills of single pants.


Single pants are suitable for about 15 ° C -25 ° C temperature, plus velvet sprockets suitable for 5 degrees to -10 ° C temperature, very suitable for winter.

2 DuPont Leva elastic cotton, comfortable and not tight


Put on the profile, the thigh part is supported, even if there is no loose sense of looseness, very fit.


Has a 3x high elasticity of general jeans, 3 times comfort. Feeling, two-way elasticity, vertical and horizontal,

Wear it to dance, even the splice!


The comfort wearing the body can be immersive –

Not only that, this trousers are still very modified, high waist abdomen. Wear, one pull, one, let your hips are tightly tightened.

Something, long legs, showing body.


Such jeans are really uncomfortable, and it can also combine the needs of winter warmth, with it to contract your entire wardrobe!

3 colors – Tibetan blue, black, carbon ash, trendy colors. 2 species, plus velvet / regular paragraph.

80-150 pounds of girls can wear ↓

Note: Carbonless gray with plus velvet

Comfortable, good, so wear.

Winter hipster jeans who don’t have an error in a closed eye.

There are not many stocks, and the small friends are tightened!

Summer spell, autumn and winter

A jeans wearing a week

Open your wardrobe, the quantity takes half of the trousers, I want to be jeans.


What is the jeans in the human hand?

The “good wear” said here, not only is it to put it comfort, but more refers to wearing a good look. Highlight your body, pull your body, and just look at our whole body.

Some pants look good, wear it, don’t know, you will look thick.

For example, the following figure,

The same is the jeans, the left 9 points, which is slim more than the right micro.

Make more leg curves ↓

A simple one, in fact, to a wild. It’s much like many stars usually wear:

Baza Bazzar moisturizing jeans is such a pants,


Simple, can’t afford your autumn and winter wardrobe


I don’t have a removal one week!

The weather is good in the South, √ with shirt, intellectuality

Wear a light shirt or top, with a jeans, both a sense of gentle temperament, will not be cautious, very sunshine.

Warm northern, √ and sweaters match, comfortable nature

Wrap yourself in the sweater of easing meat, wearing this comfortable jeans;

Whether you can match the dark or light-colored sweaters, with high heels, exquisite and good-looking ~

√ Take the outer set, simple


A coat or fur coat, with jeans, give it to the simple matching of the wind ~


More than the pantery, jeans is more fanatics, and it seems that the legs are well slender, and the female gas field is displayed.

Good version, can be a hundred, let this good [play cattle pants] drive your wardrobe, a good one!

Silicity, soft skin


Comfortable to wear every day

How many bombs?


The elasticity of the force can wear it to do yoga, ride a bicycle, just like sports pants, soft bombs, no legs.


Joy is comfortable, the elasticity is comparable to 3 times the general jeans! Not exaggerated, this is a jeans who can wear ballet and not afraid of pulling cracks.

This “magical” fabric is called

DuPont Leva elastic cotton

It is soft, the skin is soft and has two-way elasticity. Whether it is longitudinal or transverse to pull it well.

Strong flexible and has strong inclusiveness.

No matter what the body can be automatically adjusted to the personal state, it is just right to firming.

Three-dimensional package, but also stretch freedom. It is soft, skin-skinned, not a meat ~


The key to wear is really comfortable! Soft smooth,

There is a feeling of being comparable to the leggings

It is not bored every day.


Warm plus velvet, hip plastic

Trendy winter wear is fully relying on it

The general jeans fabric is hard and long-term wearing is not only uncomfortable.

Not much elastic, thin waist, long legs.

It was uncomfortable. If you add a decease on the basis of jeans, you can’t imagine: you must be bloated and not with you, as if you wear the “big cotton pants”. Touch …….


However, who can think of this trousers so much? !


Double bonded hip design,

Wear, one pull, one mention, let the drooping hips are quite high,

Seconds, honey, honey, tightening, tightening.

3D stereo hip type, it is so much.

Hip + high waist abdomen + thin: The waist portion is width to 18cm, gather the abdomen, let it be more flat, slender;

Regardless of the front or the side, you can pull back a vertical line.


Let your legs look longer! More straight!

The body feels, but has a good warm ability.

The inner mile is a thick and delicate fluff, strong warm, and wearing a plus velvet legs.


There are 3 colors optional


– Tibetan blue, black, carbon gray, is very fashionable.


It also uses the British float water washing process.

The surface is different from the dark texture

The color is richer, more leveling.

2 species, plus velvet / regular paragraph. The girl who does not pick 80-150 pounds can wear:

The details of the zipper and other details are very particular, no wire, you know you:


How delicate workmanship, it is worthwhile to wear in our wardrobe, don’t worry, do the basic paragraph in the wardrobe!