Double-breasted coat, the C bit of autumn and winter wardrobe, it is really charming


It’s time to play for a long time, every player will have an obsession against the double row. Break in a suit, their structure is subtle, wearing a powerful air field. Double-breasted represents confidence, more like a moving business card for each decent man, of course, now men and women can wear!


First, what is double-breasted coat

The so-called “double-breasted coat” is the coat of the two rows of buckles, which is very identified. When you wear a double-breasted coat, you will be on the streets of the down jacket, others will become a background.

Second, double-breasted development history

In the 19th century, the British Queen made a significant decision: all the royal naval jackets added a row of buttons. The rivers and lakes said: Pea Coat – Navy coat. The double-breasted windbreaker has been more than a forgotten, not only for a few centuries. The army, royal family, and even the boom of the playground and the financial community are all popular in the double-breasted coat.

Third, why do you like a double-breasted coat?

1, the aerobics

Double-breasted coat, after the buckle is buckled, the upper body is wide and the power is very powerful. If you want everyone to know, the UK Royal Navy is almost composed of the aristocrats, which is called the “strongest] at the time. Their dress is mainly in order to show the superiority of the aristocrat, highlight the glory of the British Empire.

2, keep warm and wild

The double-breasted jacket is a very wild single product. Whether it is warm or beautiful, double-buckle jacket can easily meet your needs, like boots, high heels, leather pants, these items and it will be together Significant, there will be a sense of natural coordination, as long as you like all kinds of styles, you can freely match.


Fourth, wearing a recommended


1, solid color double-breasted coat


Rice white teddy bear double-breasted coat with gray hooded sweater and jeans good youth, and cold winter is so warm and nice.

Gray long double-breasted coats come from British wind, and have a very rich retro taste, with black hooded sweater, the avant-garde has fashion. Such a match is very suitable for the student party.


The classic card is a double-breasted coat, the design is very strong, and it is very suitable for fashion workplace.


2, grilled double-breasted coat

Red with white stitching grille double-breasted coat, bright red high collar sweater, overall looks more fashion.


Gray and black splicing grilled double-breasted coat retro flavor, matching skirts and pants are all good choices, this is also a waist style, which highlights the waist, and the slimming effect.

This piece is very string in the version, and the waist style looks more exquisite, making the whole person more practicing.