Ni Ni swimsuit completely fire! Wearing white coated swimsuits is more, and the atmosphere is too hot.


The entertainment industry is the best female star, but it is very little impression that Ni Ni is one of them. Every time Ni Ni’s red carpet shape, a sexual tight dress can be Let Ni Ni’s excellent body proportions are completely showed, especially the right shoulders, the cavity, which makes her temperament too much.

On December 16th, Ni Ni took a photo of a swimwear shape, and Ni Ni wearing a swimsuit made her a good fire again.



For the wear of the swimsuit, because

Fabric obvious elastic plus tight version design

It will maximize the advantages and disadvantages of the body, and for our ordinary people’s body, because there is no perfection in the stars, sometimes when choosing a swimsuit, pay attention to choosing some of the sense of trimming and Slimed style.

1 Pay attention to the size of the necklace

Most swimsuits are a tight-sleeveless design, so we want to wear obvious effects. We need to pay attention to the place, that is

Cloth size, position and color matching of the waist line


The location of the neckline is the most obvious modification of the neck line, because most of the swimsuits are

Round neck or u-type shape

Therefore, the size of the neck is what we need to pay attention to.


For round necks, choose


Style of big collar

It is the best style, whether it is a horizontal or vertical large size design, it can play a good modification, but it is like a small circle in Ni Ni, it is easier to wear short neck and large The face of face.


U profile

Such a neck is almost mixed with a styling style, so we need to pay attention, in addition to the size of the neck, there is a thick design of the strap:


01 The size of the neckline: In the premise of ensuring that you don’t walk, choose the maximum size of the neckline.

02 Curricane: The low U profile design is equipped with a rough strap, in addition to the effect of modifying the neck line, it can also function as a modified shoulder.

2 waistline position

Swimsats are different because of their different styles, and the waistline design is also different, so we have to analyze the most suitable waist design through different styles of swimsuits.

01 Covered Swimwear


Connected swimsuit should be in swimming suit

The most highly simple style

But it is also a version of the most picky body, so in general, such a swimsuit is only suitable for thin.

At the same time, because of the obvious extremely simple style of the coil, we want to highlight the position of the waist, and choose some modeling with three-dimensional shape.


Color matching in the waist, or select a hollow shape

It is the most suitable way.


02 split swimsuit

The split swimsuit is also a two-piece style. Such swimsuits will have more three-dimensional modeling effects in design, but also because of the obvious three-dimensional effect, the modification of the body is also more obvious.


Because the styles of the two sets are more obvious for the waistline, and the only design details we pay attention to are

The waist line below, must be the design of the high waist line

3 colors match

For swimsuits, the color of the color can be highlighted by the effect of highlighting the style of swimsuit, and can be visually visually placed.

Generally speaking,

Basic color with swimsuit

It is the effect that can be modified, especially combined with the coated swimsuit:

01 White + Connected Swimwear

The white and coated swimsuits are compared to the style of the hanging style, and more suitable for Ni Ni’s sleeveless design, large-scale white can largely increase the high level of the shape, but if the whole body is White, instead will wear the boring of swimsuits, so for white swimsuits,

Select a black embellishment on the details

It is very important, especially

Black appears in the waistline


, More effects that can be modified to modify the waistline.

02 Black + Connected Swimwear

The combination of black and coated swimsuits is the most suitable dressing

Black and sling styles of swimsuits together

Because the swimsuit in the suspenders will play a clear skin effect on the wear, it is more likely to highlight the role of modified body.

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