Longliqi, Qingyang has gone in the list.


On June 1, the website of the Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration released the notice on cosmetics sample inspection information (2020, 4th), of which 17 batch of cosmetics failed. On the same day, the website of the Guangdong Pharmaceutical Administration also released the notice on the stop sales of 7 batches of counterfeit cosmetics. It is worth noting that well-known brands are clear, Longliqi is named.

Clear to wash the chips, the label identification, the label logo

The “first brand” of the debris washing market is clearly planted on the dandruff problem.

The publication shows that the piocroid ketohanolamine salt in which the shampoo is not detected is an efficient, non-toxic and non-stimulated debris agent, which is widely used in the washing products such as washing products, by sterilizing and resisting Oxidation, it can prevent the production of debris.

Some insiders have said to this journal, the pirucione ethanolamine salt in shampoo is needed to reach the definiteness and debris effect. “If the dandett content of the finished product is indeed less than the detection limit, it is reason to suspect that the product does not add the dextile agent. It is also possible to add the degrading agent content below the detection limit (pirucone ethanolamine). The detection limit of the salt is 0.04%) because some dextiver is very low, and the extremely low amount is sufficient. “

It is worth noting that this time is not a question of Qing Yang first appeared “Dumping Label Identification”.

According to the “Consumer Report” in February 2019, 10 hot men’s shampoos to third-party authoritative test institutions showed the results of the test results.

Clean men’s dandruff is washed to decay untreated label identifier.

As the shampoo, the chloride, chlorazole has effects effectively, and inhibits the ovate binder or ovals rab raward pulse and white candida and white candida inhibits the ovals of human dandes. .

隆力奇、清扬纷纷上榜 抽检不合格

In addition, this magazine has found that on December 29, 2018, Jiangsu Provincial Drug Administration official website issued a notice that at the special purchase commercial (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Nantong Rural Branch, marking as United Lili (China ) Clear ® Men’s Dresses Production (Multi-effect Water Run Maintenance), Batch / Production Date: 20210104A1PO,

Unsecured batch and label marzine.

In Lishui County Wang Hanxao Honglian washed store, it is marked as the Qingyang® Men’s Dreezing Production (Multi-effect Water Run Maintenance), Bottics / Production Date: 20201100B1AO,

Unsecured batch and label marked composition salicylic acid, chloropathine.

As early as September 2018, the official website of the State Drug Administration was released, and the company found two serious defects in the supervision and inspection of production enterprises, and 5 general defects. There are vulnerabilities in quality management, material management and product management and production management.

Liqi snake bile aloe washing rice, total number of colonies exceeded 96 times

Longliqi is also named in this sampling. According to the 17 batch of cosmetics unqualified notice, a batch of China Resources Wanjia Life Supermarket (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Foshan Lingnan Avenue store sales, nominal

Calesili Cosmetics Co., Ltd.


Longliqi snake bile aloe facial cleanser

(Batch 90921LA1), the total number of colonies is 97000 CFU / g, the standard requirement is 1000 cfu / g, which is 96 times the standard.

隆力奇、清扬纷纷上榜 抽检不合格

It is reported that the total number of colonies refers to the total number of bacterial colonies in a certain amount of products, and is an indicator that can directly reflect the health status. The total number of colonies exceeds the standard, which not only makes the cosmetics more easily deteriorate, but the effect is poor; the skin has a small wound, but it is also easy to cause skin infection, which causes inflammation.

In addition, “consumers report” card discovery, and 15 batches of unqualified cosmetics are not qualified for identification label issues:

The product volume is inconsistent with the label identifier, and the label is not identified, the hair dye is not detected.


At present, the relevant departments have made the above 17 batches of unqualified products according to law, stop sales and order correction, etc.; 7 batches of counterfeit cosmetics have stopped sales and chasing the purchase channels.