Xue Zhangqi pick the skirt, “Soviet belt” stitching to the chest, with short boots handsome and high


Zhang Yawei turned from a net red into a first-line traffic actress, there must be her people. Angel face, exquisite facial features let her look extra eye in the crowd, the characteristic acting is impressive, plus her plane model’s driving ability, can’t be a top traffic of the entertainment circle. Zhang Yun is not only strong to control, but can hold any style with any style.

Look at the latest airport LOOK, the “soda belt” of the printed skirt stitching to the chest, and the short boots are handsome and high.


Zhang Yu is a sweet and sweet, this time the airport is mixed, she chose the aged mea, which is simple and young, with a cool sunglasses, and Shundou.


Wearing an irregular printed dress, although the design of the skirt does not reflect the summer characteristics, the sleeve chooses long-sleeved design, which is a bit awkward for cool short sleeves, but there is a good sunshade effect.

Second, the pattern of the skirt is warm, it looks passionate, warm, as if the temperature around it has risen a few degrees, which is not a perfect choice for hot summer. The chic printing, wild leopard, looks personalized, but she chooses a light chiffon material, walking from the road from the heat, plus the help of irregular skirts, easy to wear the flying effect .


The best thing is the design of the waist, “Soviet belt” stitching, adding a sense of sympathy and elegant feelings, seeing more light, secondly pull high waistline, easy to cut out the chest, the chest, the same On the fashionable boots, the whole model is handsome and high.

I don’t know how to choose a skirt, I will learn to work with Zhang Yu! The following Xiaobian introduces two very good skirts, like friends welcome to collect!


Zhang Yanyi wearing a blue floral dress, long and ankle length is very temperament, easily wearing the goddess effect. The skirt is blue for the main tone. In the refreshment, a mature feeling, the small fragments is designed to be elegant, giving people a retro idyllic, elegant and small and fresh temperament transformation, integration, good looking, fashionable, The design is careful, and the white skin is smoked under the blue skirt. It is equipped with a black long straight, perfect elegant goddess.


In exchange, Zhang Yizhen, a white hollow dress, clean and elegant, clean and white self-tidy, the high-high flower side collar is small and temperament, the hollow design is exquisite and high in the small sexy, the lantern sleeve is thin and the meat, the waist The design is outlined out of the fantastic figure, with the big red lips, the whole shape is simple and the woman is taste, holding a pink flower concave shape, perfect interpretation of people than Huago.

Zhang Yu-ku picks the skirt skills, have you learned?