Emergency look! Hebei 12-year-old girl left home for 6 days, may come to Fangshan


The reporter learned from Beijing Fangshan Blue Space Rescue Team on March 2 that a 12-year-old girl in Zhangzhou, Hebei, was left away from home at 7 o’clock on February 24th, and did not return. The rescue team is speculated that the girl may come to Beijing Fangshan and other places. Provide key information and find the girl, the rescue team promises to reward 5,000 yuan.


Mountain Blue Space Rescue Team captain Chen Navy said that the girl was 12 years old this year, because the family trivia and his parents left home. The girl is about 1.6 meters high. When I leave home, I will wear light gray over the long down jacket, black pants and light gray leather shoes, and have no mobile phones.

After the incident, Fangshan Blue Space Rescue Team four faunctions were looking for. Chen Navy said, “Although the incident, Hebei is the same, the heart of the parents is the same, the children are the heart of the parents, and our team members have been looking for four times in the border of Fangshan and the Zhangzhou, but regret is that the child still has no drop. Comprehensive information on recent information, we speculate that the child is going to the West or the southwest of the southwest, and it is possible to come to Beijing. “

“We urge the enthusiastic citizens of Beijing Fangshan, Yixian, Yiyuan, and Shanxi, etc.,” Chen Navy said, “Fangshan Blue Sky Rescue Team promised to provide key information and found girls accordingly I personally want to have 5,000 yuan as a thank you. “


Chen Navy also take it in adolescence, the world outside is very exciting, but the world outside has a gully and trap. “Maybe you can’t understand why your parents can manage you, wait for you to get to your parents, you will leave regrets and annoyed “

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