“Place in shirt” has so many kinds? Simple matching can also wear good temperament


The weather is hot and hot during the early spring, what kind of clothes should you wear?

According to me, the coat is definitely less, and the bottoming in the coat is not ignored.

I want to tell you today.

Early spring must bottom


I hope to help you become fashionable and beautiful.


It is a common single item in women’s wardrobes.

In-wear coordination, wearing senior fashion

, Is too practical!

And stripes

Do not pick up the age

Whether you are young girls or middle-aged aunts can be controlled.

Can be worn


spring, summer, and fall

The three seasons will not be outdated at the bottom of the shirt, it is definitely your artifact!

[Knitting “]

The biggest advantage of knitted bottoming shirt is that it can make you take off the coat.


When the weather is warm, you can

Single wear bottom


Simple and practiced

At the same time

Good body is perfect


Don’t deliberately dress up, take


It is very good.

Knitted bottoming shirts can be both single-to-wear, and there is also different effects.


Demonstration, model

Gray high collar bottoming shirt



High waist jeans

Simply match

Air field is full

Also superimpose on this basis

Gray long coat

Color matching call coordination

Looking at it is more trendy.

When you use a knitted bottoming shirt, you should pay attention to the coat.


Don’t be too awkward

, The best color is optimal.

For example

Black bottoming shirt

Gray suit coat



Don’t have a royal sister.

In addition to the thick coat, the bottoming shirt can also be

Single shirt


Black high collar bottom + white lapel shirt

The black and white matching of the model in the figure is simple and unhappy.


When you warm, you can go out to go out, cool handsome and eye-catching;

Black silhouette

And warmth also improves their own temperament.


It is also common to use the single product that can be made. T-shirt is also common.


White long-sleeved T-shirt


Gray sweatpants


Such dresses

Fresh and clean

Can be superimposed outside

White Linger Jacket

Neither it affects the temperature and increases the temperature.

Choose different bottoming shirts, the upper body effect will have a big change.

Black high collar bottoming shirt + suit + small black pants

This dress is more biased

Workplace style

And unsatisfactory.


White round neck T-shirt + suits + sports pants

This is more



, Cool and handsome!

[Lace bottoming shirt]

One of the lace bottoming shirts you have in a fashionable circle, do you have to pass? Don’t you feel exquisite?


Romantic and tenderness


It is best to reflect a woman’s charm.


Lace bottoming shirt

In fact, it is not difficult,

Wear elegant and temperament, laminated coat temperament

No matter how it looks good ~

Personal demonstration


I have said so much before, it is better to try it with the upper body.

First tried the knit bottoming shirt,


The design is really not covered.

Protected neck

No cooling is more warm.


Black bottoming shirt

It is best to match, wear one piece

Classic khaki coat

Extraverse testing temperament.

One put this piece

White high collar bottoming shirt

I feel that the whole person has become quite drawn!

With the most common

Leather clothing

Combine, even if it is a simple look, it is very resistant to see ~

Next is


When I started, I made it separately.

Plush jacket

Cotton clothing jacket

as well as

Sweater jacket

The effect is good ~

From this point of view, it is really a powerful matching artifact!

In fact, the bottoming shirt is not only limited to these,


Put on, fashionableness immediately soaring!

This time wearing a bottoming shirt is used.

Digging hole hollow design

Chic, innocent.


Printed sweater cardigan

It will be beautiful to go out!

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