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More and more people who like to travel, they have their own equipment when traveling.

Towels, slippers, water cups, folding kettles, can not need to use hotels.


In fact, these are not the dirty, Xiaobian recently found that


The dirtyness of the utility hairdryer is simply unimaginable.


American Broadcasting Company invited a microbiologist who inspected 9 sanitation situated in Los Angeles, 5 star hotels, which pointed out:

Items such as hair dryers may be more dirty than the hand tank or toilet!

The warm environment in the hair dryer is easy to breed bacteria, and some people will use it.

Shoes, underwear, dry foot, lower body

I have equal parts. The hair dryer will often be ignored when cleaning, the hair dryer you are using, maybe few days, and even have no disinfection. (Gym, public bathroom, etc.)


I can’t afford it, I can’t afford it.

However, the home hairdryer is generally large, and I want to take a headache.

If there is a convenient cargo blower, it will be fine, and the function of not hurt is fine.


This is not, such a hairdryer is finally found by Xiaobian, it is from

Swiss national treasure brand “Solis” portable hair dryer


Travel, business trip, fitness with it, convenient, blown up and get more peace of mind.


It is very small, folded, and a size of the iPhone 8 Plus is similar, carrying no pressure carrying it.

Its body weight is only 310g, which can be easily installed in the suitcase, even in the bag.

Xiaobian will carry it with you, whether you are traveling, travel, or fitness.

No need to share a hair dryer with others, and you will have a more hygienic, which is convenient!

Its excellence is not only reflected in portability.


The hotel’s hair dryer is not only not clean,

Power is generally very small, each time you blow, wait for a long time to blow dry …


And this Solis hair dryer, don’t look at it, but there is 1800W high power, super power, you can quickly blow hair.

Like Xiaobian’s shoulder, it is almost two minutes, it is very suitable for acute children ~

Now there is 3 people in the group,


Regardless of new and old users, they can initiate group purchase.


You can also directly participate in other users’ already opened directly in the commodity group page.

As long as the group is successful during the activity time,

Enjoy a value-for-money group price of 219 yuan (daily price of 399 yuan)


Special group specialty until 23:59 on January 13


Solis is Switzerland’s “national treasure” brand, and their hairdressership products are almost all of the big explosions of a living hall.


Solis has been producing electric hair in 1933, has been favored by professional hairdresses with superior product performance, high-end hairdressing salons in Europe, and star makeup can also be seen.

Solis also added their home hair care technology to this hairdryer.

It is still built-in

Ten thousand level negative ions

While dry hair can make the hair more supple.

When hair is blown, the released negative ions can close the hair scales, smooth the rough, lock the moisture on the hair, let the hair more soft, bright, good care.

Left: Use the hair effect of ordinary household hairdryer

Right: Use this SOLIS hair dryer to blow hair effect


Xiaobian pro test, the hair drowning hair is much better than the ordinary hair dryer, the hair is soft and sliding.

As a household electric blow, it can also be eligible.

It has three gear options, and the wind is incremented, which can be adjusted according to your needs.


1 file: low temperature

2 file: low temperature stroke

3 files: medium temperature strong wind

There is also an adjustable voltage disk under the fuselage, which is suitable for voltage in any country. There is no voltage converter, people who often travel out are very friendly.


The conversion voltage is very simple, with a card alignment voltage knob, gently rotate to the desired voltage range.

Tips: Be sure to switch the voltage without power!

There is a hook at the hair dryer handle, which can be hung on the wall, convenient to storage, no space.


There is also a storage bag in the package that can be stored.

When traveling, you can also use it to accommodate the toiletries.

It also has a styling air, which can be better for hair.


The body is very good, the line is 1.8 meters long.


There are three colors of very white, space ash and cherry blossom powder.

Solis portable hair dryer is available in the 16th pavilion

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