50 anti-fog hood annual cross-evaluation these are worth buying!


One thing I don’t know how to talk.

But I have to say.

That is, from mid-November to early December, in this short more than 20 days, Beijing has launched three air pollution yellow warnings.

Latersheng started on December 1 0

Last started on November 24th

In the winter, the first time I started on November 13th.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Where is it released? Of course not ink weather, nor Yahoo, but Beijing Air Heavy Pollution Emergency Command Office.

Then, facing such air pollution levels and frequencies,

Are you optimistic about this year’s air quality?

You don’t have too sad, at least the air purifier bought in the previous year (but the previous filters are best to change) and continue to use it.

The air is not good, at home we open the cleans, we wear a mask outside, this is a discipline of iron.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

This is a colleague who is frozen in this evaluation, thank you here.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Compared with the mask, the predecessor’s standard is unified and clear. When he interviewed the new national standard of the air purifier, he once said that this is the most influential national standard, air net national standard. Regardless of the market, industry or consumers have a strong reference, but also accelerate the survival of the industry.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

The mask is different, the purifier mainly follows the standard of the new national standard, and you can buy in the mall, online shop, but at least 4 standards can follow.

However, even if you help you organize these four common standards, from theory to the actual distance, you may not use this table to pick a useful, easy to use, and practical mask.

And this is what we wrote this article today, spend 200,000 RMB, and make cross-evaluation of protective masks.

The presence of the final result of the cross-evaluation, we will follow the national standard GB / T 32610-2016 (Japanese-day protective mask technical specifications), which is recommended to consumers, is recommended for the consumer.

The process is like this:

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

First, procurement, integrated real user, editorial team’s suggestion and sales of e-commerce platform, purchase 50 hot products;

50 participating masks

Next, the sea selection, according to the packaging parameters, protective standards, product types, product evaluation, subjective trials, etc. 5 dimensions;

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Finally, send the test, send excellent products to the Beijing Labor Protection Science Research Institute test, and finally recommend it.


50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!



50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!









First close, outer packaging.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

External packaging, do not look at the value, see attitude.

Product packaging is the first impression of consumers. Here we require detailed product feature description in product packaging, what standard do you meet? Respiratory resistance, is the protection standard nominal?

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

If you have a vague, even words don’t mention, this unreliable product is still not to waste our activities, eliminating you without a testing organization.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

The outer packaging of these masks. . It is too unscrupulous.

Let’s filter out some of the cottage and there is no logo on the package.

The rest of the product can be divided into three echelon followed by the informative level of the product.

3M indicates the level of protection and explains the filtering capacity of the mask.

The green shield is marked with the standard and illustrates the material of each layer.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Excellent air, in addition to the level, material information, also lists the protection effect, respiratory resistance

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

In the first echelon of information, the outer packaging of the green shield, excellent air, etc., we found the standard, product material (or even each filter hierarchy materials and functions), excellent air is even more The breathing resistance is marked, and the information is very comprehensive.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Madikang marks the standard, briefly description

In addition to the level of protection, Honeywell also mentioned the filtration of dust and bacteria.

Zhongkebei Shida indicates the level of protection and recommended usage time

Ou Fu can find a level of protection and explain the scope of application

The second echelon, marking information is generally the largest brand scale, generally indicating the relevant standards and applicable scope, which is a method of identifying the rules of the rules, which we can find in most masks.

Greenter-guard PM2.5 is very conspicuous, but there is no mention of the standard and protection level

Disney children use the mask, indicating that there is no PM2.5 in the species

Pitta star with the same paragraph, did not mention PM2.5 filtration capacity, only “flour powder” use

In the indication of the mask of the third echelon, or if it is not written to the PM2.5 filtering effect, it is not necessary to use it in detail, but the protection information is equivalent to a “” word.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Our purpose is to find out the masks recommended by everyone, and we are not recommended here for the protection information “” or not mentioned.

Unexpectedly, in the first-proof packaging, there were more than half of the products that were unresolved in packaging, and the number of products in the next link has been lounged.

The second product type

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Many masks use cotton, filter, etc. as filtration means, in fact, such programs are not reliable during severe smog, such as filtration ability, but it is difficult to ensure that the product can always be surrounded. Some people will ask, they have been standard? That’s right, filtering performance is a filter criteria, but it is only possible to filter, whether it is valid on your face that cannot be confirmed.

Single-layer mask

Most of the anti-fog flaw mask is 3 layers of structure, two layers of non-woven fabric, and a static electric cotton in the middle. And truly anti-fogging, it is also the electrostatic cotton that is filtered by the electrostatic adsorption. This single-layer mask is not static cotton, and how can I prevent fog?

The PM2.5 we can often hear is a collective to particulate matter having a particle size of less than or equal to 2.5 microns, and a particulate matter having a smaller particle size, less than or equal to 0.5 microns, can enter our trachea, bronchial And alveolar. Children is more vulnerable due to skin mucosa (including nasal cavity, throat, respiratory mucosa and tracheal), more susceptible to harm.

For particulate matter having such small particles, ordinary materials have no blockwear, and the electrostatic adsorption of this layer of electrostatic cotton can be “captured”, so this is why it is so important that it is so important.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Filter mask

The adhesion of the anti-fog shock mask is critical, and the wind is always avoided. And this replacement filter type mask is almost no adhesion, and your breathing air is almost entirely from the cover other than the filter, and the air filtered through the filter is very small.

Love beans with Pitta but invalid for smog

As you have seen, you may not be on the package, but you will definitely know this picture? Although this mask is high, although love beans like to wear, its efficacy is actually a clear understanding of the product surface, that is, for the sake of pollin, there is no anti-fogging role.

Finally, there is a common medical mask, which is to prevent foam, etc., is it for cotton masks to add a layer of filter cotton? See the filter sheet, the effect is very small.

Cotton mask

Here we selected a relatively reliable selection of masks as a standard for elimination.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

At this point, 8 products that are not equipped with cotton, filters, and non-smog have been eliminated, 20 imports into the next round.

Third Off Protection Standard

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Speaking of the protection standard, please allow me to put it again.

At least 4 standards currently active in the domestic and foreign markets, they are China GB 2626-2006 (old national standard), China GB / T 32610-2016 (New National Standard), US NiSH, EU EN standard.

Knowledge point: The new national standard is not only a, B, C, D grading, but also the corresponding filtration requirements of the oily particles, and do a higher demand for mask exhalation resistance and inhalation resistance. The mask itself has a detailed requirement with the details of formaldehyde, pH, microorganisms.

Here, we respect the choices of each company for mask standards.

But no matter which standard is selected, there are 3 or 4 grades under this standard. We eliminate the lowest level of protection, leaving the highest level and advanced products, they are:

Old national standard

(7, all high-grade KN95): 3M 9501V, Honeywell H930V, Baoli 9593, Zhongzheng Bally, Suspend, Kangaroo doctor, Greenter;

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

New national standard

(2): Excellent air (highest level A), Yunnan white medicine (secondary high-grade B);

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

American Standard

(3, all high-grade N95): Reversed DD02V, fish jump, Cheng Technology.

The above 12 products entered the next round.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Fourth Off Wear Experience

Next, please tried to wear this 12 mask one by one, in order to cover as many needs as possible, we set a variety of groups.

Even specially prepared female makeup group

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Because of the cute people, they will not choose to wear masks at all, because there will be serious makeup, obviously for beautiful and more than all girls, this is unbearable, especially those with poor breathable masks. The foundation of the foundation will be blothed under the hot air, causing a makeup …

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Products with double-sided adhesive seal products … makeup? impossible

In active trials, there is actually more, such as the surface looks simple fit, there are many doorways. In addition to the women who have made makeup, wearing glasses, faceful friends, the face is not the same for mask fittings and comfort; additional comfort and sealing are also an important factor in determining the experience.

Try 3M in patients with myopia

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Cheeks thin colleagues trying to wear air

After the Trial group member experienced 12 masks, I didn’t ask where to wear the most fit, but put forward such a request: Select 3 masks you most want to continue to understand.

According to the number of votes, the top 3 of the top 3 is: 3M 9501V, excellent air, and DD02V.

Why do you want to choose?

My worried is that a 3M 9501V ear mask is uncomfortable, but it is the most common anti-haze.

If only from comfort, it is likely to make this very representative mask missed the final test, and the first ticket is first on the “most want to continue to understand”, and it has also proved that everyone is very concerned about this most common. The sweety effect of the mask is.

The second place and the third place, excellent air and heavy, the former is produced from Taiwan, the latter is produced from Japan, and the rest of the rest of the list is some accidents, because it is not too big to have other masks, maybe everyone trusts Japanese manufacturing. ?

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

The colleagues who choose excellent air are almost consistent is “wearing comfort”. After detailed understanding, it will be obviously comfortable to the nose clip position of Excellent air.

What is the difference between this nose? I decided to remove an excellent air.

In order to compare, I also removed the other two.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

As follows

↑ This is the nose clip of 3M 9501V, only posted a layer of sponge.

↑ This is the nose clip of the recruit DD02V, which is much thicker than 3M, but it is not soft.

↑ This is an excellent air refractory nose, thick and soft, more comfortable, and also reduces the leak rate.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

In the next nasal clip-removal process, there are some new discovery.

↑ Demolition first, this best demolition, even not called, feeling it.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

↑ Re-remove 3M.

↑ is still 3M. .

3M metal clamp is very thin, some sharp. And I didn’t expect it that the demolition process was folded, and then. . . broken.

↑ ↑ Superior gas dismantling.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

You didn’t take it out, it was sealed in it.

Although it is a detail, it has had a news that children have been cut by metal by nasal nose, although the probability is not large, but it is better to prevent it.

Since the nose is removed, the sure is more complete.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Evaluation is to shred your good things to you.


50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

After the 3M 9501 is cut, a total of three layers, the two outer layers sandwiched with a layer of HEPA.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!


The same is true, all are typical three-layer structure.

Excellent air

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Excellent air touch is relatively soft, there is definitely more than one layer, and there should be a 4 ~ 5 floors.


A total of 7 floors!

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

It seems that this domestic product (Taiwan production, wrong?) Is a hard 茬, I want to see it to fight the US goods, the result of the Japanese goods, let them go to lose win!

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Go! ! !

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Sorry is a bit excited.

These masks have been cut into broken, and they will go to 200,000.

Fortunately, Beijing is fast enough, and you will get on the morning.

Don’t waste new packaging, give you a box.

3M 9501V

3 out-of-air gas

10 heavy DD02V

From the packaging of three masks, excellent air uses separate packages, while 3M, and no. Especially the rest, the 13-pack mask is also in the same plastic bag, which is easy to pollute the mask that is still not used after opening. Separate packaging avoids this problem, safer, health.

Before three products sent,

Let me explain what we are testing.

This test, in

National Labor Protection Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

Although there are 4 cases of masks (old national standard, new national standard, US standard, European standard), but today we will enter the country, resign, and unified, in accordance with new national standards and GB / T 32610-2016 standards.

Many of our consumers have a mask to look for Kn95. It is the highest standard for masks. In fact, Kn95 means that the filtering efficiency can reach more than 95%, and after the introduction of the new national standard, we see the KN95 mask corresponds to only It is the II-level filtering standard for the new national standard. To reach the new national standard I, the filtering efficiency must reach more than 99%.

Therefore, after the introduction of the new national standard, we recommend that consumers choose masks to look for the highest standards of new national standards: filtering efficiency I, protective effect A, meet the masks of this indicator will be better than Kn95 masks!

In terms of testing, the new national standard with the declaration of the old country is obviously stricter: First, the new national standard is not only to measure salt particles, but also to measure the oily particles that harm the human body; second, the new national standard has added the protection effect level Evaluation.

PM2.5 is a contaminant mixed with salted particles and oily particles because the oily particles have adhesion, so it is more harmful, and it can be attached to our alveolar after inhalation, causing a respiratory disease. In life, like a car exhaust gas, cigarette, second-hand smoke, new asphalt odor, asphalt roads, and chemical pollutants, etc., these are oily particles, so it can be seen that the new national standard is added to the oil particulate test. Needed.


50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

In the laboratory, testers use NaCl to perform dust test using NaCl, to make salt media and oily media, more real simulation of this complex contaminant of PM2.5. Only two types of salt, oily

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

The level certification is given by the mask, respectively, and the protective effect level is A, B, C, and D level from the highest to low, respectively.


Different levels of protection apply to varying degrees of air pollution, it can be seen that when air pollution is more serious, we need to wear a mask with a higher level of protection, and we need to reach a mask in a level when serious pollution.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

In addition, the new national standard also pays more attention to the comfort of the mask weaner, so another important dimension is the breathing resistance.

When wearing a mask daily, the mask time is easy to have symptoms such as dizziness, especially for the elderly and children, their lung strength is weak, and it is easy to feel feeling with a haze mask, even before After the elderly wear the news of anti-obscenity morning, the breathing resistance of the mask is very critical. For some groups, it is not only related to comfort.

Because of this, the new national standard has joined the respiratory resistance test dimension, from both exhalation and inhalation resistance, the new aspects of the resistance of the breath, and is labeled by test data.

Summary, the filtering efficiency, exhalation resistance, gas resistance of the oily medium, the high and low of the protective effect level, the three is the main criteria for determining the performance of the mask performance, and the project we test today.

The larger the filtering efficiency, the smaller the breathing resistance, the higher the protection effect, the better, clear these points, you know how to see the following report.

Come and see grades!

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Supervisor Filter Efficiency Inspection Report

Reverse DD02V filtering efficiency inspection report

3M 9501V filtering efficiency inspection report

What should I see this report?

Very simple, the bigger the number before%, the larger the number, the higher the filtering efficiency.

According to this principle, the highest number of air is maximum, and two (salt / oily) numbers are highest.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Remember the anatomy of the above?

This is this

3M, reconciliation is three-layer material, and excellent air has reached seven layers, and the key to winning is the difference in this layer.

The mask of the three-layer material is the main role of the intermediate sandwich – electrostatic cotton, and the intermediate of the superficial air reaches 5 floors, 4 layers of melting cloth +1 static electric cotton design reaches the effect of layered filtration, Blocking more particulate matter, the filtration efficiency is naturally better.

Effective map taken from the official website

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Of course, the number of layers is not only increased to the filtering efficiency, but the volume of the entire mask is therefore doubled. The size of the lotus is mainly affecting 2 aspects: mask use time & respiratory resistance. The amount of lotus is large, the “cargo volume” of the mask is large, and the time used for longer is saturated; and the slower speed of saturated, the slower, the clogging, the breathing resistance of the mask is smaller, breathing It’s more fun. Breathing Respiration This section we did test alone and did not start here.

Looking back and look at the filter efficiency report of the 3 mask, the only one is more than 99% is excellent air. If it is a leader, I am more accidental, then the oil-based particulate filter is not good at it, heavy and 3m The answer is more accidental. After selecting the most stringent test standard, a small short board appeared 3M and heavy, and we also introduced, and the mask of oily medium filtering capacity as a preventive level smog must have, because complex air is equally filled with oil Medium pollutants.

The recruitment rating is II, while the famous 3M is only III, the reason is that the filtering effect of the oily medium is poor.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

* Knowledge points:

Protective level (we often see the A / B / C / D grading) has the lower limit of filtering efficiency, when the filtering effect is the III level, the highest level rating can only be B, which is the filtering efficiency above II. It is a necessary condition for obtaining the highest level of protection. It is simple to say that if the filtering efficiency is not high enough, the particulate matter naturally has entered the mouth, so the protection effect is not ideal.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Battle Summary Click to enlarge

The final test results, excellent air gases have been unique to the A-level rating, while the recovery is made of Class C levels, and 3M is excellent in the protection effect test, but due to the oil-resistant medium in the filtering efficiency test. The filtering efficiency is low and finally the B-level assessment.

The protective effect is closely linked to the mask, if only the filter is high, the mask is not bonded, which will greatly increase the gas leakage rate of the mask, and the actual role of the mask will therefore be severely weakened.

The reason why only an excellent air level is reached A, which is also because of its designs. As mentioned earlier, we anatomized three masks of nasal clips, excellent air uses a rebound nose bar. This design has another important role in addition to the mask to make a mask, that is, further sealing the cover, reducing the leakage of the position between the nose and the humerus, can achieve fitness and sealed Sexual double increase.

In order to intuitively understand the difference between the two, we deliberately made a small experiment.

Please see.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

The effect of the ordinary nose clip, how many air can be removed from the nose, means how much can come in from the nose.

Return is equivalent to double insurance, significantly reduces gas leak rate.

Hard strength is the filtering efficiency and protection level, which is clearly elaborated in the national recognized GB / T 32610-2016 standard, and in our verification test, excellent gas will win.

* TIPS: Reverse / 3M has numerous models, and us in this test is only valid for the selected product signal.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

After the filtering effect and protective effect have been seen,

The score of the breathing resistance.

Excellent air breathing resistance test results (passive)

3M respiratory resistance test results

Repeat breathing resistance test results

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

In the transcript of respiratory resistance in the same principle, we can see that 3M intake resistance is significantly greater than other two products. Valves on the mask, we also have a re-verification, it is indeed one-way outward (reducing the breath resistance), and the exhalation resistance is associated with the valve. The intake resistance is related to whether the material of the mask is permeable, and it is indeed that excellent air and reconciliation are listed in the material than 3M soft.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

In order to be more intuitive

Respiratory resistance

Bringing the impact,

We came to an outdoor experiment.

Due to the greater the breathing resistance, the more water vapor in the mask is not easy. I invite colleagues to try the least 8m and breathing resistance of the breathing resistance, and see why the weight of the mask is changed after 5 minutes.

Before the test: 3m weight 11.4 grams, excellent air weight is 18.9 grams

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

4: 45 ~ 4: 49 pm

From a walk to B, the colleagues have repeatedly adjusted the ear strap during the way, indicating that it is not very comfortable.

12.6-11.4 = 1.2, 3m wear weight 1.2 grams.

Start now

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!


Premium air, go back from B.

4: 53 ~ 4: 58 in the afternoon

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

19.2-18.9 = 0.3, highlighting weight after wearing 0.3 grams

1.2 and 0.3, how big can the respiratory resistance for the mask water vapor.

However, the breathing resistance of excellent air can be lower.

Respiratory resistance: ratio of change by a magnetic suspension motor

Since the excellent air packaging has a motor, then we test a

From the test report, we can already be seen. Only the single mask is in the case, the air is also advantageous, and this is only before the other black technology did not play a role: magnetic suspension motor.

This fan of maglev is compared to the ordinary electric mask on the market, which has noise, the advantage of the long, is even more unique. The intake principle of excellent air uses a negative pressure, which is the wind turbine is moving outward. Let the mask form a negative pressure to reach the mask through the filter layer of the mask. Because the fan does not blow in the inner blow, there will be no feeling of cold wind, this is very friendly for rhinitis, pharyngitis patients, you must know how much the motor in the mask is in the winter in the winter, if you are in the mask Cool.

Excellent air (active) respiratory resistance test (2 files)

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Even if you don’t have to drive the electric magnetic suspension motor, you can get the breathing resistance of all products, and reach the A-level A level specified in the national standard on the protection effect, and it has also reached the highest standard I, which is valuable. .

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

In order to consider comprehensive, we will test the anti-breathing resistance optimization effect of the excellent air mask after the addition of the motor, it is indeed a corresponding decline in the mainstream of the exhaustion, and pays attention to the resistance of the breath. It can be said that this is already available. Optimal data.

Summary: Red Define What is a good mask

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

Strict protection, comfortable wear, a good product definition that is simple and extremely difficult. Through long-term trials, we will find that a mask with high levels of protection is mostly very uncomfortable; while a mask with low levels of protection, we are indeed possible to report to functionally trust. The definition of a mask can also be summarized here: balance.

Find a critical point between comfort and functionality, everything you want to explore with your own masks. Of course, if comfort and function appear to (x, y), then their critical point is definitely, the better, the better. At present, the product on the market is very uncomfortable, but it is very good, but there is no practical effect, such as the Pitta you often see …

This evaluation is only the results of the results. It is also an answer to consumers. We can don’t care, but in the smog day, I really hope that everyone is useful mask, because you don’t know if air pollution is caused to you. At the time of injury, when will you explode? Is there a few cases of irreversible cases for health damage? That “1” is worth our guardian than countless “0” behind.

50款防雾霾口罩年度横评 这几种才值得买!

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