“Court skirt” fire! It’s better than the fairy skirt, this summer must


If I ask you the most popular style this year? Many girls may have their own answers.


But if I ask you this year

Firest single product

, I believe that many people will get out –

Palace skirt



Does it have multiple fire? Two days before

Surpass sister

Indicates that “powder”, rushing on the hot search, the sleeve, is

Typical court skirt

Beyond my sister is also loved to it, each time

Attend a large event


Take a picture

Almost all it is!

Not only Yang Zhao,

“Senior Aesthetics” 姐

, Private is also a faithful fan of the court. Regardless of the red carpet or private service,

Less than the court skirt

Even we are very loved.

Powder ink

It is also the charm of the palace skirt that cannot be extricted.

Whether it is


Song stage



Pictorial photo


Daily private service

It is not ugly to see the shadow of the court.


Don’t say that those fashion bloggers

Court skirt

It is also a big hand, the style is bright and advanced, and the eyeball effect is simply

Of course, I know some girls still don’t know much,

Is it a court skirt?


In fact, it means

Victorian Times, United Kingdom

Extended, there is

Lace, princess sleeves, bow

Waiting for gorgeous elements, wearing a skirt with a palace style ~

Although it is


Have the popularity of the past few centuries


However, it can be directly bursting this year, nor is it.


First of all, it is because it


Modified body capacity MAX

Like the neckline of the palace style, wear the body can


Draw the head ratio

, Not only make the shape of the shape, but also


It seems that the neck is longer


More temperament! My short neck girl tried all that cattle ~

In addition, there are also the most typical in the court skirt.

Bubble sleeve element


Do not only fashion UP, but also


Modified shoulder thickness, head big

The problem can be said to be


Slough fat

The god item that must be Pick.

Moreover, plus the court style itself

Accompany you

, Can wear in summer


Rolling path

It is easy to stand out from the crowd.


Fashion sensation



Merger court skirt, who can not love!


So, what I want in summer

Don’t worry, wear a big name

The girls, the court skirt is definitely the best choice you can’t miss.


Since you have to wear a court skirt, you must first come first to understand the court skirt;


Mark live its iconic elements


In order to grasp the courtyard of the court ~

1 Palace skirt collar: Raba collar, four corners

When you see the European court drama, have you found them?



It is very characteristic.

Like a typical palace style –

Raba collar

, The lead is large, capable of covering the shoulder; the edge of the neck is in exquisite


Lace Orhus


To symbolize the identity of the aristocrat.


Change to the present, the design of Raiba collar has been significantly converged,


The lead is more hard

The design of the lace has also become



A lot.


Retro gorgeous, revealing a few points, put it in

It is not allowed to wear everyday.

, Very suitable for our ordinary girls Pick!

And now this lace collar can also be effective

Show the plasma muscle, improve the shoulders


Of course, in addition to Raba collar, the most popular most classic or non-

Four corner



The four four squares of criticism, equipped with ultra-low collar, and put the Victorian woman

Plenty of elegant feelings

Rendering is exhausted.


Evolution to the present, the neck of the four-pool will be mentioned slightly, wearing out of the street.

Don’t worry about leakage

And it is different from ordinary square collar, it


The neckline is more straight, the opening is larger

Wear can not only



, Can also modify the shoulder line,

It seems that the whole person is particularly good.

2 palace skirt sleeves: princess sleeves, bubble sleeves


To say that the court skirt is most effective.


The most gorgeous retro feel

Part of the part, I must put it



One ticket.


Like the most courted characteristics


Princess sleeves

It is completely the resident of the European court drama. A lot of fluffy sleeves with dress skirts, luxurious and elegant,

Wearing more gas fields will appear.

Convert to modern palace skirt, princess sleeve

It is still a lot of sense

But compared to traditional

Will converge a lot

In addition, the design of the princess is actually more suitable.


Tablet or smaller


Girls come to wear, not only can have curve beauty, but also make the whole person more gas field

In addition, how can I have less?

Bubble sleeve

Woolen cloth?

Not only the film and television drama exposure is extremely high, there are many

Oil painting big

There are also many bubble sleeves in the works.

The bubble at that time

Smart and fluffy


It is a bit like the feeling of puff, put on the elegant and beautiful.

And now, people will


Pay more attention to real wear

, Extend the length of the small bubble sleeves, wear

Make more meat

At the same time retro taste is still there.

In addition, some bubble sleeves are now

Add a cuffs at the cuffs

And there are a little refreshing in elegant retro.

Both the blinks of blinks are also better

3 Catcher elements of the court: lace, bow, strap

In addition to the sleeves, the court skirt


Career element

It is also my heart love, and I will have a girl who is born.


For example



In the Victorian era, they are loved by women; whether it is the neckline, cuffs, or skirts, you can see the existence of lace lace,

Gorgeous feelings.

And now, in order to avoid too exaggeration, general


Will only be in the neckline and cuffs, add a small amount of lace

, Wear both retro charm, but will not be too grand,

Everyday wear is just right



in addition,


In fact, it is also a representative element with representative. Basic per court skirt can be found

More than 2 or more bows

Evolution to now, the bow is still in the court skirt

Indispensable existence

However, now the court skirt


Only use a bow to embellish

And butterfly


, Wear a few more ways to do it, more gentle.

In addition, everyone looks

European court drama

Also known that women in the 19th century


It is beautiful.

So basically in addition to wearing every day

Tight-fitting corset

Sometimes attending activities, often choose


To strengthen the waist, reach



Evolution to now, the straps will no longer pursue the waist, but as

Emphasize the existence of waistline



Girl, you can Pick it, wear the waist fine!


Of course so much, not let everyone put all the elements into a dress, after all

Too much design, easy to turn over

Obsenger and extensive.

I recommend everyone:


Only pick two to three elements

Put in the dress, the error rate is low, it can easily get Get


Gorgeous and delicate


1 big square + bubble sleeve

Big Cangling + Bubble Sleeve


It can be said to be a set of foundations, but representative court skirts.

If you think that the court skirt is too exaggerated,

I am afraid of not driving

The girl, you can Copy this combination.

The square of the low collar can be dispersed visual center.

Strong sense of weakening bubble sleeves

, Even if you go to work, you won’t feel it.


But I want to put the bubble sleeves, we still have to work hard: choose time, bubble sleeves

Do not exceed the elbows as long as possible

I won’t be like a fat tiger ~

In addition, many people always say


The party is generally imposed


In fact, there is also a tip of the neckline: like this


Shoulder fabric

Clothes, it is easy to make it look


It is slightly thin.


Direct connection sleeves


, Shoulders don’t leave excess fabrics, such a thin effect is really naked!

2 bubble sleeves + lace

I usually prefer the sweet retro girl,


Bubble sleeve + lace

Don’t miss this combination!


Double sweet elements

Booth, put it in the wear, just right, sweet and retro.

Moreover, the profile of the bubble sleeves can not only

Repair shoulder width

, Can buffer the sweetness of the lace,

Avoid watching

It is very advanced to wear.

But, although there is a bubble sleeve,

The area of ​​the lace is still too much


Small area


, Put on the clothes, the sleeves, there is a little bit of a sweet atmosphere.

In addition, in the selection of the whole skirt,

Keep a profile

Can also make

Wear quality improvement

So if used

Flat decorated lace + stereo decorated bubble sleeves

After that, you can add an element elsewhere.


Maintain a simple line

It will be more duty.

3 square collar + strap

Want to create a simple court wind, but afraid of bubble sleeves to step on the thunder? It’s better to try it.


Guide + strap



It’s easy to operate, and you can shape the court’s atmosphere.

Very suitable small white to wear.

Moreover, sometimes it relies on strapping elements, but also helps wear



The effect is two.

feels like


The wrinkle texture formed, can look


,Very suitable


Girl get!


Big breast


It can also be tightened by tightening the waist.


Let the thin waist curve more obvious




The sense of the atmosphere is full.

4 Raba collar + princess sleeve

Raba collar + princess sleeve

The combination of the court is more featful, and it is very suitable for a sweet and romantic wind.


Moreover, the hard-type neckline of Raba collar can properly cover the body of the princess sleeve, we can wear it.

Reduce exaggeration

, Enough to wear the street everyday

Hipster, will not be too eye.

If you still feel that the style is a bit, you can also choose


An armpit package

Match, press the expansion, it will seem a lot every day.

have to say


Fashion is really a reincarnation


Many popular elements in the past are now refurbished. It is still so fashionable, it is no wonder.

Retro elements are always one of the most passionate themes in the fashion circle.



















I recommend everyone: