Syrian tofu dry, dry other tofu


Syrie people love to eat super god tofu in Yang Wuchang.


A small stall, the two sons are guarded. Sometimes, I have to ride a motorcycle, I have to go into each Internet cafe, but also to make you buy:

I bought it to eat the League League to make super gods, buy some.

It is said that this super-god tofu is the authentic Syrian tofu, first halogen,

The appearance is crisp, there is still spend, plug, onion, peanut rice and sea pepper.

The taste does not put it.

I don’t know whether it is from Syrian people, I have touched Chengdu people who love tofu dried this pulse.

The bean curd bubbles we have to say today is to open in Chengdu, from Luzhou Syrian Water Soil.


Package Tofu is a ceiling

It is necessary to correct it, we will talk about the tofu bubble, just a shouting, this is not standard.

Because of the local local area, people still call it: tofu.

The round is qualified to Suzhou Syro, this misstant is the shop selling tofu. The shop is only available in November last year. Who can think of it, it is a long time before this, it is just a stall.


The annoyance of the round is actually thinking of Chengdu to open your youth hostel. As a result, the epidemic, the plan is shelved.

Out of interest, for the sake of livelihood, she took her tofu craft to the countertop.

In the earliest, she only hangs in a beautiful fruit store downstairs, take a few bags of more than a dozen bags, and later, she is replaced by a small cart.


It is an afternoon that day, less than 3 points, the kitchenette in the store is a hot fire.

A master cut tofu, a master fried tofu, and a master mixed tofu,

Three steps are clear, complete, and in an orderly manner, the circle is constant in the front desk. A small boss tube three employees, which is a little effort.

The store is not big, the fan on the left hand blows the two pot golden tofu.


They are released, and after cooling, they will enter the next step.

The circle was passionate, took a bamboo sign Duo, and I was still giving me a tofu, and she called me to taste the most original taste.

The original tofu is very catching up,


“嘎 嘣”, like a prelude to the feast.

When you eat, the aroma of tofu is slowly extended between the lips and teeth.

The mid tofu is white, hollowed, with moisture.

It chews the soft and self-toughness, mixing the outer skin that just cries the slag,


Rewind in the entire taste system. The process is wonderful.

As I said, the circle had successively gave me Duo’s dry tofu.

A sweet, a sugar and vinegar.

After the seasoning, the tofu is dry than the original pot, and the proportion is precise, the original beauty begins to become rich and three. The more you eat, the more fragrant, the more you eat, then you have to admire the tofu, the tofu, the season.


The ruler said that she had to do four or five hundred bags a day, basically sold every day.


In addition to a few signs, she will do two bags of tofu.


As I said, she made a bin of blue and white folded ear roots, and then took me to see the fresh tofu sent to the store from Syrian Yonghai.

If you want to, the bag of tofu should be also a phleg venue’s ceiling.

Circle only made 200 times once, and I will have a circle of friends, and I will finish it. This is not 5 o’clock in the morning, then you will have a 12 o’clock all the way.

Eathers’ eating, referring to





In this case, it was a flower that fled the tofu and stabilized the taste of the Zhangzhou people to the Chengdu people.

I asked the circle, opened the store for so long, is the happiest when the scorpion? The ruler said that this is going to New Year. She wants to give a small number of small branch wages in the store. This month is high, she is very happy.

518 tofu

518 藏 藏 开 机

Whether it is food software, it is still a good group of people, and there are many people who want to eat 518 tofu near Vientiane.


I always thought that 518 was mysterious code, even if it was a homophobia, it was not surprising. As everyone knows, the boss is Xiao Zhao, but it is strongly introduced to me:

On May 18, 2019, we officially opened the store, so called 518.

It is also very good.


At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, 518 is already the city. The eaters and takeaway little brothers in front of the door are always rushing, and then the big bag is in a hurry.

I am rubbing with a girl,

She mentioned a big pack of plastic bags, some awkwardly running to the SUV opposite the street.

Before getting on the bus, she stuffed the plastic bag into the trunk, and then pressed again, and determined that after the door is closed, they went to the car.


Xiao Zhao said to me,


The girl is a hometown of Yong Yong, her big bag, a large and small, a total of 456 yuan.

518 is also the best selling of sweet and spicy and sweet spicy and sweet tofu. In addition to crispy tofu, they also launched a more harmonic soft.

Tofu dry score triangle and small triangle, sandwich


Refugee roots, radish and mix.

If you don’t pick your mouth, then in this arrangement, you will not be tired for a long time.

Xiao Zhao said that after the soft tofu is actually coming to Chengdu, it is based on the new of Chengdu people’s taste.


This is not too kind, and the brittle incense is fragrant, but the taste is always not so round, there is not much filling;

The soft payment is closer to the tofu in Chengdu people, and is more loved by Chengdu.

I asked Xiao Zhao, brittleness and softness to make a specific difference in the production method? Xiao Zhao only brother will blow up longer, and then, it is confidential. In Luzhou’s Syrian, the tofu can be sold all over the street.


But about the fire and seasoning, it is always confidential and cannot be said.

I let the big sister who put the tofu give me a bowl of hodgepodge, tube is a hot or sweet, spicy or special, intimate, and a piece of tofu. 8 yuan a bowl, full cover is almost kang.

518 The tofu is more, so it eats, and the hierarchy on the taste will be more abundant.

Dry tofu like a package, in addition to the rounded root, their houses also have radish silk,


If you like, the two are mixed, this is a new experience.

The filling of the package is not enough. The big sister to be tofu has quickly put the pot the basin to the inside, and took out the folded ear root, the big head, and then came back, sprinkled with the flaming of the red sea pepper, and mixed it. The scent is soft.

Little Zhao is on the order, give me a boat: Wow, our store is 3 people. Then the information on her mobile phone is a grilled. I’m busy.

400 tofu every day, is so clean.


Guo Mann Tofu


The boss of the sheeppper is all good boss

“Now you turn your head to your left hand, do you see the white brand? Is there a store below? Is it home!”

I don’t have a good friend for five spendle handles, I really didn’t find it.


EGO is obliquely opposite, this snack bar under the new ZTE floor is selling tofu.

The store is not big, one-third is the small soldier, one-third is the grilled wings that are constantly rotating on the oven, and there is no one-third of a small counter, is the tofu that makes people feel happy.

The boss is surnamed Guo, Zhangzhou Wai Yong. Guo Boss raided the opposite and the back of the back, he said to me, these two shops are also his.


I said he is the first person to monopolize the new and prosperous snacks. He is just smiling, no more boasts.

Guo Boss sells tofu dry counter. Two trays,

A plate of spicy, one coalescence, the package of bubble beans and folding

. Ointae.

I said that his tofu is so delicious, why do you have a big counter? Guo Boss said that this tofu is also soon started to sell, and I didn’t expect such a welcome. After the New Year,

He is ready to sell tofu throughout the pavement, and there are several tastes.

I asked Guo Boss, is you doing this tofu? He said, anyway

His craft is specially returned to the teacher’s teacher.

After learning, Guo Boss also specially went to learn the process of tofu. In the future, tofu, single-legged hand, which one is not rely, which is not asked. Steady.

Don’t look at Guo Boss’s temperature is soft, put the sea pepper, absolutely don’t make your hand.

Packing the office, colleague big fur, has ate a piece, the first reaction is: incense! hot!

Then after a few minutes, she said: too spicy is too spicy! At the same time, I think I feel about this Jiangzhe friend.


Guo Boss’s seasoning is really a taste of Chengdu people.

When I left, Guo Bo said again. I said yes, he has some face regrets: Oh, how good you have to get it, I can give you a few more.

The enthusiasm of Syro-Yong people.

I ate a circle, and the three tofu shops have features.


If you go to buy, you can try 518, you can try 518.


If there is an edge of the pastor and Guo Manusi, buy a small part to eat, it is not a beautiful thing.

It is probably these three soldiers in the Chengdu range.

Scented incense mouth, there is a scorpion recommendation? The message area is waiting for you to share, don’t be polite.