“It’s a good thing” gucci classic GG logo luggage, and the bottle like diamond Tiffany new perfume


GUCCI and Globe-Trotter cooperate to launch functional new trunk series


Recently, GUCCI cooperates with Globe-Trotter to launch functional new trunk boxes. In this series, classical GG logo returns. There are three sizes of the suitcase: beauty boxes, suitcases and large luggage boxes. The boxes are made of beige and ebony GG Supreme canvas to brown leather jewelry.


There is a 1 inch drop in the high and low of the handle of the troller, and there is also a retractable top handle. The interior is made of red cotton linen, with double belt and lock.


Another piece of this series You may like it is Gucci Globe-Trotter GG Beauty Case, which is part of the 2018 autumn show, can be used to place skin care and makeup products. Although it is called a beauty box, this package is also suitable as a stand-alone short-distance travel luggage, because its internal storage space is much smaller than imagination, can put down the daily necessities of short-distance travel, small size and practical.

More information about the GUCCI GLOBE-TROTTER GG series You can go to the GUCCI’s official website to learn more.


ALBERTO CAIOLA design of Hangzhou bookstore blended postmodern and classical elements

Alberto Caiola has designed a bookstore called “Harbook” in Hangzhou, which is located on the banks of West Lake, with an area of ​​about 600 square meters.

“Since the century, this city, especially the legendary West Lake inspired writers, philosophers and poets,” said design team. “Harbook continued this tradition, expanding the literary culture of the city to include the echo of Europe, but adopted advanced modern methods.”

The modern and traditional concepts of the store are embodied in the interior design, the designer said it is inspired by the theme of “imaginary city wind”. A series of arches aimed at evokeing the memory of the classic Italian porch, while the independent display stand consisting of cross geometric shapes is like a towering sculpture.

Silver, pink background, the pink background plate combined with the other decorative objects of bright colors, gives the interior of a post-modern style, offsetting the elements of the store classic.


Although most of the design of the bookstore is open, different floors are separated from different functions. In addition to books, Harbook also integrated into other lifestyle elements in the bookstore, such as cafés and Denmark Denmandi furniture brand Normann Copenhagen’s showroom.

“Different themes connect Harbook social, cultural exchanges, shopping and catering urban elements, these design elements have created a completely immersive dialogue between the times and culture, providing a sensual journey through space,” designer supplement road.


Tiffany & Co releases new perfume “Tiffany Eau de Parfum Intense”

Tiffany & Co’s new perfume “Tiffany Eau de Parfum INTENSE” is released on October 10.


This perfume’s message is “all you need love.” The main adjustment of the fragrant division Daniela Andriel designed the taste of the perfume, forwarded as a green orange and pink pepper, medium transfer is the taste of noble iris, and the base is used. Amber and rest in the flavor fusion.

The design of the bottle is cut by Tiffany original diamonds and cuts with dark blue glass cutting. Silver dotts have been added to the bottleneck, and they are engraved with the “Tiffany & Co” logo.

At present, this perfume is more than 9400 yen, about RMB 578; 50 ml of price is 13200 yen, about 811 yuan; 75 ml price is 16,500 yen, about RMB 1014 yuan.