Newborns have dangerous clothes to sleep? 4 kinds of sleeping bags, do you choose it?


Follow me: focus on infant sleep problems and high demand baby

I remember that one year of visiting my hometown, I have seen my relatives who have not seen for many years. I have been a grandmother. I have been with me (show off) she has a grandchildren (merit), saying that the child is sleeping, said: I I have to wake up many times in one night and give him a quilt! This child can kick the quilt! I can’t sleep well …

I have been “smiling listening.”

The face of the relatives of the Yuanfang relatives came down: This sleeping bag is more difficult! How to cover the quilt!


I quickly attached: Yes, I have no experience …


I often recommend the sleeping bag to my mother, and I often receive a message, mainly in these questions:

What should I do if my baby is refused to do?

Is it really comfortable?

Why do you want to wear a sleeping bag?


That is going to do a big inventory of sleeping bags today.

Speaking of sleeping bags, you often have a lot of misunderstandings, especially the sleeping bags. Young mothers thought it was a traditional “candle package” to limit baby development. The grandparents of the old generation felt that the sleeping bag was more comfortable than the large cotton, should cover the quilt.


In fact, the baby sleeping bags we use now, basically long so:

襁 襁

Vest-type non-leg sleeping bag

They use it easy and comfortable, benefit, deeply loved by the baby and mothers.

1. Whether it is a small baby or a child, the baby is very old, so he is old and old, so


Use sleeping bags to avoid “kick quilt”

, Saving your mother to wake up to the baby’s work, especially the baby sleeps, sleeping in bed, sleeping bag is essential.


Use your sleeping bag to make your baby sleep more practical, longer


3, can be effective with the sleeping bag

Reduce the occurrence of infant death syndrome

Reduce the risk of being blocked by the mouth of the mouth.

Especially the newborn won’t turn over, I don’t know how to take the cover, once the bed is covered with nasal nose, the baby is

Unable to escape

! If you must cover the quilt, you must also remember

Can only cover the armpits, can not cover your arms


The quilt can only cover the underarm

Because the baby likes to sleep, once the sleep is lifted in the dream, it is possible to pull the bedding to the head, cover the mouthny hindrance! If you worry about your baby’s shoulder, you can wear a hail.


Next, we will introduce each of its features and usage in accordance with different styles of sleeping bags.

Newborn sleep artifact – 襁褓 type sleeping bag

The style of sleeping bag, that is, the style of the baby’s arm wrapped.

The baby is accustomed to being wrapped in the mother’s body, using this sleeping bag to make the baby have a safe feeling back to the uterus, and after picking up the bed, the baby’s hands and feet will not be expanded, but continue to be Wrapped, also

Can reduce the occurrence of “landing”

On the other hand, the baby has “throne” before 4 months, and it is called “Moro reflection”. It refers to the baby who will suddenly dance in the sleep, this action often wokes the baby and interrupts sleep.襁褓襁褓 sleeping bag can be very


Effectively reducing the impact of thrive reflection on infant sleep

Let your baby sleep more practical.

Pay attention to the following points:

1, keep the legs free and loose

2, the tightness of the package should be moderate

3, most important: It is recommended to start from birth,

Otherwise, there will be a sense of infants who are used to unpackles! Newborns often have a good sleep situation, and many mothers feel that there is no need to use. It is no longer willing to be wrapped in the baby.

The picture below is a 襁褓 ‘s use:

Keep the legs of the legs, sequentially wrap two arms. When the baby can turn to a vest, the two arms are released, and transition slowly.

Low month old baby’s surrender sleeping bag


So, I have missed it, and I want to improve my baby’s sleep.

Don’t worry, there is artifact – surrender sleeping bag

The body part of this sleeping bag is well wrapped, the small hand is relatively limited, so it can also play a good effect.

Here you will prompt:


襁褓 襁褓 睡 和 和 选择 选择 选择 选择 选择 选择 号 号 号 号 号 号 号 号 号 号

Don’t be greedy “more than a while”, buy big one! Because if the package is not enough, you will not work, but wast it!

Infant’s vest, non-legged sleeping bag

Waiting for the baby more, I recommend you to use the vest or not legally sleeping bag, as shown:

This sleeping bag can be used within 1 year, especially if the baby is in a big motion, can block the baby night to roll, thus

Reduce sleep problems brought by big motion development

The hem has a zipper, and it is also very convenient to change urine.

Children’s legs

Baby over one year old, you can use leg-oriented sleeping bags until the childhood, so they can walk, freely, on the other hand, it is convenient to sleep at night.

The legs still have buckles or zipper, convenient for urinary wet

Not recommended sleeping bag

There is a kind of cold “mother feels you cold” or “grandmother feels you cold” … so, I have seen such a sleeping bag:

Emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm are not very comfortable.


Baby is afraid of cold

Infant new metabolism is strong, especially the sweating, especially the baby, often eat milk, being embraced, sweating in the heat, sweating, therefore, really do not need to wrap it so strict, but also wrap the heads. In this way, it is possible to cause sweat and cold!

Everyone can see that I recommend it above the vest, or the style of the shoulder slightly wider, that is, in order to let the baby breathable, sweat. If there is no heating and air conditioning, I really feel cold, I also recommend that you can use the sleeping bag like the picture below, you can expose a part of the arm, or a zipper under the arm, you can open the breathable.


Or can also make the solemn sleeping bag, cover the top of the bed outside, but also comfortable than direct “wearing the quilt”!

Why do you want to wear a sleeping bag?