Give a little color of the soup, there is a color value, and it can improve the nutritional density, the baby loves to eat


Xin Mom is in feeding the baby and exchanges with a lot of treasure moms to sum up an experience. Baby food supplements must change the tricks, especially the staple food, the baby will prefer.


Rice, noodles, porridge, etc., we usually eat more. For a long time, you can’t satisfy the baby’s picky little mouth, Xinto also said, slightly spend some mind, do something change, these foods are also eaten every day. It’s not greasy.

I will share a pasta today – two-color face. This face is with vegetable juice and face, and the different colors stimulates the baby’s visual, and you can make your baby a lot of vegetables, simply match some mushroom powder, delicious, and improve nutritional density.

Paspe augment, you can do it, you can do it, you will try it!

Nutrition tips

Ingredients Nutritional value:

1, carrot

: The nutrient ingredients of carrots are extremely rich, with


Sucrose, starch, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 folic acid, a variety of amino acids, mannitol, lignin, pectin, and calcium

Such a variety of mineral elements. Can improve body immunity and enhance resistance.

2, purple cabbage

: The violet is nutritious, it is rich in various vitamins, especially vitamin C, vitamin E and B vitamins, can add energy to the baby, keep the energetic, 100 mg of calcium elements per 100 grams, baby eat purple Brass, can promote the healthy development of bones, and the purple kans also contains rich dietary fibers, which can promote gastrointestinal motility and gastrointestinal digestion, enhance the baby’s absorption of nutrients, and protect the stomach, improve the appetite, and enhance appetite.


3, flour

: Flour is a powder that is grinded from wheat. In terms of protein content in flour, it can be divided into high-gluten flour, medium-gluten flour, low-gluten flour and no-flour, main nutrient elements.

Protein, carbohydrate, B vitamins, starch


4, mushroom powder

: The mushroom powder is made of mushrooms, containing rich


Aromatic and lysine

, Can be puzzle, improve the body’s immune function, the mushrooms are made into mushroom powder, in addition to the rich nutritional value, there is a good seasoning effect, able to improve appetite, beneficial to spleen and stomach health.

These ingredients are mixed together to provide nutrients such as high quality protein, vitamins, cellulose, minerals, can improve immunity, brain, and is very beneficial to the baby’s growth!

Need to remind the treasure mom, when adding this food supplement to your baby, make sure the baby does not have allergic reactions to ingredients! When you add new ingredients to your baby, you will add it separately. The amount is less, eat three days in a row, observe if the baby has an allergic phenomenon, and some should stop eating immediately!

Snorked name: two-color battles


Ingredient list

<< Focus: The amount of complementary food production does not represent the baby added


Do it with me


▲ Step 1: Wash the carrot ready, boiled water into the pot, then remove it into the cooking machine to become carrot juice


▲ Step 2: Wash the purple gans, boiled water, then remove the pot, then remove the juice into the cuisine

▲ Step 3: Pour the flour of the prepared carrot juice, stir into a uniform batter


▲ Step 4: Pour the flour of the prepared carrot juice, stir into a uniform batter


▲ Step 5: Pour in the water into the water, then turn the small fire, pour the batter into the canal, and the small cockroach fell into the pot.


▲ Step Six: Then turn in the fire, cook cooked

<< Focus: When Xin Mom did, the water is relatively small, the batter is more useful, because Xinbao is more like to be checked, boiled for a while, the soup is confused.

▲ Step 7: Add some mushroom powder, stir well, continue to cook for a while

▲ Step 8: Fighting pot out


▲ Step Nine: After coming out, two drops of sesame oil is more delicious.


▲ Step 10: Look at the pavement, eat inception, and some chewy ~

Reference months: November +

Production success: 95%

Key care

Xin Mom said

A, the mothers can use different vegetable juice to adjust the paste according to the ingredients of the home or the baby, and the fruit juice can be used;

B. The ambiguous is slightly thick, and you can make a colorful grain surface, put it into the silk flower bag and squeeze, the facial line will come out, and everyone will adjust the faster ultimate state according to the baby’s month and chewing ability. Bar;

c, give a big baby, you can put some vegetables, meat, etc.