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Now the true wireless headphones have become the mainstream of the headphones, and one percent of a headset is a true wireless headset. And true wireless headphones, and in the ear-in-ear-in-ear. Although it is more flexible and flexible in the ear and semi-in-ear, in motion, especially for users with a relatively large ear, it is more easily detached. Inside the gym, if it is a night run, it is really hard to find, saying from the stability of wearing, the hanging-ear wireless headset has the advantage that the ear or half-in-ear is not available. However, there is a true wireless headset on the market, and there is really not much, you can use the phoenix rigor to describe. This is not, I am not easy to find a high-performance hanging-ear radio Bluetooth headset – Tufel Airy Sport TWS Delphire Ai Radio Sports Bluetooth headset.


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TEUFEL / Deldel Airy Sport TWS Real Wireless High Performance Sports Bluetooth Headset

¥ 539


TEUFEL AIRY SPORT TWS Bluetooth Headphone (Delphie Ai Radio Sports Bluetooth Headset) is Difel’s sports true wireless Bluetooth headset. TEUFEL was established in Berlin, Germany in 1979, opened the forefront of the European audio system, is a 42-year-old speaker manufacturer, and its product sales have been in front of Germany in 21 consecutive years. Its products have always adhered to Germany independent research and development and design. Delphire Sires Radio Sports Bluetooth Headset, equipped with Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip, supports APT-X and AAC decoding, frequency response range 20-20kHz, drive unit 8mm dynamic ring, impedance 32Ω.


Delphire Ai Lili Radio Sports Bluetooth headset components, charging box 1 (1 side with headphones), 1 pair of ear cap (XS, S, M, L) four specifications, TYPE C interface USB charging 1 line, fast use of 1 (common English, German, law, west, point, Poland, Dumi and Simplified Chinese 8) Shopping guide materials (German and English). The products of foreign companies are basically equipped with a variety of languages, which is convenient for multi-country users.


Delphire Ai Lili Radio Sports Bluetooth headset charging box is slightly large, black, delicate and frosted. Top with German with gray Teufel. There is a more obvious depression between the front lid and the box for opening the cartridge, and there is 3 white LEDs under the depression. The LED indicates that the battery is supplied. 1-32%, LED1 flashes, 33-65%, LED1 Expansion + LED2 flashes, 66-99%, LED1 + 2 is always bright, LED3 flashes, 100% LED1 + 2 + 3 is often bright. There is a Type C interface on the back. The bottom of the charging box is a gray printed label because it is not too obvious, so it can only be illuminated with strong light to see clearly. The above has a product model Airy Sports TWS Bluetooth headset, and enter 5V 1A. The charging box capacity is 500mAh, 3.7V, 1.85WH. Output 55mA * 2,5V. Below is the address of the German parent company and the information of China Manufacturing Base. This product is manufactured in Germany, manufacturing in China.

Turn on the charging box, with a black rubber, buffer and protect headphones on top of the lid. The charging box is designed and the earphone regulation is placed in the charging warehouse. In the charging box, you can see the mark of L and R, distinguishes the left and right ear charging potentials. Remove the headset, you can see the charging contact, each charging bin has two golden charging contacts, which is a magnet, so the headphones can be magnetically suction. The headphones are full of continuous play for 8 hours, with a charging box, which can provide 24-hour battery life, total 8 + 24 hours. The charging box has a fast charge design, charged 15 min, can play 1 hour (50% volume). The charging cartridge is designed with Hall magnetron. When the headset is removed, it is very convenient to automatically connect the equipment that has been paired.


Delphire Ai Radio Sports Bluetooth headset, flexible black, fine grinding touch, the outside of the alphabetic logo, this location is also a touch point. Ear pending is a black soft rubber material, wearing comfort. Domestic, most TWS uses the in-ear design, with a small hanging ear. It is undeniable that the hanging ear is more firm than the ear or half-in-ear, but it doesn’t have to worry about the headphones, avoiding the interference and restrictions of the ear and semi-inheat headphones on strenuous exercise. The advantages. This headset also distinguishes the left and right ear, and the tag of L and R can be seen on the housing, and the contact of the charging. Delphire Amalli Radio Sports Bluetooth headset is equipped with a high-pass Bluetooth chip with a more stable connection, lower power consumption, stronger anti-interference performance while supporting APT-X decoding.


Delphire Ai Lili Radio Sports Bluetooth headset’s ear hangs uses a unique design, and it is very comfortable and very secure, which is very comfortable and very secure. At the same time, it is equipped with three different specifications of soft silica antibacterial earplugs, which are also suitable for a long time. Because the ear hanging is unique, even if it is wearing glasses, it does not affect wearing. Delphire Ai Lili Radio Sports Bluetooth headset is very convenient, by clicking and long press, control, double click on the left and right ears play pause, click the right ear to adjust the high volume, click the left ear to reduce the volume, three hits left and right A song, long press three seconds to turn the voice assistant, press for 4 seconds to force Bluetooth.

Delphire Amalli Radio Sports Bluetooth headset, supports APT-X decoding, meaning supporting higher bandwidth, which supports better sound quality. I mentioned the issue of transport bandwidth in many articles, for lossless music, although SBC can support the CD level, but higher DVD, even the DSD of the times, or high-quality non-destructive masterpiece levels, Support for PCM and DSD formats, which requires the bandwidth, which means that only more music details can only be used to adopt more advanced transmission patterns. Therefore, it is precisely because of this, I value the sound quality of this sports headset. This headset is not to provide a companion or companion, but provide an appreciation. At the same time as exercise, you can appreciate music, this is to enjoy life and enjoy sports.

Delphire Ai Radio Sports Bluetooth headset has 8mm HD NEODYM speaker unit, providing excellent sound quality, through the Berlin audio engineer, has been tuned for a solid bass and a full-scale high-tone. Because the bandwidth of this earphone is sufficient, I chose the DSD master’s voice source for testing. The high frequency is delicate, full, transition natural, and there is no kind of pale feeling, but very well, the treble is like a pen.中频: Delicate, high resolution, strong separation. Low frequency is strong, heavy and bauble, and dive. The hierarchical skill, good mix, the explosive power and control are good, relaxation. The space is weak, which is evenly uniform. This headset can meet the requirements of HIFI-level entry.








Objectively summing up the advantages and disadvantages of Delphire Amalli Radio Sports Bluetooth headset:


1 unique ear hanging design, wearing a stronger, comfortable, not hindering strenuous exercise

2 is equipped with Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip, smaller power consumption, more stable connection

3 Support APT-X and AAC decoding, good sound quality, the standard of HIFI headset

4 headphones wear comfortable, easy to control

5 headphones are full, support 8 hours of music play, with charging box, support full load 8 + 24 hour endurance

6 Hol magnestick technology, pick up


1 impedance 32 ohms, need a certain thrust

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