The small living room wants to be comfortable, the coffee table is not related, don’t tea can also


Nowadays, young people have become the mainstream people in the decoration industry, and most young people are buying a house when buying a house, and these types of households are not large, the living room is naturally smaller, then when designing such a living room in design, How to choose a coffee table to make the living room look more spacious and comfortable? Below I will share some suggestions for the selection of tea, and friends who have a small apartment can refer to it!

1, a little coffee table

Tea table has two effects in many families – the first role is to install the usual use of items, but there are more piles, and the other is to drink tea and put the water cup. In these two functions, the first is to accommodate demand, can be replaced by a storage cabinet such as a custom television cabinet, but also makes space more simple and beautiful;

▲ There is a custom TV cabinet as a storage, and the coffee table does not need to be stacked.

The second is that the guest is time to use, in which case the coffee table can be selected, so it can meet the temporary water cups need, and can avoid the tea too much pile of debris, which is messy .

▲ Teaching coffee tables, small points.

2, replacing the side


Now many people design the living room, will put a small shop next to the sofa (a few), convenient for mobile phone charging, often look at the placement of books and decorations, and this small cabinet (couple) Become an alternative to the presence of a coffee table, usually put on the sofa, and you can move in the middle of the living room, and place the cup when you are.


▲ If the coffee is not commonly used, you can use a few alternatives of tea.


3, children’s toy table


As a young man just needs a family, it is usually used as a wedding room. Therefore, when you stay, you will be in the family, the living room is designed to be surrounded, and the tea is used as the existence of the child. If you can replace it into children Toy Table, it is obviously more suitable for children in the living room.

▲ Children’s room toy table, can both provide functions for children, and temporarily replace coffee tables.


4, no tea design

Living in a busy urban, there are rare guests at home, and guests who will come to their horses are generally more familiar. Therefore, they will not be contrast; so the living room directly uses no coffee table design, usually at home activities, the living room is more spacious, and When you come to your guests, you can also sit on the table to drink tea chat, and there is no tea-free living room to leave the children.

▲ The small living room wants to be comfortable, there is no tea.

5, independent tea area

If there is a family like to drink tea, but in order to take care of the family’s needs, the living room has canceled a special tea to drink tea, which can also set a special tea area at home, such as a desk, dining table, a delicious tea set, You can also put a tea table in the balcony, etc., and take the living room to your family, children.

▲ At home, the family is set up in the tea area. The living room is no longer needed.

In modern people’s lifestyle, after busy work, there is less idle to drink tea, so the tea has gradually eliminated many modern families. If the living room is not large, there is a small number of small size. The coffee table, even if you want the living room, it is also a good lifestyle directly to cancel the coffee table. Your living room is designed, will you consider don’t have coffee?