Suit + leather pants, suit + skirt, suit + pleated skirt, these trendy wear is very good.


The suit has always been a single product in the wardrobe. She has taught everyone how to pay according to their skin and style, but they are more general, just let everyone have some understanding of the suit, no longer persistence Instead, find the style that suits you, then we will go deep into some, talk about a single style, and match the problem.

I have always thought that dressing is all

people oriented


, The actual person talks, it is not a nutrition. So today, my choice is a young man, and her suit is mixed with a lot. There is also a good match, and it is best for failure. Do explain to everyone.


It is the same style of sisters to see carefully. It’s not this style of sisters. I don’t immediately jump out. Identify other style of clothing is one of the ways to enhance clothing. Maybe you have this type. Sisters, you can help them become beautiful together.

1. Suitable for suits for young people with these characteristics

First of all, let’s take a look at the teenager’s suit, so that you can find them from a bunch of clothes when you are shopping, enhance the efficiency of shopping shopping.

1 collar is a flat collar

The flat remittance is one of the common types of suits. It is best to wear this type of germy girl who is facing the face of the flesh. Who will grab the limelight?


If it is replaced

Sharpened and exaggerated guns

, The neckline of the suit is easy to grab the style of the female master, because the humeral bone of the female master is not convening, but it is straightforward.

2 The length of the suit is between the waist and hips


The length of the clothing determines the amount of clothing, the length of the clothing, the hem is in the waist and the hip medium, basically can be counted as a short, which is a small amount.

This length of the hechy is in the hip to the knee or more, which can basically count the intermediate-scale costumes. When the teenager needs to increase the amount of experience, it is possible to use the medium-sized costume.

3 shoulder width is normal shoulder


These two years are very popular Oversaie, that is, clothes are more beautiful than their own body, some people are wearing a good look, that is corresponding to people’s style.

But the teenager is far from this kind of money, it will appear to be very embarrassed. It will not be supported. The main reason is too small, and the length of the head is short, the wide shoulder will make the head shrink, see The spirit is not very good.


Summary, the characteristics of the teenager suit, the leading level is best, you can maximize the style; the length is in the waist and hips, according to your own body, the waist can be selected, the hips can be Select the model to cover it; shoulder normal shoulders can be selected according to the head shoulders, but must not pass wide, will appear very dragged.

Second, suit suit pattern for junior style

Through the above three steps, you can find a suit suitable for the young man, but don’t worry, to complete the shape of the style, you still need to choose the pattern, since it is the best, you may wish to wear more. .

1 solid color suit

The primary recommendation is a solid color suit, because this pure black small suit is easy to buy outside, but it is difficult to meet like Song Zu’s body.

Pure black suit will compare the feelings of the dead board, not to change the dynamicity of the costumes, it is easy to be bored, and the conventional techniques are increasing accessories to enhance the dynamic.

2 grillat suit


The second, it is also a query, and there are very classic styles. There are a lot of fashion bloggers to say this is a hundred baselines. In fact, this style is also suitable for people who are suitable for young people.

And this grille should look very fine, that is, the whole is very flat, is a suitable year, and it is to be clear, if it looks very vague, it is not a juvenile.

Look at a grilled back case, this is also a garment, but from the way, it is too wide, and it has grabbed the face of the female master.

Once again, the square formed by the griller is very large, too atmospheric pressing the temperament of the female master, and finally the color between the colors, let this grout suit look very three-dimensional, no longer a flat feeling, also in the momentum I grabbed the woman.

3 striped suit

Striped and grille can be counted as a family, all of which are fine lines, but the stripes will be simple, just as the feeling of Song Zuer is as simple as the feelings.

The above three patterns can not only be suitable for suit, or they can be used in other items, such as dresses, shirts, etc., can be expressed.

Handsome pretty sense of neutral


Third, which items and suit are very


After reading the selection, let’s talk again, otherwise the knowledge of the sisters will only know the half-solving, the teenager’s suit is mixed with 4 single products below.

1 plaid suit + leather shorts

Shorts have always been one of the best single products of young people, but there are many kinds of shorts on the market, and the sisters are selected for the simple and lower style, which is more slim, and the shape of the deployment should be close to a square. Type, or a trapezoid, less ornament, there is no fluffy.


2 high waist suit + short skirt


The young woman is more pretty, so they wear pants are better than wearing a skirt, really like wearing a skirt, but also to choose this simple and profit-fall short skirt, and also to be slim, pay attention to my words, not loose The short skirt is not a tight, but it is very important.

3 solid color suit + skirt


The solid color suit is easy to leave the hidden impression, so there is more heart to match, with the same black skin skirt, different quality, can shape the level of clothing, give people a more look, the same thing, if it is equivalent The short skirt of the fabric is more common.

4 letters suit + short pleated skirt

Letters suit with pleated skirts is



The principle, this is not a common matching method, but because Song Zu’s movement is in the middle, it is necessary to move in combination when they are mixed.

Like a classical person, it is more stainous, and a color can be done, and the teenager is different. It is necessary to look at the movement of the facial, and the teenager is suitable for a color, and it is more suitable for patterned.

The above four kinds of matches are one



The match is the combination of a small amount or small amount of juvenile person.

Don’t think about dressing elegance, wearing a long dress, will look very dragged

Don’t want to be a big woman, use a loose suit to match the wide legs, it will be very embarrassed, watching there is no spirit.

Although the big woman is very popular, you can’t make you look beautiful, you should use the mine area you should avoid.

Finally, I wish my sisters can find a suit suitable for yourself and wear your own style! After reading it, don’t forget to share the good sisters who have given you, everyone will become beautiful!

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